8 Brands like Snow Peak (Outdoor Clothing & Gear)

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For those who find solace and adventure in the great outdoors, gearing up with the right apparel and equipment is a crucial step before embarking on any journey out in nature.

The market offers a vast array of options, with the Japanese Snow Peak standing out as a top-tier provider of outdoor wear and accessories aimed at enhancing your experience.

But Snow Peak is not alone as it’s among several other brands that combine style with practicality to meet the diverse demands of outdoor enthusiasts.

A careful exploration into this competitive landscape reveals compelling alternatives, each with unique traits resonating with different aspects of outdoor life.

Brands from various corners of the globe, such as Goldwin with its Japanese heritage, and Patagonia, the American label synonymous with environmental stewardship, bring their distinctive ethos to the market.

Additionally, labels like White Mountaineering, Arc’teryx, Kathmandu, Mammut, Mountain Hardwear, and Haglöfs offer their robust catalogs, promising something to satisfy the preference of every trekker, climber, or camper seeking high-quality gear.

Let’s explore these brands in detail!


1. Goldwin

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Image: Goldwin official website

Established initially as a knitting factory in 1950, Goldwin evolved into a developer of sportswear by 1958, now recognized for its premium range of gear for activities such as skiing, running, and athletics. Goldwin stands out due to its dedication to creating harmony with nature, an ethos apparent in each of its distinct collections.

  • Ski Gear: Characterized by simplicity and elegance, Goldwin’s ski apparel is deeply rooted in its heritage and renowned for its robust functionality.
  • Outdoor Essentials: Merging functionality with fashion, this range focuses on equipping adventurers for the unpredictable elements of nature.
  • Athletic Wear: Centred on the essence of sport, the athletic line integrates multiple technologies for a versatile wardrobe suitable for various sports.
  • C3fit Series: Aimed at enhancing recovery and managing physical conditions, C3fit garments support athletes post-exercise.
  • Lifestyle Selection: Bridging city life with the natural world, this collection fuses sportswear functionality with chic designs for daily wear.

Positioned in the mid to upper pricing tier, Goldwin emphasizes high-caliber materials and workmanship.

Goldwin’s history is marked by several achievements, notably outfitting the Swedish National Team since 1987 and supporting the British Alpine Ski National Team along with skier Dave Ryding since 2017. Reflecting a strategic focus on skiing, Goldwin unveiled an updated logo in 2018.

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2. White Mountaineering

White Mountaineering official websitePin
Image: White Mountaineering official website

Established in 2006 by Yosuke Aizawa, White Mountaineering is renowned for fusing time-honored Japanese tailoring with avant-garde aesthetics, resulting in a broad spectrum of outdoor-inspired streetwear and functional accessories.

The lineup extends from urban wardrobes to gear for wilderness enthusiasts, highlighting activity-friendly articles for hiking, camping, and mountain pursuits.

Emphasizing utility, the garments notably integrate water-resistant, airy textiles, enhancing comfort in diverse climates. These pieces are equipped with ample storage solutions, allowing adventurers to stow necessities effortlessly.

Distinctive for its fashion-forward approach, the collection showcases vibrant motifs and patterns. The label occasionally joins forces with fellow creatives to launch limited-edition ranges.

Aficionados of the great outdoors who also appreciate contemporary fashion may find White Mountaineering an exemplary blend of both worlds.

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3. Arc’teryx

Arcteryx official websitePin
Image: Arc’teryx official website

Founded in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 1989, Arc’teryx has carved a niche in outdoor apparel and equipment, basing its products on the needs of mountain sports enthusiasts and trailblazers.


  • Mountain activity gear
  • High-quality casual wear

Initially, the company’s reputation grew with its climbing-optimized equipment. A standout product, the Vapor Harness, was met with user approval for its innovative design. Building on this success, the company incorporated similar tech into the Bora backpack, which also became a celebrated product.

Product Offerings:

  • Specialty: High-endurance jackets
  • Usage: Climbing, hiking, and various winter sports


  • Purchase: In-store and online

Price Range:

  • Jackets: $300 – $1000

Arc’teryx has become synonymous with durable and high-performing outdoor wear, maintaining a steady following among outdoor enthusiasts.

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4. Patagonia

Patagonia official websitePin
Image: Patagonia official website

Established by Yvon Chouinard in 1973, this renowned American manufacturer is celebrated for its high-end outdoor apparel, with a firm emphasis on eco-friendly initiatives. Patagonia has become popular by delivering robust products suitable for a diverse range of outdoor activities.

