Canada Goose vs Moose Knuckles: Which Brand is Better?

Canada Goose vs Moose Knuckles: Which Brand is Better?Pin

On to another brand comparison, today we will be looking at a new brand on our site, and see how it compares to Canada Goose, which has become one of the most commonly compared brands here.

Since we are dealing with frigid winter temperatures this year, we thought it would be reasonable to continue the search for the best “winter brand”.

Because Canada Goose has the reputation of being one of the go-to brands when it comes to jackets that provide impeccable insulation and warmth, we continue using it as the staple brand for comparisons.

Now, on to the brand that we will be putting against Canada Goose, the time has come for Moose Knuckles to come into the spotlight.

Let’s get started!


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1. Canada Goose

A short history of the brand

If you have gone through any other of our Canada Goose comparison reviews, by now you have a pretty good idea as to what the brand stands for and its history.

For those of you who just came across this piece, here is a quick rundown of how Canada Goose came to be.

Canada Goose official websitePin
Canada Goose official website

Established in 1957 in Toronto, Canada, the brand was originally known as Metro Sportswear Ltd, and it wasn’t until its expansion into the European market that it got the Canada Goose name.

Its name is in relation to the insulation used in their down products, which is sourced from geese. We will discuss the qualities of goose down in the next section.

While now Canada Goose is a manufacturer and retailer of numerous products, in the beginning, it started out with raincoats and woolen vests. Although their product range is popular among many, it’s their down jackets that have made Canada Goose the beloved brand that it is.

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Canada Goose Logo Meaning

Those familiar with the Canada Goose logo might already know the meaning behind this design.

The logo itself is a circle in the center of which is a white mass of land, that is meant to represent the ocean, with small blue parts in it being islands.

canada goose logo on a jacketPin

In the outer part of the ring, the Canada Goose name and “Arctic Program” are embroidered in red, placed opposite of each other.

On both sides, there are five red maple leaves, Canada’s symbol, which represent the brand’s connection to its roots and the manufacturing of its products in Canada.

While the text and maple leaves are quite straightforward in their meaning, the white mass of land is commonly mistaken for being the outline of Canada’s map.

That is not the case. It is so commonly mistaken that Dani Reiss, the brand’s CEO explained the meaning behind the logo in his interview in “The Independent”.

The design is the inverted North Pole and it was designed in the early 1980s by David Reiss, Dani Reiss’ father and former CEO of the brand.

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Materials and Manufacture

Canada Goose is a Canadian brand, as we mentioned above (and as the name points out), and so are its products. What we mean by that is that they are made in Canada, under a strict manufacturing process and a 13-step quality-control process, that results in a well-made and high-quality product, which will perform flawlessly under harsh conditions.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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The products used on their jackets, which is what we are mainly focused on here, are Polyester and Nylon for the shell and lining.

These are of the highest quality and are often part of the brand’s fabric technologies, Dura-Force and Feather-Light US, which they use to increase the weather resistance and the durability of the products.

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For this same purpose, DWR treatments are also included, which further protect the jackets from rain and snow, thus decreasing the risk of the down wetting out.

Speaking of which, the down used in Canada Goose jackets is responsibly sourced from mature geese, which are a byproduct of the meat industry and meet the RDS standard. The RDS standard guarantees that the birds were humanely treated throughout their lives, making for a more ethical sourcing process.

Goose down, as one of the two down types most commonly used, is the highest quality available in general. It provides great loft and less is required to fully insulate. Canada Goose uses also duck down in many products.

Another material often found in their jackets is Coyote fur trim. However, the brand is moving away from real fur on its newest products.

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Popular designs

The popular design we have picked for this comparison is the Montebello parka (check it out at, a women’s design made of 85% Arctic Tech Polyester and 15% Cotton, insulated with 625-fill-power white duck down.

Canada Goose Montebello Women's ParkaPin

It comes with a coyote fur trim around the hood, which is removable. The hood is oversized and over-extended, providing much better protection against blizzards and cold winds.

There are several outer and inner pockets on this design, making it practical for daily wear. The fit is comfortable and the length ends at the hips, providing adequate cover.

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While Canada Goose’s jackets are some of the best in the market, be it in their performance or longevity, their prices are far from affordable. With options starting at $500 and going up three times of that, these are luxury jackets that require some serious consideration.

Are these jackets worth the price?

Are they worth the price when considering the quality? Absolutely! They are some of the most durable jackets available, said to last for decades, and their insulation is like no other.

However, if you don’t live in areas where a down-insulated jacket is needed, then you are better off looking for a more affordable option.

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2. Moose Knuckles

A short history of the brand

While we haven’t come across many brands that are older than Canada Goose in these comparisons, Moose Knuckles’ history dates back 36 years prior to Canada Goose.

Also a Canadian brand, it was officially established in 2007 as a luxury sportswear brand. The brand specializes in parkas and winter jackets, making not only high-quality designs but also stylish ones.

In their product range, you can find a variety of jackets and coats, from light to weatherproof ones, as well as accessories, knitwear, and shirting products.

Their most popular products are also designed and made in Canada, ensuring top-notch quality and manufacturing (source).

Moose Knuckles official websitePin
Moose Knuckles official website

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Materials and Manufacture

Being a luxury brand, Moose Knuckles uses only the highest quality fabrics, mainly consisting of Cotton and Nylon. They are made in a blend of 74% Cotton to 26% Nylon, which ensures that the parkas and jackets will be long lasting and arm.

