Canada Goose vs Moncler: Which Brand is Better?

Canada Goose vs Moncler: Which Brand is Better?

On today’s brand comparison we will be taking a look at two of the most expensive jacket brands on the market: Canada Goose vs. Moncler.

We have compared Canada Goose to some other brands previously, including Jack Wolfskin and Triple F.A.T. Goose, where we took a look at each brand separately and then went on to see which one would be the better option of the two.

In this comparison we will be doing the very same thing, while going a bit more in-depth to see how they compare to each other.

Let’s get started without any further ado!


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1. Canada Goose

A short history of the brand

One of the most popular brands in North America, Canada Goose has earned a reputation for designing down jackets that can withstand time without losing their quality or appearance.

As a brand, it was established in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, under the name Metro Sportswear Ltd.

As we have mentioned in a previous comparison of this brand, the name Canada Goose was used after the brand started expanding its market in Europe.

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canada goose logo on jacket

The brand first started out with woolen vests and raincoats, later to move on to other functional outdoor wear. In the ’70s, they finally created their first down jacket and the rest is history.

This is a renowned brand for winter garments that provide the best insulation available, even when compared to brands that utilize specialized fabric technologies for that purpose. This is all due to the down insulation, which is considered to be the best insulation there is.

Materials and Manufacture

Canada Goose products are all made in Canada, through a very meticulous process that consists of 13 steps, all of which ensuring that the final product is a perfect jacket which insulates, protects against the elements and fits comfortably.

Their quality is really what sets these jackets apart and you can see in the video below how much value the brand puts into making sure that any product in the market meets their (very high) standard.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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In regards to materials that the brand uses, we will look at this in three parts, which are the fabrics, the insulation and the fur trim.

The fabrics typically consist of Nylon and Polyester of the highest quality, which can be either used as they are or as part of the brand’s own fabric technologies. These include the Dura-Force and Feather-Light US.

The shell of the jackets is often DWR-treated, in order to help prevent the down insulation from getting wet, which is something to be avoided at all costs. Down is notorious about the fact that it is rendered completely incapable of insulating if it gets wet, because it compresses and loses its loft entirely.

Speaking of the down, the one that Canada Goose uses in its products is sourced from mature Geese, which are a byproduct of the meat industry and ethically sourced as per the RDS standard.

Goose down is the highest quality of down available and it provides the best loft, meaning that it requires less to fill up a jacket in order to provide perfect insulation.

The fill power is also considerably high and the ratio is 90:10, which means 90% is down and 10% are feathers. This is the highest fill ratio available and also the best.

Lastly, although the more recent designs are starting to leave the fur trim behind, there are Canada Goose jackets available that come with a fur trim around the hood.

This fur is sourced from Coyote populations that reside in North America, in areas where they are considered pests and thus, the fur used comes as a byproduct of population control of these coyotes, they are not hunted for the purpose of being used in the fur market.

Product Innovation Through Collaboration | Canada Goose

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Does Canada Goose Use Real Fur?

As we mentioned above, Canada Goose makes parkas that often come with fur trim. This fur trim, sourced from Coyote populations in the southern parts of Canada and in the northern cities of the United States, is 100% natural and real animal fur.

Coyote fur is renowned for its softness and it is also what keeps the animals warm during the cold. In the case of fur trims on jackets, the coyote fur protects the face against cold winds, especially during storm blizzards.

Thus, it is not a simple decorative accessory, it is used with the purpose of providing better and all-around protection against the cold.

There have been many controversies on this topic because, despite the Coyote populations in the areas we mentioned are considered as pests due to their high number and their venturing into nearby towns, causing trouble with locals and their pets, it is still an ethical matter for many people and animal rights activists.

There is no humane way of sourcing fur from animals, unlike wool in sheep for example. Fur requires that the animal be dead beforehand, which is why the issue arose in the first place.

For this reason, Canada Goose has made efforts to design parkas and jackets that do not feature the fur trim. In this way, both those who prefer the real fur trim and those who do not, can find designs that best suit their preferences.

Popular designs

Out of all of the brand’s jackets, we have mainly focused on the Expedition Parka (check out women’s version on in our previous comparisons, because it is a staple of this brand and a great representative of the brand’s quality and image.

However, in this piece we have picked a more modern design, which is the Langford Parka for men.

Canada Goose Langford Winter Parka for Men


Check it out on

A slim and elegant design, Langford comes with a hooded collar, lined with removable fur trim. This is a hip-length parka, with two side pockets and two waist pockets that serve as hand-warmer ones. There are two inside pockets as well, one is a security pocket and the other a drop-in pocket.

It comes with wrist gaiters and a full-length central zipper, which is covered by a storm placket that prevents water and snow from getting through. It has white duck down with a fill power of 625 and it is available in the colors: Limestone, Black, Military green and Tan.

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On average, a Canada Goose product can cost you anything from $500 to $1,200, depending on the style of the jacket or parka you are looking to buy.

While it might seem unreasonable to purchase a single winter coat for that price, it all comes down to the question of whether this purchase is worth the price tag.

Are these jackets worth the price?

