9 Scandinavian Shoes & Boots Brands for Rain and Cold Weather

9 Scandinavian Shoes & Boots Brands for Rain and Cold Weather

A pair of high-quality winter boots is a very important purchase if you ask us, and it justifies the time spent looking for the right design.

But on the other hand, you don’t have to spend many hours searching for the perfect brand because with a few suggestions from us you’ll hopefully complete the job in a reasonable amount of time.

And to help you with that, for today’s article, we have chosen 9 Scandinavian brands that produce shoes and boots for rain and cold weather.

We have talked a lot about Scandinavian brands here on our site in the past. We have seen Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands and also backpack brands from these countries.

In general, brands from Scandinavia offer high-quality products with minimal and essential designs that we like very much.

So, let’s see what we have picked today, and hopefully, you will find something for your next purchase!


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* Note: The availability of products (and prices) mentioned on this page may change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors, and sizes on the various shops before buying, because sometimes our articles may contain errors.

1. Vagabond Shoemakers

Vagabond Shoemakers - "We are Shoemakers"

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The Swedish shoe brand Vagabond was founded in 1973 but only started producing footwear twenty years later, becoming the brand we know today. The company’s vision had been to always develop a fashion brand that sells quality shoes worldwide.

The company’s headquarters are in Varberg, Sweden. This location is also the place where their fully-operational prototype production workshop and design studio is situated and where all of the magic happens.

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Today, Vagabond shoes are found in stores throughout Europe. The Johnny boot collection is one of the designs sold by the brand.

The collection of boots is made with a heavy outsole, a casual yet classic design, and warm lining for urban use during the cold season.

Their Johnny black leather boots, for instance, are made to have a shaft that is set on rubber soles and that is located a bit higher for that city feel. The standard pricing for the Johnny black leather boots is around $200.

Although the brand is called Vagabond Shoemakers, they also sell bags for both men and women.

2. Stutterheim

stutterheim website rain boots
(Stutterheim Website – Rain Boots)

If you are familiar with the brand name Stutterheim, it’s more than likely because you have come across the raincoats that they sell.

This Stockholm-based company knows how rainy it can get in Sweden, which is why they have set themselves up to deal with that fact.

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Stutterheim’s collection of products are intended to keep wearers warm and dry. Their raincoats are just one example, but they also sell footwear for the rainy season.

The Chelsea Rainwalker collection is an iconic boot series offered by the brand. These $165 boots are made with 100% natural rubber and are lined with 100% cotton as well.

Due to being made out of natural rubber, wearers are advised to store their boots in a cool place indoors. They should also be kept away from heat and sunlight as doing so can lower the lifespan of these beauties.

Rain Man: The Stutterheim Story

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3. Makia

makia website mens shoes
(Makia website – Men’s shoes)

Makia has collections that incorporate both style and comfort with attention to detail on everything they make.

Makia’s Finnish influence provides interested buyers with classic Scandinavian styles that are intended to take on even the harshest of weather.

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The Tretorn X Makia Rubberboot is one example of the brand’s Scandinavian styling. This is the type of boot you would wear during rainy weather with its PVC-free natural rubber providing the protection you need.

Despite being made of pure rubber, the mesh lining of this boot makes it breathable enough to vent off internal heat.

Its rubber outsole is made to grip slippery surfaces, providing wearers with top-quality footwear when it’s raining. The Tretorn X Makia Rubberboot costs less than a hundred dollars and is available in navy color.

Along with shoes, Makia also sells clothing, bags, and accessories for men, women, and kids.

4. Tretorn

tretorn website rain boots
(Tretorn website – Rain boot)

The popular Swedish brand Tretorn was founded in 1891 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Despite starting from a small town, the brand’s products can now be found in stores worldwide.

Tretorn has always started as a shoemaking company since its foundation. They began selling galoshes to people in Helsingborg and later on moved to sneaker and rubber boots production.

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Today, the brand sells footwear of all kinds from rubber boots to winter boots and even safety boots. One of the boots sold by Tretorn is the Abisko.

