8 Best Mountain Warehouse Jackets for Men & Women Reviewed

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We are quite fond of high-performance jackets. What we mean by that is well-made jackets that are able to withstand different conditions, while also helping you be at peak performance during different activities.

And this not just for sportsmen, but also regular people who enjoy being outdoors.

As such, here we are yet again with another selection of 8 jackets, with options for men and women. While we usually go with mixed brands, occasionally, such as today, we have picked one specific brand to take a look at.

Meet Mountain Warehouse, a brand that is frequently part of our selections due to their jackets. It was founded in 1997 by Mark Neale in UK. They design and sell outdoor clothing and footwear for a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking, running, camping, etc.

Their products are available both online and locally in the UK and North America and you can get firsthand advice from their professional staff, which will help you choose exactly what you want and need.

Today’s selection will feature different jackets for different requirements, including softshells, fleece jackets, and waterproof ones.

And a side note, as of today, we’re introducing a new segment into some of our selections, where we take a look at some frequently asked questions about a specific brand or product. This way, you can make a better choice when buying a product, especially online.


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1. Mountain Warehouse Men’s Jackets

Mountain Warehouse Snow – Winter Rain Coat

Mountain Warehouse Snow Mens Winter Rain CoatPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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As per usual, we are starting off with the men’s selection and the first one is Snow, a padded jacket with a water-resistant shell. The insulation is synthetic, a down-mimicking Polyester filling that provides great insulation, without losing its qualities when wet.

From the top, it comes with a detachable hood, which is lined with fleece on the inside, to keep the head warm. The collar is also slightly padded and lined with fleece, preventing the cold from getting through from the top.

It has a water-resistant main zipper, covered by a storm placket for extra protection. It withstands low temperatures and is suitable for both dry and wet weather. The sleeve cuffs are adjustable and it comes in different colors: Navy, Black.

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Mountain Warehouse Thunderstorm – 3 in 1 Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Thunderstorm Mens 3 in 1 JacketPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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Thunderstorm is a 3-in-1 jacket made of Polyester both in and out. The outer shell is waterproof and with taped seams, which further prevents any water from leaking into the jacket. It comes with a removable hood and two side pockets for your hands, as well as one chest pocket on the left side.

The sleeve cuffs on the shell are adjustable with Velcro fasteners and the main zipper is covered by a storm placket.

The inner layer is made of fleece, which is highly insulating and also anti-pill, so you won’t have to worry about it losing its shape and look when worn. This layer comes with a high collar and two side pockets as well.

Both layers zip together, creating the ultimate winter jacket, or can be worn separately in different weather and temperatures. There are different colors to choose from: Navy, Cobalt.

Mountain Warehouse Exodus – Softshell Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Exodus Mens Softshell JacketPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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Next it’s a softshell jacket, Exodus. It is made of 96% Polyester and 4% Elastane, which helps it not only keep you protected, but also adapt to movement for a better performance.

The hood is adjustable and the high collar keeps the neck protected and further helps insulate the jacket. It also comes with a chin guard, to prevent chafing of the chin and neck. There are two side pockets on the sides and the outer lining is wind-resistant, which makes this a great jacket for cyclists.

As it’s typical with sofshell, Exodus, too, is highly breathable, preventing overheating and excessive perspiration during activity. It adjusts at the hem for a better fit and comes with Velcro fasteners on the sleeve cuffs. There are various color options: Black, Dark blue, Two tone blue, Navy.

Mountain Warehouse Snowdon – Micro Fleece Top

Mountain Warehouse Snowdon Mens Micro Fleece JacketPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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Lastly for men it’s Snowdon, a microfleece top. It is super lightweight and works great for layering underneath a heavy jacket, especially if you are skiing or snowboarding. It is also very breathable, which will prevent overheating during strenuous activity.

It wears like a pullover and has a high collar that zips up with a chest zipper. The fabric is also quick to dry and anti-pill, too.

Because it is designed as a top, it comes without pockets, which isn’t an issue as the jacket will make up for that. It comes in many colors: Charcoal, Orange, Petrol blue, Brown, Navy, Khaki, Red, Cobalt.

