Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?

Jack Wolfskin vs The North Face: Which Brand is Better?Pin

You may have heard of these two brands before, because not only are they both popular names when it comes to providing outdoor clothing, but we have also featured them several times here on our site.

Jack Wolfskin and The North Face are quite similar when it comes to the range of outdoor products they offer. This may complicate the work of choosing between the two, but with a little help from us, hopefully, your decision will be easier.

The North Face is an American brand with more years of experience than the German company Jack Wolfskin. However, when it comes to providing high-quality outdoor gear, Jack Wolfskin is a valid competitor.

So, welcome to another comparison article!

Today we are going to take a look at these two outdoor brands and we hope, in the end, you will have a better idea about which of them would be a better choice for your needs.


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1. Jack Wolfskin

A Short History of the Brand

If you are hearing the name “Jack Wolfskin” for the first time, here is a short history of the brand.

The company was founded in 1981 in Frankfurt by Ulrich Dausien and has been based in Idstein, Germany since 1997.

In the beginning, it was a trademark of the Sine company, and later, in 1993 the brand opened its own shop.

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In the coming years, the demand grew quickly and the company became popular not only in Germany but also in other countries.

woman hiking in winterPin

Today, Jack Wolfskin offers a wide range of products: jackets, pants, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, and also footwear for various outdoor activities.

The performance and designs provided by the company are not only appealing to those looking for good outdoor equipment but also to those looking for casual clothing.

Like many outdoor brands that we have already seen, Jack Wolfskin takes social responsibility, environmental protection, and sustainability very seriously as you can read here.

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Materials and Manufacture

One of the main materials is Polyester, and a part of it is sourced from recycling, thus reducing environmental impact.

When it comes to fabric technologies, Jack Wolfskin uses Texapore, a windproof, breathable, and waterproof material that the brand incorporates in its apparel.

Texapore comes in different constructions that can be used for different activities, providing wearers with the right protection they need during each type of activity.

We have reviewed Texapore and compared it to Gore-Tex here.

TEXAPORE (English) | Jack Wolfskin

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As for insulation, Jack Wolfskin uses mainly natural Down which is RDS-certified (Responsible Down Standard), Fibercloud (synthetic), and Microguard also synthetic. (Learn more: Down vs Synthetic Jacket: Difference and Which is Better?)

Now let’s answer some frequently asked questions about this brand.

Is Jack Wolfskin a good brand?

Jack Wolfskin is a great brand for people who are looking for quality outdoor gear and apparel for various needs. They offer a selection of products that both casual and expert outdoor enthusiasts can choose from.

Many buyers enjoy purchasing products from Jack Wolfskin due to their reliability. Some would even go as far as saying that it is the German equivalent of The North Face.

If you are into European style when it comes to outdoor apparel, you should definitely check out Jack Wolfskin.

Where is Jack Wolfskin’s outdoor gear made?

Jack Wolfskin products are made in Europe and Asia. Their European factories can be found in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and Turkey.

Their Asian manufacturing facilities are located in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, and Taiwan.

As for their material suppliers, they are based in many countries in Europe, Asia, and the USA.


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Popular Designs

Here is what we have picked this time from Jack Wolfskin’s products collection.

Jack Wolfskin Women’s Stormy Point Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Womens Stormy Point JacketPin
Image: jack-wolfskin.com
Check out Stormy Point Jacket at: Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.de | (#ad)

The Stormy Point jacket for women by Jack Wolfskin is a light and robust shell for hiking and other outdoor activities. It uses the Texapore material that is both waterproof and breathable.

The shell and lining are made of 100% polyester, and the jacket is available in different colors.

Jack Wolfskin Women’s Vojo 3 Texapore Mid Hiking Shoes

Jack Wolfskin Womens Vojo 3 WT Texapore Mid Hiking ShoesPin
Image: jack-wolfskin.com
Check out Vojo 3 WT Shoes at: Jack-Wolfskin.com

The Vojo 3 Texapore Mid Shoe was designed by Jack Wolfskin to go on trails without compromising comfort and breathability. Its outsole provides secure traction on many types of terrain.

This pair of hiking boots comes with a waterproof and breathable Texapore membrane and synthetic and suede leather materials.


Jack Wolfskin offers a wide range of products where you can find both affordable and expensive items. However, in general, this is not the cheapest brand as many of their products are priced upwards of $100.

Are Jack Wolfskin’s products worth the price?

Yes. We think that their products are worth the price. The brand uses modern technology and high-quality materials for their outdoor apparel and equipment so you can expect quality items from them at reasonable prices.

2. The North Face

A Short History of the Brand

The North Face is one of the most popular brands in the outdoor gear industry. It is well-known among many enthusiasts, with people remaining loyal to their products for a very long time.

