Kanuk vs Canada Goose: Which Brand is Better?

Kanuk vs Canada Goose: Which Brand is Better?Pin

Today we have another brands comparison to make your buying decision easier.

This time, we will put against each other two Canadian outdoor clothing brands: Kanuk, a new entry in our comparisons, and Canada Goose, the expensive brand that is very popular for its down parkas.

Let’s get started and find out which would be the better choice for you.


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1. Kanuk

A Short History of the Brand

Kanuk was established during the 1970s in Montréal by Louis Grenier.

It started as an experiment of figuring out the right garment that could protect against the extreme cold weather in Canada. Today, it is considered a local legend.

Kanuk logo on jacketPin

The carefully-designed coats by Grenier were loved by his family and friends and eventually became popular streetwear items during cold and harsh conditions.

Grenier established a small factory and a storefront at 485 Rue Rachel. This began the legacy of warm and stylish garments that have been much loved by Canadians.

The style and design of Kanuk clothing are inspired by function and are an interesting mix of the past and present to create seamless garments.

Today, Kanuk is one of the most preferred outerwear brands in Canada. Along with offering protection against the cold, their garments also come in a variety of styles for customers.

Kanuk's WebsitePin

Materials and Manufacture

The materials utilized by Kanuk include robust taslan, nylon ripstop, Nylon microfiber, Polyester microfiber, Softshell, and Ottoman fabric.

These fabrics use high-quality nylon and/or polyester with high breathability and increased protection from wind and water. The fabrics and materials used are lightweight, soft and robust to enhance performance and comfort.

Moreover, Kanuk uses durable, versatile, and warm insulation to cater to the needs of their customers. The two main synthetic insulators utilized in the garments are Climashield Thermo+ and Climashield Comfort+.

The Thermo+ synthetic insulator is known as one of the most durable insulation in the market. It includes 3.5-denier continuous fibers, which makes the lining of the garments more resistant and warmer.

The Comfort+ insulator provides warmth and ease during movement. It is created with 3-denier continuous fibers, which increases the garment’s suppleness.

Aside from the synthetic insulators, Kanuk also utilizes a natural insulator called ThinDown, which is referred to as “down fabric”, the only one of its kind.

Thindown: the innovative fabric

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Thindown is a revolutionary innovation, which reinvented down usage by eradicating its disadvantages and building further on its benefits. It needs no piercing and is impeccably uniform, which means that the down wouldn’t escape among seams. Neither would the heat.

This indicates that ThinDown is warmer when compared to typical down of the same weight. It is also easier to maintain and durable, with reduced risk of shedding.

Kanuk new flagship store

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Popular Designs

For this comparison, as we usually do, we have selected a popular product by Kanuk, the Mont-Royal jacket for men.

Kanuk Mont-Royal Men’s Jacket

Kanuk Mont-Royal Mens JacketPin

Image: kanuk.com

Check it out on Kanuk.com

This stylish parka is ideal for city wear during the winter season. The fabrics used are 50% sorona, and 50% polyester. This jacket offers protection even in temperatures below -25°C. It can also keep you well-protected against the snow and chilly winds.

This jacket includes an attached hood, which comes with a fur option, for enhancing your style and customizing your preferred level of warmth. The insulation technology used is Climashield Thermo+.

It is rain-resistant and wind-resistant, while also breathable to offer increased protection and comfort.


Kanuk is a high-end brand, which comes with expensive deisigns. Their jackets go for around $600, with varying price options depending on the design.

Are these jackets worth the price?

In our opinion, judging from the quality and longevity of their designs, the price of their jackets is worth it since they are highly durable and provide outstanding protection against the harsh weather.

2. Canada Goose

A Short History of the Brand

Established in a tiny warehouse in 1957 by Sam Tick, Canada Goose was initially named as Metro Sportswear Ltd. Canada Goose started off with outdoor garments, including raincoats and snowmobile suits.

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During the 1970s, the brand launched their down-filled outerwear that quickly became popular, which then made them turn their focus primarily towards launching heavy-duty coats and parkas.

Canada Goose logo on jacketPin

They also supplied outerwear for the city police departments, municipal workers, Ministry of Correctional Services, Canadian Rangers, Ministry of Environment, and Ontario Provincial Police.

Celebrity and movie endorsement were two more reasons that really helped the brand become recognized by those that looked for style, along with functionality.

They started selling internationally in 2010 and today, the products of this brand include vests, gloves, jackets, hats, parkas and more.

Canada Goose is highly popular for their functionality, durability, and range of styles.

Our Commitment to Quality | Canada Goose

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Materials and Manufacture

The main materials used in their parkas and coats include polyester and nylon. Canada Goose utilizes the best quality fabrics to provide durability to their products, and a meticulous manufacturing process for an outstanding finishing.

They use primarily goose down for the majority of their insulated products and duck down for a few jackets as well.

The down is sourced by following the Responsible Down Standard guidelines, which ensures the full traceability of the sourcing process. Per the RDS, the birds are from farms that do not pluck them live and are provided humane treatment.

The use of Coyote fur is another signature design feature in many of the brand’s parkas and jackets, but they are starting to move away from that look and focusing on more functional and stylish designs.