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2. Mountain Warehouse Women’s Jackets

Mountain Warehouse Seasons – Padded Winter Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Seasons Womens Padded Winter JacketPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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Starting the women’s selection also with a padded jacket, Seasons is a lightweight and beautiful jacket for daily wear. It withstands low temperatures, so you won’t have to layer heavily underneath. The collar is hooded and also padded, providing extra warmth and protection against the elements.

The outer shell is water-resistant and the padding is synthetic. Because of that, it maintains the insulating qualities even when wet. It has elasticized sleeve cuffs that adjust easily to your wrists and help to close off the jacket from the elements.

There are two zipped pockets on the outside, lined to warm up the hands quickly and spacious enough for your small belongings. The main zipper is water-resistant and concealed. Seasons comes in many color options: Black, Light Grey, Blue, Burgundy.

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Mountain Warehouse Fell – 3 in 1 Winter Raincoat

Mountain Warehouse Fell Womens 3 in 1 Winter RaincoatPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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Fell is a 3-in-1 jacket with a water-resistant shell and packable hood. The fabric is 100% Polyester for both layers, very breathable and highly insulating.

When the weather is mild, the outer layer can be worn on its own. It adjusts at the sleeves and hem and it is also slightly longer than a regular jacket. This way, it keeps the back protected as well. There are two side pockets on the outer shell and two on the fleece layer.

Speaking of which, it comes with a high collar and adjustable cuffs. The fabric is very durable and breathable, so when both layers are worn together, you won’t overheat. They can each be worn on their own and when the cold really kicks in, they combine into a warm winter jacket.

There are many colors to choose from: Black, Navy, Purple, Pink.

Mountain Warehouse Pakka – Waterproof Packable Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Pakka Womens Waterproof Packable JacketPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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We didn’t choose a softshell for women, but instead went for a waterproof rain jacket that is also packable. It is the Pakka design, made of an IsoDry membrane and with taped seams that completely keep the rain out.

The hood is detachable and adjustable, while the high collar keeps your neck protected. The sleeve cuffs are elasticized and the hem adjustable with drawstrings on the sides. On each side, there is a zipped pocket for your belongings.

This is a lightweight jacket, suitable for mild temperatures and rainy days. On the shoulders, there are reflective strips that make the jacket visible in dim light and bad weather, so you can be safe anywhere. It comes in different colors: Purple, Bright Pink, Dark teal, Black.

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Mountain Warehouse Comet – Micro Fleece Jacket

Mountain Warehouse Comet Womens Micro Fleece JacketPin
Product image: mountainwarehouse.com

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Concluding this selection, it’s Comet, a fleece jacket. It is quite insulated despite being lightweight and the microfleece is very durable and comfortable. It is also breathable and suitable for layering under a hardshell or rain jacket.

The collar is high and lined with teddy fleece, which keeps the neck comfortable and warm. To further protect the chin and neck there is a chin guard that stops the zipper from chafing the skin. There are two zipped pockets on the sides, which keep the hands warm and your belongings secure.

It is a lightly water-resistant jacket, but we’d advise avoiding wearing it in the rain.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mountain Warehouse a Good Quality Brand?

Mountain Warehouse is a low-price brand that aims to deliver the best quality for the price. They test their products as per their own standard, to guarantee that the description matches the finished product the buyer gets.

Online reviews vary about this brand as some were quite impressed with their jackets, while others expected a slightly different product. Overall they are a recommended brand if you are looking for something seasonal and are taking it easy on outdoor activities.

Are Cheap and Affordable Mountain Warehouse Jackets Any Good?

Well, the answer is it depends. Are there products that won’t satisfy you? Sure. However, taking an overall look at the online reviews, they are positive and the jackets featured in our selection come with a good user rating.

What you have to keep in mind is that one of the most appealing things about Mountain Warehouse is the price of the products. And as the saying goes “You get what you pay for”.

Their jackets hold up to their claims, sure enough, but you cannot expect that at such a buyer-friendly price, the performance will be comparable to high-end jackets from expensive brands.

What you can expect is considerably good quality for the price. Their jackets are warm and very comfortable, as those who have tried them report.

To further add to this, here is a video review of the Seasons jacket:

Review of Mountain Warehouse 'Seasons' jacket

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