8 Swedish Clothing and Jacket Brands for Your Outdoor Adventures

8 Swedish Clothing and Jacket Brands for Your Outdoor AdventuresPin

Continuing with another selection of different Scandinavian brands, today we will be looking at Sweden’s top outdoor clothing brands.

Last week we went through some great Norwegian brands that you may have not come across before and we looked at their history and some particular products that they specialize in.

This follow-up selection will continue along the same lines as its predecessor. We have included 8 brands that you should definitely know more about.

Over here on our website, we are quite fond of Scandinavian brands because they design some fantastic outdoor clothing and gear. As you can see from our other selections, we focus mainly on jackets but that will not be a limiting factor in today’s selection.

We aimed for versatile brands so that each and every one of you can find something that suits your preference and style. It doesn’t have to be just an outdoor sportive jacket or clothing, but also a statement and fashion piece, too.

Without any further ado, let’s get started.


1. Fjällräven

fjallraven websitePin
Fjällräven official website

Of course Fjällräven would be the first one included. This is a brand that we have featured extensively in a number of our selections and reviews, because they make some of the best jackets that you can find on the market.

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Like many other brands, they began with a single product that they perfected, which was the rucksacks with an external frame.

Their rucksacks and backpacks were then developed for school kids and were called Kånken. This design was intended to prevent back pain and now it is one of their best-selling products, popular, especially among girls.

Fjällräven Kånken BackpackPin
Image: Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

Fjällräven then went on to design other outdoor clothing and gear, the main focus being their jackets. This is one of the top-selling Nordic brands and a quick look through their collections would easily explain why.

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Fjällräven - Forever Nature, Spring & Summer 2018

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2. Haglöfs

haglofs websitePin
Haglöfs official website

Haglöfs was founded in 1914 and has now become one of the world’s largest outdoor equipment companies.

Anything you will need for your next adventure can be easily found in their product range. From different gear that suits numerous activities, such as hiking and mountaineering to sophisticated and high-performance clothes and shoes, you don’t need to look any further.

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Haglöfs has got you covered, quite literally, from your head to your toes with their hats, jackets, tops, pants, and shoes. And all this is available for men and women, and a special collection for children.

They pride themselves in producing some of the best quality products out there, which are tried and tested and will last for many years. These products are reliable and durable, even in the harshest conditions.

Another thing that definitely convinced us to include Haglöfs in this selection is that their clothes are suitable not only for different activities but also suitable for everyone, regardless of whether you are an athlete, outdoor lover, or casual adventurer.

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3. WeSC

wesc websitePin
WeSC official website

WeSC is a brand that was founded in Stockholm nearly 20 years ago. Their style is a bit different from the other outdoor brands featured in this selection. While they do design jackets for different types of weather, as well as other garments, their focus is more on style and fashion rather than just how well their jackets fit.

We find this brand very interesting because of its versatile and numerous stylish products, which include different jackets, hoodies, trousers, jeans, different tops, and even underwear.

For those wanting to go the extra mile, pun intended, they also have numerous sneakers designs, which range from fashionable ones to very sportive and practical ones as well.

A very interesting collection of theirs is the Gender-Neutral collection, which features different outfits and clothing pieces that can be worn by anyone. There are very few brands that do this, so it is quite refreshing, in our opinion.

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4. Stutterheim

stutterheim websitePin
Stutterheim official website

We are moving on to Stutterheim, a brand established in Stockholm in 2011 by Alexander Stutterheim. It all began as an art project inspired by his grandfather’s raincoat and now it is a top-selling brand, also popular among celebrities.

Stutterheim designs raincoats, which are an essential jacket for those pesky months when rain is all that happens. Who doesn’t need a raincoat nowadays, seriously!

Their motto is to make clothes look good even in bad weather, which is quite a feat but they have surely managed to do that.

Some of their designs fit the “unisex” style, so they can be worn by everyone, regardless of gender.

The main thing that sets these raincoats apart, style and design included, is the attention to detail and the fact that they are handmade, so not only are you getting a beautiful coat, but it is also very well-made and with a lot of effort put into it.

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5. Houdini

houdini websitePin
Houdini official website

Houdini is a sportswear brand, founded in 1993 and since then they have designed some amazing outdoor clothes.

Their design philosophy is quite interesting, as they aim for products that are not only high-performance but also incredibly comfortable. So much so that you will barely notice wearing anything. Their designs are made to be lightweight and adaptable to movement, working with you and not against you.

They are also an environmentally-friendly company, whether it be its manufacturing process or the sourcing of its raw materials. Sustainability is a part of everything they do.

We picked this brand because it has an incredible range of products that start from accessories and underwear to fleeces, pants, jackets, and other tops. Their collections offer something to everyone, men, women, and kids alike.

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6. Didriksons

didriksons websitePin
Didriksons official website

Another brand that combines fashion with performance, Didriksons is a centenarian brand, established in 1913.

At first, Julius and Hanna Didrikson produced clothing for fishermen, constantly working on their designs, which brings us to today, where Didriksons offer a wide variety of designs and products. Their main focus is jackets and tops, but they also manufacture pants, rain boots, and accessories.

We will focus on their jackets especially, which include activewear, sportswear, and even raincoats, so there is a jacket for each season. And when summer comes around, when you won’t be needing a jacket anymore, their breezy and light T-shirts are a must-have, too.

Their production philosophy is that everyone, despite their age and lifestyle, deserves to have functional clothing that makes them feel comfortable and also suits their style.

It’s because of that they have combined stylish and fashionable designs with products that perform effortlessly in different weather and environmental conditions.

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PINEWOOD websitePin
PINEWOOD official website

Next, it’s PINEWOOD, a brand established in the ’90s, which began quite small but grew consistently.

Despite being a smaller brand than the previous ones, PINEWOOD most definitely keeps up quite well. Their products started with Canadian lined shirts and now they provide clothing and accessories for people that genuinely love and enjoy being outdoors.

Some of their collections target specific types of activities, such as hunting or fishing, which require their own special garments and equipment. However, there are, of course, other outdoor clothing such as jackets, vests, fleece, and trousers that are suitable for a variety of different outdoor activities.

From head to toe, you can find anything you will need for any activity done in nature and most importantly, weather-versatile designs so you will be safe and comfortable despite the elements.

Some of their accessories include hats, beanies, socks, and bags. To top it off, there are also specific detergents and other patented products which serve as scent repellents, DWR treatments, and abrasion resistance. Limited is not a word that PINEWOOD accepts!

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8. Cobolt of Sweden

Cobolt of Sweden official websitePin
Cobolt of Sweden official website

Cobolt of Sweden, also known as Cobolt Sport, is a brand that has been founded in 2002 in Växjö by Janne Wallertz. It makes sports and outdoor technical jackets that are designed in Sweden and inspired by Swedish nature with its mountains and forests.

The jackets are of different types and the design is minimalist and simple, just as we like it. And if you’re wondering if Cobolt of Sweden is a good brand, since there isn’t much information online, we think that for those prices ($70 – $150) the brand is worth a try.

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That wraps up another Scandinavian collection. We will see you in our next piece!

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