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Founded in 1966, the brand has specialized in providing technical mountaineering apparel and gear. Some of the first items that they produced were hiking packs, sleeping bags, skiwear, tents, and other outerwear.

the north face cragmont mid dryvent waterproof mens hiking bootPin
Image: The North Face Cragmont Mid DryVent Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boot

In the 1990s, The North Face became so popular that their customers weren’t limited to people searching for technical clothing. Even celebrities had started wearing and using the brand’s products. For example, the Steep Tech jacket was featured in a rapper’s music video in 1993.

The company name refers to “the north face” of a mountain in the northern hemisphere which is considered to be the coldest and most difficult to climb.

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Douglas Tompkins: Wild Legacy

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Materials and Manufacture

The North Face utilizes several technologies in its products, for example, one of the main materials is the FUTURELIGHT™ membrane.

FUTURELIGHT™ provides shell jackets with a very thin nanomembrane that allows air to flow without letting water get inside. Its waterproofing capabilities have been tested to take on even the harshest conditions in the outdoors.

Goose Down is another material that The North Face uses. It provides its products with thermal insulation to provide the warmth and comfort wearers need for long journeys. What’s even great is that this type of insulation is very light, which allows users the freedom of movement for any challenge (Learn more: Duck Down vs Goose Down Jacket: A Useful Guide).

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The well-known Gore-Tex® technology is also incorporated in many The North Face products. This type of membrane provides waterproof, windproof, and breathability features to their apparel. A key feature of GORE-TEX® is that it lets moisture pass through while keeping the water out.

The company has also developed other technologies like DryVent, FlashDry, WindWall, and the famous ThermoBall synthetic insulation which is an alternative to down.

FUTURELIGHT: Made to Defy | The North Face

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Some frequently asked questions about The North Face:

Is The North Face a good brand?

The North Face is one of the top brands when it comes to outdoor gear and apparel. People who are serious about hiking, skiing, and other outdoor mountain activities will find some of the best products available here.

Where is The North Face outdoor gear made?

The North Face outdoor clothing and equipment are mainly made in Asian countries, but they also have collections made in the United States.

Popular Designs

Let’s see what we have picked from The North Face.

The North Face Men’s ThermoBall Eco Triclimate Jacket

The North Face Mens ThermoBall Eco Triclimate JacketPin
Image: thenorthface.com
Check out Thermoball Eco Triclimate Jacket at: Amazon.comAmazon.co.ukAmazon.de | (#ad)

The Men’s Thermoball Eco Triclimate Jacket is one of the popular jackets sold by The North Face. This three-in-one jacket is versatile and allows you to use it for different activities and snow sports.

The DryVent shell is weather-resistant and breathable while its hood offers good coverage for the head. Due to how modular it can be, you can choose to use just the inner jacket insulated with ThermoBall™ Eco, or the outer shell layer depending on your needs.

The North Face Men’s Chilkat IV Insulated Boot

The North Face Mens Chilkat IV Insulated BootPin
Image: thenorthface.com

These winter boots offer optimal traction and the DryVent™ waterproof construction can keep your feet dry even during harsh weather conditions.

The Chilkat IV boots have an EVA midsole that offers good cushioning, rustproof hardware, a leather upper that is waterproof, and 200g Heatseeker™ insulation to provide great warmth.

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Products sold by The North Face are a bit more expensive compared to those of other brands. For example, many of their jackets cost more than $200 – $300. However, you can also find some products in the $50 – $100 range.

Are The North Face’s products worth the price?

The North Face products are worth their price if you are a serious mountain hiker, skier, or adventurer. Their items are made to provide the comfort, practicality, and performance that you expect.

On the other hand, if you are looking for casual wear, it depends. In general, you will be able to find one or two affordable items from them, so even in this case, we think The North Face is worth it.

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3. Which Brand is Better?

woman hiking in forestPin

The North Face is the older brand, with more experience. It offers quality outdoor gear that can withstand different types of weather.

Their technical products provide great performance for expert hikers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

So, The North Face is definitely a good choice.

However, you also can’t go wrong if you choose Jack Wolfskin. Their products are of good quality, using technologies similar to The North Face.

You may be interested in Jack Wolfskin apparel especially if you are into European styling and, depending on where you live, if you want a brand that is not as popular as The North Face.

As for prices, Jack Wolfskin is in general (slightly) more affordable.

To conclude, as we said in the beginning, these two brands are very similar when it comes to the range of products they offer.

So we think we’d choose pieces from both of them that will make up our outdoor outfit while comparing specific products depending on the construction and our needs for that specific situation or use.

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