Why Is Fjällräven So Expensive and Popular? Are Their Jackets and Backpacks Worth It?

Why Is Fjällräven So Expensive and Popular? Are Their Jackets and Backpacks Worth It?Pin

Everyone has a favorite brand of clothes, backpacks, shoes, sunglasses, electronics, anything practically. While it can certainly be true that there are many brands that become popular solely because they are endorsed by celebrities or for being a one-shot type of brand, there are others with a well-deserved reputation and loyal customer base.

Renowned outdoor clothing brands are often of the latter type because it is thanks to the quality and performance of their products that they become popular and beloved.

In our efforts to find and select great brands, we have looked at numerous ones over the years. At times we have focused more on the products, while other times our attention was more on their history and the reasons behind their popularity.

Today’s piece is another one that focuses on brand popularity and the factors that influence it. So far, we have gone through a few brands in this regard, such as Canada Goose or Arc’teryx, and we will proceed with a European brand (here are some European ski jackets brands) this time, Fjällräven.

We have looked into Fjällräven a couple of times so far (for example here and here) and have also included a number of their products in our selections, the most recent one being the G-1000 fabrics.

Let’s now proceed with today’s topic of exploring some of the reasons behind Fjällräven being such a popular brand despite its high prices.


1. Fjällräven – The Brand

Founded in 1960, Fjällräven is a Swedish company (here are some other brands from Sweden) that takes its name after the arctic fox, which is the brand’s representative logo as well.

Fjällräven's logo

Originally an outdoor gear company, Fjällräven started out as a venture to provide better backpack options than those available at the time.

Åke Nordin, the founder of the brand, was in search of a backpack that provided better support and carried heavier loads easier, but, due to his unsuccessful search, he went on to design one such backpack himself.

That is how the brand started out, but nowadays Fjällräven has expanded its product range to include clothing and accessories, too.

Although it is a brand renowned worldwide, Fjällräven’s popularity and major customer base reside in Europe.

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Johan Jonsson | Above the tree line x Bergtagen | Fjällräven

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2. Why Are Fjällräven Jackets and Backpacks so Expensive?

Slightly different from our previous similar pieces, our focus for today will not only be on the brand’s jackets and materials used for them, but on their backpacks as well, seeing that Fjällräven is quite renowned for them, in particular the Kånken design, which we will look at further below.

Now we will explore some of the reasons why Fjällräven jackets and backpacks are so highly-priced and then look at the factors behind the brand’s popularity.

Fjällräven Kånken BackpackPin

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Materials and Performance

As we mentioned in the beginning, there is a reason why outdoor clothing brands become popular, and it mainly comes down to the performance of their products and their quality.

If there is one thing that those who have owned Fjällräven backpacks or jackets will tell you is that they last for a long time and, in particular the backpacks, hold their shape commendably over time.

A versatile and widely-used fabric in their products, the G-1000 Materials provide outdoor protection against the elements and environmental conditions. We looked at them quite in-depth last week and highly advise you to check that piece out if you want to learn more.

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These fabrics make Fjällräven jackets and other clothing very versatile and also highly breathable, which is an essential feature for outdoor performance clothing. These are very durable and long-lasting fabrics, which is one of the reasons that the price tag is not the most buyer-friendly.

But when you consider the time, materials, and effort put into such a product, it is self-explanatory as to why the brand’s products cost that much.

Fjällräven - Product Development

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Being a Swedish company run by those who are well-acquainted with Nordic winters and freezing temperatures, Fjällräven down jackets and winter jackets are another product that comes at a high price but which are quite popular among Swedes in particular, due to their warmth and great comfort.

Down is rarely cheap and when it is, you can rest assured that something is missing. That is not the case for Fjällräven however, who take great measures to ensure that the down they use is ethically sourced and fully traceable.

Not only that but in the Cruelty-free Down Challenge, Fjällräven is among the brands that score the highest for their ethical down sourcing by conducting on-site visits to geese and duck farms and making sure that the birds are humanely treated throughout their lives and are part of the meat industry, thus not solely raised for down.

Another fabric that bears mentioning is the Eco-Shell, an environmentally-friendly material made from recycled polyester and designed to be lightweight and weather-resistant.

Its water-resistant qualities are thanks to the DWR PFC-free coating, which is a much more eco-friendly product than traditional DWR treatments, as PFCs don’t break down in nature and affect all living organisms they come into contact with.

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Fjällräven Eco Shell - How It Works

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Lastly, the manufacturing process, which takes place primarily in China and South Korea, is meticulously done and takes place in facilities where the security and well-being of workers is the highest priority.

3. Popularity

In the case of Fjällräven, while the quality of their products certainly has most of the merit, the brand’s marketing strategies and the way they go about their designs have played a great role in the popularity of their products.

Why Are Fjällräven Jackets so Popular?

Now that you have a better idea of what goes on behind the Fjällräven product you are looking to purchase, what exactly is it that makes this brand so popular?

