9 Outdoor Brands like Woolrich: Our Top Alternatives

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Woolrich is a brand founded in 1830 in Pennsylvania thanks to John Rich and Daniel McCormick. It is a very famous company that makes outdoor clothing and is always looking for original details to offer great designs.

Their designs are quite classic and simple, but in reality, they always amaze their clients due to the very resistant, quality materials that guarantee a high level of comfort.

In addition to protecting against cold and bad weather, the products of this brand are perfect if you want to always look elegant.

But what if you wanted more options?

Well, today we’ll take a look at 9 outdoor brands that are similar to Woolrich in their products and styles so you can have even more clothing options for your next purchase!


1. Filson

Filson official websitePin
Filson official website

Filson was born in the United States in 1897. Today the company is an important point of reference for the production of clothes, accessories, but also footwear for both men and women. There is also an outerwear category for dogs.

The founder was C. C. Filson, and in the early years the company was called “CC Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers”. Today the brand is known in many countries around the world because of the high level of quality of its products, but also for their comfort.

Wearing winter jackets but also other designs by Filson means being safe from cold temperatures and bad weather. The company not only thinks about safety but also about satisfying customer tastes as much as possible, creating various designs.

In addition, many products are waterproof and very resistant, capable of lasting for a long time. The fabrics are also highly sought after and each garment offers a high level of versatility, thanks to the numerous pockets for carrying objects that can be useful during walks.

A feature of Filson’s winter jackets is that even if they are very warm, at the same time they are also light, so as to not get in the way of movement.

The respect that the company has for the environment is also very important, given that a big part of its clothing is sustainable and made of recycled materials.

A winter jacket that represents all the characteristics of Filson is the Sprague Sherpa Fleece Jacket, which is really warm and at the same time elegant, comfortable, and perfect for winter.

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2. Canada Goose

Canada Goose official websitePin
Canada Goose official website

Canada Goose is a Canadian company born in 1957 and founded by Sam Tick. It offers various types of clothing such as parkas, vests, gloves, and other jackets. Its initial name was Metro Sportswear Ltd and today the company is famous for the use of the highest quality materials, but also for a feature that appears in all products: comfort.

Each jacket or other type of accessory or garment is in fact designed to be practical and extremely comfortable, but also warm, in order to face winter temperatures perfectly.

With Canada Goose winter jackets it will be practically impossible to feel cold and at the same time, you will be wearing something special both in terms of comfort, color, and style. Every detail used by the company is chosen carefully. Plus, all products are said to last a very long time.

The winter jacket Trillium Parka Heritage is perfect if you want to look elegant and at the same time combine it with different outfits. Also equipped with a warm hood, this product represents the ideal solution for being protected from cold, strong winds, rain, and snow. It also allows you to move without feeling too heavy.

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3. Moncler

Moncler official websitePin
Moncler official website

Moncler was born near Grenoble, in France, in the mountainous area located in Monestier-de-Clermont and its origins date back to 1952.

The characteristic element that best distinguishes the company, which produces clothing for men and women, is the use of luxury materials, very precious and expensive, which make the products very original.

Although their designs may appear simple, there is great attention to detail and this combination of precision, particularity, and simplicity is very popular among the brand’s customers. Elegance is another feature, but safety and high resistance are also present, which allow the brand to make a difference.

With a Moncler jacket, you’ll look stylish and original and at the same time protect yourself perfectly from any weather condition present in the winter season, even from the coldest temperatures, rain, snow, and wind.

A winter jacket that can be considered as an example to better understand the characteristics of the company is the Mayaf Short Down Jacket, which is weather-resistant, practical, and comfortable.

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4. Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer official websitePin
Eddie Bauer official website

Eddie Bauer was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1920. It is a very famous American company that has the same name as its founder, Eddie Bauer.

Initially, the creator of the brand registered a patent for making a quilted down jacket and after that, over time, the company distinguished itself more and more for the creation of various types of clothes. Both those for casual wear and those for outdoor activities have been highly appreciated by customers.

A very particular feature is the search for originality. In fact, many items are distinguished by one or more details that amaze customers. The designs seem simple, but there are always elements that make the products original.

An example of a winter jacket by Eddie Bauer is the Departure Quilted Jacket, very comfortable and practical, but also warm and lightweight.

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5. Orvis

Orvis official websitePin
Orvis official website

Orvis is a famous brand that in addition to making accessories and casual clothing, also has an outdoor clothing line, much appreciated by customers. The founder was Charles F. Orvis, from whom the brand took its name. He created the company in 1856, in Manchester, Vermont.

As soon as it was created, the brand was involved in making fishing equipment and later it specialized in outdoor products. Today Orvis is always focused on respecting the environment while paying attention to recycling and allocating a part of its earnings to environmental protection.

A typical characteristic element of the brand is the fact that whoever wears its products will always be perfectly protected from any bad weather.

A model that possesses all these characteristics and is also comfortable, lightweight, and doesn’t hinder movements is the Recycled Drift Parka, really comfortable and elegant.

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6. L.L. Bean

LL Bean official websitePin
L.L. Bean official website

L.L. Bean is a company born in Maine that makes accessories and outerwear. Its founder was Leon Leonwood Bean, and the origins of the brand date back to 1912.

The brand has always searched for quality materials to create out-of-the-ordinary garments, which are particular and at the same time durable, water-resistant, and perfect for protecting yourself from low temperatures, rain, and wind.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of products which allows customers to always find what they are looking for. In fact, there are many designs, all of them comfortable but also able to last for a long time.

An example that we’ve picked from L.L. Bean is the Men’s Bean’s Down Hooded Jacket.

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7. Moose Knuckles

Moose Knuckles official websitePin
Moose Knuckles official website

Moose Knuckles was born in Canada in 2009, but the history of the founding family dates back to 1921. Its production is based on high-quality outerwear in terms of design, level of protection, safety, comfort, and high durability. A great alternative to Woolrich jackets!

With a Moose Knuckles winter jacket on you’ll walk and run outdoors even when there are very low temperatures. A model that perfectly reflects the strengths of Moose Knuckles is the Gold Stirling Parka.

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8. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen official websitePin
Helly Hansen official website

Helly Hansen is known for its fully waterproof clothing, but also because its jackets are breathable, super comfortable, and never get in the way. Although these jackets can keep you warm and are able to protect you even from the most intense cold, they’re also quite lightweight.

The company was founded in Norway in 1877 by Helly Juell Hansen, a sea captain. In the early years, the brand made equipment for sailors and later the production specialized in outdoor clothing, including outerwear for mountain activities.

A winter jacket that represents the characteristics of the brand is the Men’s Verglas Polar Down Jacket, capable of protecting from rain, cold, and wind.

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9. Fjällräven

Fjallraven official websitePin
Fjällräven official website

Fjällräven is a company specializing in the production of quality outdoor clothing, accessories and equipment. It is a company of Swedish origins born in 1960 thanks to Åke Nordin. Today the brand is known worldwide and presents very original models for men and women.

In fact, the company’s philosophy is based on the search for details and precious materials, but also on making nature increasingly accessible to all. For this reason, every garment and accessory of the brand is always very practical and comfortable.

An example of a winter jacket that we’ve selected from Fjällräven is the Women’s Expedition Long Down Parka.

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