6 Brands like Canada Goose: Our Top Picks (with Jacket Suggestions)

6 Brands like Canada Goose: Our Top Picks (with Jackets Suggestions)Pin

Many of the brands we usually talk about on our site are similar to each other in their particular characteristics.

To make your purchasing process easier and also give you some alternatives to the famous brands that you may already know, we have started our “Brands like…” article series, where in the last few weeks we have suggested you some outdoor companies like Patagonia and some others similar to The North Face.

These are similar to each other in terms of product quality, types of products, price range, company vision, and so on.

Today we will continue with a selection of 6 brands like Canada Goose, the company born in 1957 in Toronto, that is famous all over the world for the high quality and warmth of their jackets, especially down-insulated parkas, and their luxury-level prices.

Most of the brands we have chosen here are from Canada too and belong to the luxury market segment, and the quality and performance of their jackets are indisputable, just as one might expect.

In addition, along with a general description and their history, for each of these brands, we have a jacket suggestion that we have picked from their product range.

So, let’s begin right away with our selection!


1. Moose Knuckles

moose knuckles websitePin
Moose Knuckles official website

Our first pick is Moose Knuckles, a Canadian brand that we have previously analyzed and compared to Canada Goose here.

This is a company that produces outdoor clothing which is very stylish, with many fashionable and feminine parkas available in their women’s clothing line.

As for men’s apparel, the same can be said: fashion and quality are their key words.

For their jackets and parkas, Moose Knuckles uses cotton, Nylon and natural down, to guarantee warmth, durability and resistance.

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Let’s see a jacket suggestion from the brand:

Debbie Women’s Bomber

Moose Knuckles Debbie Womens BomberPin
Image: MooseKnucklesCanada.com
Check it out at MooseKnucklesCanada.com

This design comes with a perfect fit for ladies that want to look fashionable. It’s made of cotton, nylon, and water-repellent materials, and insulated with down.

The price is quite high but considering the quality and the particularity of the jacket, we think it is a choice you can make according to your budget and personal taste.

2. Triple Fat Goose

triple fat goose websitePin
Triple Fat Goose official website

The specific mission of this brand is to produce high-quality jackets that are actually warm.

For this reason, since 1987 Triple Fat Goose (FAT stands for “For Arctic Temperatures”) has produced high-quality jackets and parkas, with particular attention to down insulation.

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They are a brand that has been based specifically on the concept of warmth, and on the concept that each body is different and needs attention and different types of jackets.

It is a luxury brand but overall, its jackets and parkas compared to the average of the other brands of this genre are less expensive.

Triple F.A.T. Goose Luxury Parkas And Down Jackets

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Here is our choice by Triple Fat Goose:

Alistair II Women’s Down Parka – SAGA Collection

triple fat goose Alistair II Womens Down ParkaPin
Image: triplefatgoose.com

The Alistair II women’s design is part of the SAGA collection by Triple Fat Goose. This is a “very hot” example of the brand’s philosophy, which guarantees, as the brand says, “warmth since 1987”.

This parka is equipped with a patented hydrophobic nanotech coating, which makes it water-resistant and at the same time breathable.

The price of the parka is more than $500, depending on where you purchase it. Considering that the average prices of this brand are quite high, we believe the cost of this jacket is good for its quality.

3. Mackage

mackage websitePin
Mackage official website

The balance between functionality and fashion is the basis of the mission and values ​​of this brand. Mackage was founded in 1999 by Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan, who worked to ensure that the brand positioned itself in the outdoor luxury clothing sector.

Thanks to the precision of details, the tailored silhouettes of the jackets, and the quality of materials such as down, this is a brand that “dresses in fashion”.

A functional element is present in every detail of their jackets. Suitable for urban winters, their jackets are breathable and waterproof, and each one has its own particular features that make it unique.

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By Mackage we have selected:

Edward Men’s Down Winter Parka

Mackage Edward Mens Down Winter ParkaPin
Image: mackage.com
Check it out at mackage.com

Polyester, nylon, and cotton make up this parka, which comes with down padding and removable fur. Perfect for the coldest winter temperatures, this parka has a cost that is in the $800 – $1000 range (depending on where you want to purchase it).

If you are looking for a warm, comfortable solution to face low temperatures while maintaining aesthetics and design, this could be a jacket for you.

4. Pajar Canada

Pajar Canada websitePin
Pajar Canada official website

Pajar Canada is a Canadian brand founded in 1963. Five generations have succeeded in leading the company, now based in Montreal, Quebec.

The brand’s philosophy is to produce high-quality clothing and footwear, thanks to the manufacturing experience acquired over time.

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In their production, technological innovations are mixed with the skill of the craftsmen, to produce performance fashion shoes and winter boots, as well as sportswear.

Their jackets and clothing are designed to withstand the coldest temperatures while maintaining the characteristics of chic and luxury products.

Here is our Pajar jacket selection:

Wells Men’s Long-Length Parka

Pajar Mens Wells Long-Length ParkaPin
Image: pajar.com

The Wells jacket for men is a fairly classic parka with fur and polyester lining. The shell is made of 100% nylon and it is water-resistant.

The price, considering the high quality of the materials, is not among the highest on the market.

5. Nobis

nobis websitePin
Nobis official website

Another Canadian brand, Nobis offers a line of quality luxury outdoor apparel. It was founded in 2007 and today is present in more than 40 countries.

The main feature of the brand is the fact that it offers jackets and accessories that are suitable for both city life and outdoor life and for those who love to spend time in nature. All without giving up on design and aesthetics.

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They use a very meticulous quality control process and this, combined with the great quality of the fabrics and materials, makes it a unique brand in this market sector.

Let’s see what we have picked among their jackets:

Shelby Men’s Down Coat

Nobis Mens Shelby ParkaPin
Image: nobis.com
Check it out on nobis.com

The Shelby parka for men comes with a SympaTex® membrane, it is resistant to water and wind, breathable and provides warmth thanks to the white Canadian duck down insulation.

Available in different colors, the price of this parka is in line with the prices of the other outdoor luxury brands and varies depending on the colors and sizes.

6. Kanuk

kanuk websitePin
Kanuk official website

Kanuk was founded in Montreal, Canada in 1970 by Louis Grenier. The company’s commitment has always been to provide warm, comfortable quality clothing, able to withstand all types of weather.

For this reason, in Canada, it is considered a brand that has made history. Combining quality and functionality with design, it is considered one of the major outdoor clothing brands in Canada.

Regarding the technologies they use, the two main synthetic insulators in their garments are Climashield Thermo+ and Climashield Comfort+. Kanuk also uses ThinDown, a natural insulator that we have mentioned in previous articles.

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By Kanuk we have picked:

Stud Women’s Puffer Jacket

kanuk stud womens puffer jacketPin
Image: kanuk.com
Check it out at Kanuk.com

Stud is a quilted puffer jacket for women, available in different colors. Made of shiny nylon, in addition to its aesthetic characteristics, its lightness and warmth play a fundamental role.

This warmth is obtained thanks to the drawstring on the hem, and to the insulation of course, which is 800 fill-power Canadian white Hutterite duck down, high quality, and highly prized down.

The jacket has a price that we believe is in line with those of similar brands: around $600.

– – – –

This concludes our selection. We hope to have provided you with interesting ideas for your next purchase, and if you have any other brand suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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