Well, aside from the quality of their jackets, their comfort and considerable durability, a key factor in the popularity of this brand is its endorsement in the outdoor community, in particular that of Sweden.

While in the rest of the world, Fjällräven may be more preferred for their backpacks and more casual and trendy apparel, their outdoor gear perform beautifully as those who have tried them out report online and in person.

What makes these jackets so popular is their warmth in the Swedish winter and exceptional comfort.

The fact that they last for years is also a great contributor to the brand’s popularity and the frequent sales that are part of the brand’s marketing strategy are another reason for people to “make the most” out of a Fjällräven product.

An interesting article on Fjällräven’s down: Get the low down on our down

Fjällräven - Keb Down Jacket

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Why are Fjällräven Backpacks so Popular?

Similarly to the jackets, the reason for Fjällräven backpacks being so popular is thanks to their quality and performance. They are comfortable to carry, last for a very long time, and retain their shape very well for years.

The manufacturing, materials, and quality are evident in all Fjällräven backpacks, and especially so in the Kånken, which is one of the brand’s most sold backpack designs to date.

However, in our opinion, the main reason behind the popularity of their backpacks is their innovative designs.

Their designs may not be too out there, for lack of a better term, but their minimalistic style, yet great performance are hard to match with other low-price brands and designs.

Fjällräven Kånken BackpackPin

Fjällräven are designed to allow for easy access in the main compartment and pockets and they fit well on the back without being uncomfortable.

Their interesting sizes is another factor behind their popularity. In the case of Kånken, for example, at first sight the backpack looks small, but it can carry a great deal of weight and things inside without being bulky or oversized.

While it may seem that it is just a fad or a trend that will die off soon, in fact, the Kånken backpack is still going strong and those who have it love it for different reasons, but the one thing that they all agree with, is how well the backpack has kept its shape despite years of use.

Who wouldn’t love a brand that makes a product capable of looking like new for so long?

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Fjällräven - Re-Kånken - The Most Sustainable Kånken So Far

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4. Are their Products Worth the Money?

The overall consensus is that the brand makes great quality products, and their outdoor gear is very high-performance and last for a really long time.

The breathability of most jackets is another major factor that makes the brand’s prices justifiable and their versatility and ability to be waxed is also a huge plus considering that you can adjust the jacket’s breathability and weather resistance to match your requirements.

Fjällräven - How to wax G-1000 Hybrid Garments

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These products go on sale every so often and we would honestly recommend that you keep an eye on them if you are looking to try out any Fjällräven design.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fjällräven Overpriced?

It depends on what one would consider overpriced. Are there better designs on the market for similar prices? In our opinion, there might be.

But when you are looking at a product that will last for years and perform very well, the price is quite justified.

Is Fjällräven Cheaper in Europe?

Not necessarily. If you are looking to buy online then you will be exposed to the same prices as anyone would be. In stores, that might depend on the time of year, whether the store is offering a sale or not, and so on.

Is a Kånken Backpack Worth It?

If you want a casual, day pack, then it is a good backpack for that purpose. It is comfortable and practical and the minimalistic style can be quite appealing as well.

However, if you are looking for a more technical design to take on a hike or longer trips, we think it’s best to go for another design.

person wearing a kanken backpackPin

How Long Do Fjällräven Backpacks Last?

In general, it will depend on the type of backpack and how often you use (or misuse it).

Overall, they are quite durable and among Swedes, there is also this “tradition” if we can call it that, where their Kånken backpacks are passed down from parent to child, which goes to show that these backpacks will last for quite some time.

Is Fjällräven Made in China?

Some of the brand’s products are made there, yes. While the rest are mainly made in South Korea.

Is the Kånken Backpack Good for School?

The classic design, according to online comments, tends to be a bit small, but the newer design which features a laptop sleeve, is far better and it also comes with padded straps that make it more comfortable.

It is suitable for school, but those who are looking to carry heavy weights, we think should look for a sturdier design that carries and distributes weight better.

Fjällräven Kånken BackpackPin

Do Kånken Backpacks Get Dirty Easily?

This will largely depend on how you are using the backpack and where you are putting it.

Overall, there is a tendency for these backpacks to actually stain books and things inside, which is why the brand recommends that you rinse them following the tag that comes with it, in order to remove any excess dye.

In general, these are backpacks that withstand stains quite okay, but will eventually get dirty.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion of all of the above, Fjällräven is a brand of modern and stylish, minimalistic designs that takes great care to make products that last for a long time and perform well.

Are they worth your money?

For a good deal of their products, we would say yes. In particular their jackets and outdoor gear.

Are there products that you can find at better prices and of better performance levels elsewhere?

Definitely. But this goes for any brand out there, honestly. Some designs will work for some people, while others, regardless of how great they are, may not be the best choice if they don’t match your preferences or requirements.

All in all, Fjällräven is a brand worth a shot if you want to try out products that you won’t come across as often as you would with those from other brands, especially if you live outside of Europe.

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