Their winter parkas have a temperature rating of nearly -40 degrees and come with heavy-duty zippers that withstand wear.

To withstand weather, water-repellent coatings are used, in order to ensure that the jacket remains dry for longer periods of time, as well as preventing the down insulation from getting wet. This is very important because down is notorious for losing all of its insulating abilities when wet.

The insulation used is mainly Grey Duck Down, with a fill power that ranges from 650 to 800, which is one of the highest available. It provides great insulation and loft.

On to its furs, the trims are made of real fur, ethically sourced from Scandinavian and Canadian furriers, from Silver foxes and Arctic Blue foxes. The furs’ colors are left untouched, providing a unique look for each different jacket.

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Popular designs

The design of choice by Moose Knuckles is the Quebec jacket for women (check it out at

A stylish and slim fit design, this jacket is made of 100% Down-proof nylon, which prevents down from shedding and it is also treated with DWR products to repel water.

Moose Knuckles Quebec Women's JacketPin

The insulation is a blend of 90% Goose down to 10% feathers, with a fill power of 700. It comes with Silver fox fur trim, which is removable, and an adjustable hood. There are oversized pockets on the outside and its length ends at the hips.


Since Moose Knuckles is a luxury brand, its prices are a testimonial of that, with the average jacket priced around $450. Much like Canada Goose, this brand’s jackets go upwards of $1000.

Are these jackets worth the price?

Moose Knuckles jackets were rated as the Top Brand by the IER when it came to insulation, meaning that its winter parkas are arguably the warmest available.

These jackets are very well-made and lasting, making the answer to this question obvious.

3. Which Brand is Better?

woman wearing a red winter parkaPin

The prices are nearly identical, both brands are considered to be two of the best when it comes to winter wear and they both manufacture their products in Canada, using down and natural fur as part of their designs.

Which one is better?

They are very similar if we are being honest.

Moose Knuckles provides beautiful and stylish designs, which perform flawlessly and more than justify their price tag.

On the other hand, Canada Goose jackets are not solely a great option for those living in very cold areas, but they are a fashion statement, too. While the designs are more limited in their stylish factor, their performance is impeccable and the quality is very hard to match.

Therefore, it is up to what you are looking for. Moose Knuckles provides a wider variety of designs and colors, whereas Canada Goose provides years of tried and tested performance.

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  1. Two weeks ago I bought a Moose Knuckles 3Q jacket, which I wore during my New Year’s vacation on the Swiss Alps. It kept me really warm and I really enjoy its high quality of materials and manufacturing. Before buying the Moose I also tried a couple of Canada Goose jackets, but I believe the Moose is warmer, more elegant and stylish. I definitely prefer Moose Knuckles to Canada Goose.

  2. In Feb of 2019 Alberta (I live in Calgary) and the majority of Canada went into the coldest deep-freeze I had ever experienced in my entire life. So much so it drove me to walk into my nearest sporting good store and said “please, point me THE warmest jacket you have, PLEASE! 1 stip, I don’t want CG.” The wonderful associate directed me towards Moose Knuckles. I bought the jacket, stepped out into the -45 degree Celsius weather and felt so warm I was almost sweating. What a life saver. The rep advised this was the best coat you could get on the market right now while not being super ugly, they preferred it over CG. I am so happy i bought it. I highly recommend MK!

  3. Moose is far warmer and much more stylish, I current own 8 various styles and designs. 100% Moose all the way

  4. Just bough a moose knuckle here in canada, didnt had the chance to test it a lot last winter. But so far went fo a 2hours march in -25 and everything was fine. Cant wait to test it at -35 ! Only downsidd is it is a heavy parka so not really good for sport like ice skating or others.

  5. Tried on a Moose knuckles and Canada Goose and went for the Moose it looked more stylish and build quality felt better, the main deal breaker for me was the zip, I could not bring myself to pay $1000 + for a high end coat with a plastic zip. To me it made the CG look cheap.

    • Just purchased MK jacket total was $1261
      Metal zippers with metal aze that serves as the pull. I have a puffer MK jacket made in Vietnam with plastic pull. Both jackets extremely warm.

  6. The majority of people will in canada will never need a moose knuckle jacket .
    I live in an area gets down to minus 50 degrees Celsius with wind chill .
    Not the coldest place in canada but I’m good with my old navy parka and a sweater . I go for 60 min walks in the cold and am nice and warm . Lots of hype in the need for these jackets . See lots of people running around in CG in my neighbourhood . The CG are real trendy thats for sure . But unless you work in the northern parts of ontario and out side for more than 60 min a day you will never need one .
    If you do there are better options of layering .

  7. I bought my first moose 9 yrs ago , have been wearing it every winter, and i havnt seen a stitch out of place. Im gona be buying another one bc i need an update – i never was drawn to canada goose, moose for me all the way. The fur the pompoms the cut i mean everything is flawless

  8. Canada goose are 100 times warmer maybe try buying the best one they have I live in EDMONTON and my canada goose is good in minus 50 with the wind chill. I’ve never had a moose knuckles but know that my canada goose allows me to sleep outside in the middle of winter if needed without getting cold at all in fact you even get to hot in minus 40 50 sometimes and need to unzip them a bit …

  9. I got a moose knuckles for Christmas and let me tell you. Alberta’s winter got nothing on me. Warm, stylish and beautiful. I feel warm all the times when out and about.

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