Best Waterproof Running Jackets in 2020 Reviewed: A Buyer’s Guide

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There is no escaping moody weather. Bright sunshine one day, heavy raining the next and it goes on and on. While you can find some form of transportation to get you through these rainy days safe and dry, there is one group of people who really mind this weather.

We are talking about those among you that enjoy running outdoors. Imagine rain pouring down on you while you are hiking up that steep trail. What then?

We love jackets, it is clear by the abundance of articles and reviews on them. What we aim for is to make it easier for everyone when it comes to choosing a quality jacket. Despite the numerous reviews and different brands we have looked at, there is a need for a specific article: waterproof running jackets.

Why specifically running jackets that are waterproof? Why not a light fleece jacket or just any jacket practically?

For starters, a running jacket is exactly that: designed for running. This comes down to several key features, such as mobility, material, insulation, practicality and the most important, breathability.

And why it is necessary for it to be waterproof?

Well, because if the weather is unstable, then wouldn’t you rather be warm and dry, instead of jeopardizing your health? This is especially important in the colder months.

However, you don’t have to be a winter runner to run into this issue. Those who challenge themselves by going on mountain trail hikes or any altitudes need to look out, too. Being wet and cold do not get along very well, trust us on that.

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1. What To Look For When Buying a Waterproof Running Jacket?


As we stated earlier, breathability is the main thing to look for in a running jacket. You will move a lot and you will sweat a lot. For this, it is necessary that the jacket you are wearing allows perspiration to get out. This will prevent overheating, as well as getting soaked in your own sweat.

What we would recommend is looking for jackets that have a high respiratory activity. If you cannot find any reliable information about that, look that the jacket has mesh lining on the inside. In case you tend to sweat a lot, then if the jacket has ventilation zippers under the armpits, even better.

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Water resistance

First and foremost, the jacket you might be looking for does not have to be fully waterproof. Waterproof jacket are usually less breathable than water-resistant ones. This should be considered if you live in warm areas, as breathability should take priority, so opt for a water-resistant jacket.

However, if you live in very rainy areas, then a small sacrifice must be made and we’d recommend to go with the safer option, a waterproof jacket.

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Because it’s best to have a versatile jacket that you can wear all year round, then insulation is something to consider.

What insulation does is trap heat inside the body, in order to keep you warm longer. This way you will not get cold and will be able to still enjoy the outdoors even if it’s snowing.

Wind resistance

A waterproof jacket will more than likely always be windproof, as well. What a windproof jacket does is prevent cold drafts from getting through, not just by means of fabric on its own, but also due to several parts, too.

These include the sleeve cuffs, the high collar and the adjustable lower hem. Wind resistance is important in cold weather, especially if you happen to get caught in rain or snow. A windproof jacket, in that situation, will prevent the elements from getting through.

The higher you go, the colder the wind and for those that hike in mountains, why risk it? That pesky trail is trouble enough!


When it comes to running jackets, or sports jackets in general, the lighter it is, the better. Especially if you are a very active person. If you are going on a hike, trail run or need to have a bag with clothes on you, then a lightweight jacket makes everything much easier.

They will not weigh you down (competitive or marathon runners, keep this in mind) and they will be easy to fold and pack away.


Those are some of the things to look for when purchasing a running jacket. Now let’s take a look at the ones we have selected.

There are eight options in total, four for men and four for women. Whether you are a city runner or a trail runner, you are sure to find a good fit for you. Let’s get started.

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2. The Top 8 Waterproof Running Jackets for Men and Women Reviewed

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