To maintain their quality standards, Canada Goose has a 13-step manufacturing process, which ensures that all of their products are thoroughly examined so that their clients are provided with the best possible products.

Striving For Excellence | Canada Goose

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Popular Designs

By Canada Goose we have selected the Langford Parka for men.

Canada Goose Men’s Langford Parka

Canada Goose Mens Langford ParkaPin

Image: pinterest.com

Check it out on Amazon.com

This jacket is made of 15% cotton and 85% polyester, and utilizes a coyote fur trim that originates from Canada. The fur trim is removable and attached to an adjustable hood.

This sleek and stylish jacket has a clean look and includes two front flap pockets for increased protection against cold weather. The pockets are fleece-lined for added warmth to the hands.

It is a long parka, with standard sleeves and cuffs and an adjustable waist for a better fit.

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Just like Kanuk, Canada Goose is also a high-end brand. This means their products are more towards the expensive side.

On average, their jackets go for around $600, but many of the designs are pricier than that.

Are these jackets worth their price?

Canada Goose is well-known for their high quality and enhanced durability, which means these jackets are definitely worth their price.

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3. Which Brand is Better?

couple wearing parkas in snowy parkPin

Both of these Canadian brands are highly popular and loved by many. Their products are made only with the highest quality materials and offer increased wind and cold resistance during harsh weather.

Since these brands have been among the leaders of outerwear for decades, they are both reliable and trustworthy when it comes to offering protection and increased performance of their products.

So, which one is better?

It all comes down to the price and personal preference.

The prices of Canada Goose jackets are slightly higher than those of Kanuk jackets. However, it is a well-known fact that one can wear Canada Goose jackets for years and they would still provide the same level of protection against the cold.

These jackets are also more stylish. In our opinion, Canada Goose wins this one. However, Kanuk also comes very close due to their focus on high quality and performance.


  1. I have a Kanuk jacket. I love it. I am allergic to down and never thought I would have a warm jacket. But my Kanuk parka does the trick even in cold temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius.

  2. I’ve owned the same Kanuk parka for 16 years. I wear it all winter long -weekdays and weekends – and it’s still in excellent condition. I hope their product quality remains the same because I’d like to buy another Kanuk parka when this one eventually wears out.

      • In Montréal, Canada you recognise a tourist if that person wears CG. Kanuk is the real deal: their stuff will last you 20+ years at extreme temperature. It’s just like Sorel winter boots, you can’t go wrong with it…

  3. Kanuk is the better option between the two. They have a good price/quality ratio. I just bought a Kanuk Boréal and it is fantastic( bonus the fur is optional, I am not into fury linings)

  4. Owned a Canada goose bomber jacket for 5 years. However, i noticed some down escaped through the seam and the down isn’t spread evenly like it used to be. So, there are cold spot in winter time. Also, when buying an expensive coat, you must consider the quality of the zipper and Canada Goose’s zipper are very good in that area. Going to buy a Kanuk to see the difference.

  5. Even if your review says that CG is more stylish my eyes doesn’t sees that. I have a Kanuk and from time to time watch for a CG but not even once did I noticed one that impress me. (I’m not talking about quality here but looks)

  6. I bought a Canada Goose coat and found cold spots in the stitching around the shoulders. I took it back to Sporting Life for a refund. The following summer, visiting Montreal for the Jazz Festival, by chance, I found the Kanuk store and was thoroughly impressed by their showroom, coat styles. I was even more impressed by how warm the coat is in minus 20 Celsius Toronto weather.
    After six years, I still love this coat (Orleans) and continue to receive compliments on it. It still looks like new. Excellent Canadian product. I’d choose Kanuk over Canada Goose anytime!

  7. Still have my old Kanuk (for 15 years). Just had a small repair at Kanuk Manufacturing last year and still this jacket is like new. Wash in a rotative washer at gentle and do not dry in machine and you will have the best jacket on the market.

  8. I bought my first Kanuk around 1992, a red Gatineau. It was rated for -25 but I wore it even when we had below -40 here in northern Ontario. When I was undergoing chemo, I was more vulnerable to cold and we had -30 to -45 for a good 6 weeks that 08 Winter: I bought a blue Kuujuak with fur trim – it’s like wearing two coats in one. I take it with me to places like Calgary in winter and I never get cold. I think it was in 2012 that I bought a grey Mont Royal, as I wanted to have a warmer hood (the Gatineau only has a flimsy foldable hood). Unfortunately I didn’t buy a fur trim for it and I’d like to find one: it looks like Kanuk doesn’t sell them any more and they require a particular snap to go with the coat. The Kuujuak has a wider hood so that fur trim can’t be transferred to the Mont Royal that only has five snaps. I still use all three coats, the 30 year-old Gatineau is only a little faded but it washes well and still looks good. Canada Goose chose to finance itself on the stock market, so this is another ball game for them – they must please shareholders, keep growing and everything comin with that, lots of hype, I let others comment on quality, as I’m more than satisfied with Kanuk, and I particularly like their human-made products and their passion for innovation and comfort. Kanuk is way more thoughtful of its customers. I also enjoyed every visit to the rue Rachel store. these people are simply wonderful and so welcoming!

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