The short answer is “Yes”. In regards to their quality and performance, very few other products on the market can compare and the craftsmanship is astounding. Considering that you will hardly ever have to purchase a Canada Goose jacket or parka twice, then the price is more than justified.

We have a whole entire piece on this particular topic, which also discusses the celebrity endorsement and goes more in detail as to why Canada Goose is so popular. You can find it here.

2. Moncler

A short history of the brand

Moncler is an Italian brand which was founded in 1952, in Monestier-de-Clermont, Grenoble, France, by René Ramillon.

It is an Italian brand because it was purchased in 2003 by Remo Ruffini, an Italian entrepreneur and its headquarters reside in Milan, Italy.

moncler shop with logo

In the beginning, the brand produced sleeping bags and tents, and then later moved on to quilted jackets, which were originally created for workers who worked outside in the cold during winter months.

Throughout the years, the brand has established itself as a luxury brand, which designs and manufactures some of the best high-end fashion pieces when it comes to outdoor winter wear.

And they come with a price tag that rivals and outdoes that of Canada Goose.

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Materials and Manufacture

Unlike Canada Goose who manufacture their products in Canada and even source most of their materials from North America and Canada, Moncler manufactures their jackets in Europe, namely in countries such as Armenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Hungary, Georgia and Romania.

Despite it being an Italian brand originating in France, it does not manufacture products in either of these countries, apart from small and limited collections that are made in Italy.

They use Japanese nylon as their primary fabric, which provides mild weather protection qualities and it is also a highly durable fabric.

Because this is a brand comparison, we would like to focus on comparing on similar terms, therefore our main focus is on their down jackets and parkas. With that being said, just like Canada Goose, Moncler also uses white goose down for their down products, typically with a ratio of 90% down to 10% feathers.

Another similarity is the use of fur trim in some of their parkas and jackets, which is also sourced from coyotes and is usually a removable trim.

The beauty of Antarctica | The Expedition

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Popular designs

Now we will be looking at two of Moncler’s jackets as opposed to one, like we did for Canada Goose.

The first one we have picked is the Alberic hooded parka (check it out on, a down parka that is made of 100% Nylon, according to the official site. This is a quilted parka, with an adjustable hood and ribbed sleeve cuffs.

There are two side pockets with snap button closures on the sides and a buttoned storm placket that covers and protects the central zippers. It is a puffer jacket in style and it also comes with an elasticized and knitted hem that provides a better fit.

Moncler Alberic Hooded Parka for Men


The second design is the Groseiller parka for women. This elegant and chic parka comes in a thigh-length cut and it has a fur-lined collar. The fur trim is thick and made of real fur and it also comes with a wide storm placket that covers the central zipper.

Around the waist there is a belt, which not only helps make the parka fit better but it also adds to the style of this design. Because it is a down parka it comes with quilting all over the body, including the sleeves.

Moncler Groseiller Parka for Women


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Moncler is not an affordable brand by any means. We mentioned above that its price range exceeds that of Canada Goose, but by how much exactly?

Well, while the average price range of a Canada Goose coat falls between $500 – $1,200, Moncler designs can go up to $2,000. At such a price, the question of whether these designs are worth it is very important.

Are these jackets really worth the price?

While in the case of Canada Goose, the answer is quite clear cut in regards to its quality and performance, the same cannot be said for Moncler.

Their winter coats are more focused around being stylish and trendy, especially the modern ones, and the previous designs that were made with the purpose of shielding from arctic temperatures seem to have been left behind, in a way.

That is not to say that these jackets don’t perform well in the cold, but at such a price, you are really buying the style and brand name more so than the insulation.

A quick rundown of the brand’s tendency to move towards style and runways as opposed to outdoor winter activities, like they did in the past, is given in the video below, by the Gentleman’s Gazette.

Moncler Jacket Review - Is It Worth It?

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3. Which Brand is Better?

In terms of price-to-quality, we have said this before and we will say it here, too, nothing beats Canada Goose.

It’s primarily their excellent quality and craftsmanship that has made the brand and their jackets so popular. When you consider that you will pay for a product of theirs once and have it lasting for many years, the question as to whether this brand is worth it is quite obvious.

woman wearing canada goose parka

However, Canada Goose coats are simple in style and they look quite similar to each other.

On the other hand, if you really value performance over style, then out of the two brands, this is the one to go for, especially considering that it is the more affordable of the two.

However, if you don’t mind the price tag and are looking for a high-quality winter coat that comes in beautiful patterns, cuts and colors, then a Moncler design is what you are looking for.

Their designs are some of the best on the market, but the performance when it comes to insulating and weather-resistance is lacking compared to that of Canada Goose designs.


  1. This article was well written and understandable. I was thinking of purchasing a Moncler but I believe the Canada Goose is a better purchase for my needs. Thank you for doing the research!

  2. Canada goose is a good jacket but Moncler is a cut above. Better history, better styles, better fit. So what if they’re $2-$3k a piece? If you can afford it, you go Moncler, if you can’t Canada goose. If you can’t afford Canada Goose you go north face.

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