Moncler vs Mackage: Which Brand is Better?

Moncler vs Mackage: Which Brand is Better?Pin

Once again, we bring you another brands comparison. In our previous comparisons we have looked at many popular brands, including Canada Goose, Rudsak, The North Face, Arc’teryx and more. This time, we are focusing on two more of our favorites: Moncler and Mackage.

These brands design products that are not solely focused on performance, but also on style and appearance, making them two very fashionable brands.

Let’s see which of the two brands would be the better choice for you and why.


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1. Moncler

A short history of the brand

Moncler is an Italian lifestyle and apparel company (here are some other Italian brands), known for its sportswear and down jackets. René Ramillon and André Vincent founded the company in 1952.

Originally, Moncler made tents and sleeping bags, thus sharing similarities with many other popular brands featured in our comparisons, which also started out as companies of outdoor gear, rather than clothes.

moncler shop with logoPin

However, Moncler’s expansion into the clothing market was a welcome one, as it is evident by the brand’s reputation.

The first ever quilted jacket created by Moncler was to protect workers from the harsh cold weather conditions. Workers wore these jackets over their overalls in the small mountain near Grenoble, named Monestier-de-Clermont, which is where the company’s name originates from.

Interestingly, Moncler’s quilted jackets were selected by the Italian expedition to K2 in 1954, which concluded with Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni’s conquest to the second-highest summit in the world.

Remo Ruffini, an Italian entrepreneur, bought Moncler in 2003. Later in 2013, the brand was listed on the stock exchange by Ruffini.


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Materials and Manufacture

The primary raw materials utilized by this brand include down, yarns, and fabrics. The company focuses on ensuring that their entire production process is structured by working continuously with the suppliers. The main aim is to optimize the material cutting and usage to avoid wastage.

For that reason, Japanese nylon is the main fabric used in their jackets, due to its high durability and ability to provide some protection against the elements.

When it comes to purchasing the materials, the company ensures that the origin of the materials, especially down, is considered. They also focus on making sure that animal welfare is respected as much as the high-quality of the down material.

The down’s technical quality is the outcome of Moncler’s thorough process, which ensures that only high-quality goose down is used to make the garments.

The down insulation goes through a two-step inspection process to evaluate compliance with eleven quality parameters, including cleanliness and health. These parameters are set as per strict international standards.

The beauty of Antarctica | The Expedition

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All the materials are also subjected to strict tests in order to identify their mechanical and physical features, and chemical composition; all of which are significant for ensuring the preferred technical performance.

Moncler jackets are manufactured in Europe, in countries such as Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Hungary and Romania.

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Popular designs

The jacket that we have selected for this comparison is the Blue Polyamide Down jacket for men.

Moncler Men’s Blue Polyamide Down Jacket

Moncler Men's Blue Polyamide Down JacketPin


Check it out on (not available at the moment)

This jacket is made with 40% cotton and 60% polyamide (nylon). It is a mixture of technical fabrics, which establishes durable outerwear with streamlined and elegant elements.

It includes a 2-way front zipper that can be closed up to the neck, which provides more warmth and protection against the cold. The cuffs of the sleeves are elastic and provide a snug fit.

The jacket has two front side pockets with a button, which can be used to keep your hands warm or keep small belongings.

This is a hoodless design, with mild weather protection abilities, therefore it is best suited for dry conditions, especially so because of the down insulation, which is useless when wet.


Moncler is a high-end brand, which means the jackets are expensive. On average, their jackets retail for upwards of $600 and can go as high as $2,000 on certain designs.

Are these jackets worth their price?

It depends. It is true that the jackets are made of high-quality materials and go through monitoring processes to ensure the garment is durable and comfortable to wear, however at such a price you must really take into consideration whether it is style or performance that you are looking for.

If it is the former, then Moncler makes some beautiful jackets. If it’s protection against the cold and the elements, in our opinion there are better and more affordable options out there.

To learn more, here we have discussed this topic more in-depth.

2. Mackage

A short history of the brand

Mackage was launched in 1999 by Elisa Dahan and Eran Elfassy, based on the belief that outerwear is a significant fashion element.

The founders believe that a jacket or coat is not just to protect oneself from the cold but also a significant part of the outfit.

woman wearing winter jacketPin

The brand started with outerwear for women and expanded to men’s collection in 2008. Since their launch, Mackage has become a part of the prestigious outerwear brands in the world.

This brand is known as the changer of the outerwear game. In 2012, Mackage introduced a mini collection, and in 2013, their handbag collection.

Despite their numerous designs, they are more renowned for their down and winter jackets, which are some of the most stylish designs you will come across.

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Mackage Fall/Winter 2018 Campaign | Introducing Christian Hogue

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Materials and Manufacture

Since their launch, this brand has been focusing on unwavering commitment and innovation to create outstanding quality. All of their collections are designed with tailored cuts in wool, down, and leather, and intricate detailing.

The brand utilizes multilayer technology, which combines performance and aesthetics. The layers of the jackets and coats are created with waterproof and breathable fabrics in order to establish a shield, which protects you from extreme weather, including harsh wind and cold.

It repels not only water, but also stains and oils.

The jackets by Mackage include down of the highest quality, with a minimum of 90% down and 800 fill power. The brand ensures that animals are not live plucked, force-fed, and that the material comes from mature ducks, thus meeting all the RDS requirements for responsible sourcing of down.

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Mackage Fall/Winter 2019 Campaign

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Nano Down is also utilized by the brand, which uses the Texcote™ Nano treatment that improves the down’s loft and durability, as well as making it capable of drying quickly when wet.

Mackage also uses independent labs to trace and test the down to ensure high quality.

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Popular designs

From Mackage’s collection we have selected the Ozzy Lightweight Classic Down jacket for men.

Mackage Men’s Ozzy Lightweight Classic Down Jacket

Mackage Mens Ozzy Lightweight Classic Down JacketPin


Check it out on

The shell and lining of the jacket are created from 18% spandex and 82% nylon, while the rib includes 10% spandex, 45% polyester, and 45% wool. The insulation is 10% feathers and 90% goose down.

This is a hip length, water-resistant quilted down jacket. It includes a two-way zip closure and an adjustable hood. It also includes sleeve cuffs with thick rib knit for a snug fit. It comes with two zipped side pockets.


Just like Moncler, Mackage is also a luxury brand, which means that the jackets come with a high price. Their jackets can go well over $600, yes.

Are these jackets worth the price?

In our opinion, yes, they are. They are created with high-quality durable materials and offer high levels of performance and comfort.

3. Which Brand is Better?

woman wearing a red winter parkaPin

Moncler and Mackage are both popular luxurious outerwear brands. Both of them focus on providing high-quality garments for maximum comfort and performance, without leaving behind style.

Many of the jackets by these brands are water-resistant and durable, making them a good choice for winter wear. Therefore, it is a close call. It can come down to your personal preference.

So, which one is better?

Since these are similar brands when it comes to quality and comfort, the deciding factor can be the price. While not much of a difference, Moncler jackets have a higher price tag attached to them.

Style-wise, we will have to go with Moncler, especially when it comes to how the jackets fit and the reduced bulkiness.

Mackage makes some interesting designs at a more affordable price, but their jacket range is a bit more limited than that of Moncler.

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