This waterproof winter boot comes with a fleece lining, and rubber outsole while mesh ventilation ducts are provided for extra warmth and added breathability. The boot has a removable insole while its shaft can be folded for extra flexibility and ventilation.

Apart from boots, Tretorn also sells apparel, bags, and other accessories.

5. Helly Hansen

helly hansen website mens winter boots
(Helly Hansen website – Men’s winter boots)

If you are looking for a Norwegian footwear (and other outdoor gear) brand on this list, then you should definitely check out Helly Hansen. This brand was founded by the man himself who used to work as a sea captain in the late 1800s.

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One of the boots sold by the brand is the Garibaldi V3. This boot provides its wearer with waterproof leather and seams that are fully sealed. Putting on the boots is very easy due to their lightweight frame and snug insole.

The Garibaldi V3 costs around $150 and is made from premium quality full-grain leather.

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6. Haglöfs

haglofs website shoes boots
(Haglöfs website – shoes and boots)

This Swedish brand was founded by a carpenter by the name of Wiktor Haglöf in 1914. Haglöf founded his company with a vision to improve the lives of people by providing them with gear that could help them endure the elements.

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This vision can be seen in the footwear sold by the brand. The Haglöfs Skuta Mid Proof Eco for men, one of their products, is a tough shoe for modern trekking.

It is designed to have a wide forefoot fit so that wearers are comfortable while hiking, and has a waterproof membrane for staying dry.

This shoe is available in four colors and costs around $160 per pair.

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7. Ilse Jacobsen

ilse jacobsen website boots
(Ilse Jacobsen website – boots)

The Danish brand Ilse Jacobsen Hornbæk combines fashion and functionality in all of its products. The brand was established in 1993, which is pretty recent compared to the others in this list.

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Despite being one of the youngest footwear brands on this selection, Ilse Jacobsen has some interesting products to offer. Their Black Ankle Boots are classic, stylish, and practical during the winter season.

The boots are made in microfiber and come with a soft faux fur flap for extra coziness. Their upper part is treated using a water-resistant coating while its inner lining is soft enough for wearers to stay comfortable.

At the same time, these lightweight Sneakers sold by Ilse Jacobsen are a perfect match for almost any occasion. These shoes are made with a water-resistant coating so you can stay dry during rainy weather while their thick microfiber material adds to their resistance.

The sneakers cost just over $100 and are available in two colors: brown and black.

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8. Bergans of Norway

bergans website womens hiking boots
(Bergans website – Women’s hiking boots)

Another Norwegian brand that we have picked is Bergans of Norway, or simply called Bergans. The brand sells outdoor equipment along with technical apparel for skiing, expeditions, and other outdoor adventures.

Bergans was founded in 1908 and started by producing bicycles and leather rucksacks. Today, the company manufactures and sells almost all types of gear and equipment needed for various outdoor activities.

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When it comes to footwear, one of their designs is the Krosshø Lady Trekking Boot. This is a lightweight boot, weighing just 460 grams.

It has an outer material of quality water-repellent and breathable leather while its inner part is made using polyester fleece that has been laminated with Dermizax®NX membrane.

The Krosshø Lady Trekking Boot uses Bergans’ patented sole wherein a special rubber compound with adhesive is used for excellent grip even on rugged terrain and wet surfaces. Its rubber sole is intended to increase the contact area so that maximum traction can be achieved.

Also, the inner sole of this trekking boot uses an antibacterial and moisture-absorbing material, and it can be removed for easy cleaning.

The boot is sold for around $200 and is available in different colors.

9. Didriksons

didriksons website women boots
(Didriksons website – Women’s boots)

Last, but definitely not least, is another brand that comes from Sweden, and that is Didriksons. The company, founded in 1913, started making work outfits for fishermen in Sweden and now sells a myriad of clothing products for men, women, and children.

As for footwear, rain boots are the specialty produced and sold by Didriksons. For example, the Vinga boots are fully windproof and waterproof, with sturdy soles.

These boots are made from natural rubber along with a soft, fleece lining for additional insulation. They are easy to put on due to their stretchable material and cost around $85.

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And that’s all for today’s selection! Let us know in the comments if you have any other brand suggestions.

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