Products offered include a variety of insulated layers, waterproof outerwear, headwear, trousers, and tops, all crafted for adaptability and endurance in the great outdoors. The brand’s insulated offerings, such as the acclaimed Nano Puff, alongside the waterproof Torrentshell series, have garnered praise for their superior craftsmanship and functionality, serving different climatic conditions.

This company is devoted to ecological responsibility, incorporating recycled resources across many items in its lineup. It also allocates a share of its earnings to support environmental conservation efforts. Patagonia ensures ethical manufacturing practices, mandating strict standards for suppliers to secure fair labor conditions and equitable remuneration for workers.

  • Durability: Focus on versatile, long-lasting products
  • Eco-Consciousness: Use of recycled materials, funding for environmental projects
  • Ethical Standards: Adherence to fair labor conditions within its supply chain

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5. Kathmandu

Kathmandu official websitePin
Image: Kathmandu official website

Kathmandu, founded in 1987 in Christchurch, New Zealand, stands out for its commitment to environmental stewardship, reflected in its sustainable manufacturing practices and material selection.

Conscientiously producing outdoor gear, Kathmandu incorporates recycled polyester and ethically sourced down to minimize ecological footprints. The brand thrives on outfitting adventurers with gear that offers both comfort and safety for activities like mountaineering, camping, and hiking.

Additionally, Kathmandu is often compared with similar brands, and contrasts are drawn with major competitors like The North Face, providing consumers with various choices for their outdoor equipment needs.

  • Focus: Outdoor apparel and equipment
  • Market: Australia and New Zealand

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6. Mammut

Mammut official websitePin
Image: Mammut’s official website

Established over a century ago, Swiss enterprise Mammut is recognized for its premium outdoor equipment. Founder Kaspar Tanner started the business in 1862, focusing primarily on rope production.

Since then, Mammut has diversified, offering an extensive collection of outdoor products for hiking, mountaineering, and camping. The catalog includes innovative gear, performance apparel, and sturdy footwear.

Renowned for their advanced features and stylish designs, Mammut’s products generally command a premium market price. Their high-performance jackets are sought after for mountainous pursuits. Similarly, their gloves are favored for skiing and other high-altitude activities, integrating Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft technologies for optimal protection and comfort.

Product Lines:

  • Outdoor Gear
  • Clothing
  • Footwear


  • Gore-Tex
  • PrimaLoft

Highlighted Items:

  • Jackets for mountain sports
  • Gloves for skiing and mountain use
  • High-quality ropes

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7. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear official websitePin
Image: Mountain Hardwear official website

Mountain Hardwear is famous for high-end outdoor apparel and gear, catering to enthusiasts of mountaineering and outdoor sports. Founded by outdoor industry veterans in 1993, Mountain Hardwear has been under the umbrella of Columbia Sportswear since its acquisition.

The birthplace of the brand is Richmond, California, while its presence extends through retail outlets in cities like Portland and Seattle. Mountain Hardwear is not just a label, it’s a pioneer, having launched revolutionary technologies to enhance the performance of its outdoor gear.

Windstopper Fleece, Conduit membranes promising waterproof and breathable qualities, and OutDry 3D lamination for gloves are among their innovations.

They have earned a solid reputation through partnerships with alpine professionals, including their guidance in product development. The market position in terms of pricing swings between mid-range and premium, reflecting their quality commitment.

Mountain Hardwear continues to sponsor high-caliber athletes and has done so throughout its journey, with a focus on sports like skiing and mountaineering. This reflects the brand’s enduring commitment to the athletic community and the quality it expects to deliver through its product lines.

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8. Haglöfs

Haglofs official websitePin
Image: Haglöfs official website

Haglöfs, established by Wiktor Haglöf in Sweden in 1914, is known for its commitment to showcasing the elegance of the natural world. The brand’s origins are rooted in crafting a resilient backpack, a goal successfully achieved before expanding into high-quality outdoor attire.

Catering to all demographics, Haglöfs offers a broad selection of gear and accessories for adventurers. Their product line supports a range of pursuits such as camping, hiking, and various sports.

Products are characterized by their durability and the use of eco-conscious materials. While quality comes with a higher price tag, typically between $150 to $600, their merchandise reflects a blend of longevity and stewardship towards the environment.

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