Saucony vs Brooks Running Shoes: Which Brand to Choose?

Saucony vs Brooks Running Shoes: Which Brand to Choose?

Saucony and Brooks are two well-known brands in the footwear industry. They each produce a variety of high-quality running shoes suited for different needs, including trail running shoes and highly cushioned running shoes.

Whether you’re looking for marathon running shoes or track spikes, you can find what you’re looking for from either brand.

However, despite many similarities that make these shoe brands highly preferred by runners, subtle differences in the construction of each brand tend to make one a better fit than the other.

Follow along as we run a brief history of the brands and give you an overview of the materials and technologies they use. We’ll also recommend our top picks from each brand and let you know which one we think comes out a step ahead.


1. Saucony

Saucony is a household name in the footwear manufacturing industry in the U.S. The company specializes in three main categories of shoes: running, racing, and walking.

Each shoe, including the Saucony Ride and the Saucony Triumph, is designed using specific technology based on the targeted application.

Saucony has been around since the 19th century and comes with a wealth of experience regarding what a good running shoe should look and feel like.

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History of the Brand

Saucony Official Website
Saucony Official Website

Saucony is an American footwear and apparel manufacturer founded in 1898 in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The footwear company was founded by four men near the high banks of Saucony Creek, which inspired the name “Saucony”. The company manufactured jackets, socks, hats, backpacks, and T-shirts, but the main focus remained athletic shoes.

In the late 1960s, a Russian immigrant named A.R Hyde bought Saucony. Hyde had been running his own shoe company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, since 1910.

Hyde moved Saucony to Cambridge, where he merged the two companies. He kept the name of his original shoe company, Hydes Athletic Industries.

The company rebranded again in 1980, changing the name to Saucony after two of their athletic shoes appeared in Runner’s World Magazine among the top 10 running shoes of 1979.

The company has undergone multiple managerial transitions since then. Today, Wolverine World Wide is the proud owner of Saucony.

The company is now a famous racing shoe producer, manufacturing cross-country racing flats and track spikes. Saucony also manufactures running shoes for specific track and athletic events.

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Introducing the all-new Kinvara 12

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Materials and Manufacturing

Saucony puts a lot of focus on sustainability in its running shoe manufacturing process. The company uses various biodegradable materials in its shoe construction while keeping performance a top priority.

On its website, Saucony emphasizes that most shoes are made from pure natural materials and very little virgin plastic in the outsoles.

For instance, the Jazz Court R.F.G. is the most eco-friendly shoe from Saucony that features 0% plastic in its construction.

Saucony uses materials such as recycled polyester and nylon, organic cotton, suede leather, rubber, canvas, etc.

Some of the technologies that the company uses in its running shoes include PWRFoam, PWRRun, SpeedRoll, Sauc-Fit, VersaFoam, Comfort Lite Sockliner, EVA+, IsoFit, Everun, Vibram Arctic Grip, RunDry, etc.

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Saucony EVERUN Cushioning Technology Review

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Our Favorite Saucony Pairs

Check out two of our favorite Saucony pairs below for men and women.

Saucony Men’s Hornet Shoes

Saucony Mens Hornet Shoes
Image source:

The Hornet is an original men’s running shoe from the 1970s. The shoe once appeared in the Runner’s World Magazine as the best value running shoe from Saucony. The shoe is standard suede with mesh underlays and a rubber outsole.

Saucony Women’s Triumph 19 Shoes

Saucony Womens Triumph 19 Shoes
Image source:

Women’s Triumph 19 is sleek with a soft, sock-like fit. The shoe is lightweight, weighing in at only 9.1oz, and features enhanced breathability.

Women’s Triumph also offers a durable XT-900 outsole and is a versatile shoe for workouts and other outdoor activities.

Saucony Running Shoes FAQs

Most people want to know whether Saucony running shoes are a worthy investment and where the shoes are made. Here are our answers.

Are Saucony Running Shoes Worth the Money?

Saucony manufactures some of the best running shoes on the market today. The shoes are made from quality materials, making them highly durable. Saucony is your best choice for track and field activities and other sporting applications.

Overall, investing in Saucony running shoes is a worthy decision. The shoes will last a long time if you use them for the right activity.

Where are Saucony Running Shoes Made?

At the moment Saucony footwear is made in various Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.

– – – –

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2. Brooks

Brooks enjoys a massive fan following across the globe. From professional athletes to regular runners, Brooks offers the fashionable comfort and durability that every runner is looking for. Some of their most well-known models include Brooks Adrenaline, Brooks Ghost, and Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

Brooks Shoe Company has been in business for decades and has faced many struggles along the way, but it remains one of the top running shoe manufacturers in the world.

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History of the Brand

Brooks Running Official Website
Brooks Running Official Website

Brooks Running or Brooks Sports Inc. is an American sportswear manufacturer specializing in high-quality men’s and women’s running shoes, as well as other accessories.

The company draws its humble beginnings from 1914 as a bath and ballet shoe manufacturer in Philadelphia.

Before its acquisition by the Brooks brothers, the company operated as Quaker Shoe Company. In 1920, the company rebranded to Brooks Shoe Manufacturing Co. and sold its shoes under the name Bruxshu.

Today, Brooks Shoe Company has its headquarters in Seattle, with its products available in 60 countries globally. The company has evolved, making different sporting shoes with significant advancements in every model.

Brooks Sports has also experienced many operational changes, including partnerships with other shoe manufacturers over the years. And while Brooks has achieved tremendous milestones as a lead running shoe manufacturer, the company has also had its fair share of struggles in its journey.

In 1981, the Brooks brothers filed for bankruptcy protection after facing severe financial distress in the 1970s.

In 2001, Brooks cut its product line by about 50% to focus solely on running shoes. The company resolved to improve its shoe performance technology, which paid off.

In 2011, Brooks Sports became the top seller of specialty running shoes, a position they held for more than six years. As of 2017, they were commanding 25% of the total market share.

Brooks shoes have been featured in Sports Illustrated and Runner’s World publications as “Best Winter Running Shoe” and “Best Women’s Running Shoe.”

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Run Happy with Brooks Running

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Materials and Manufacturing

Great running shoes start with great technology. Brooks has lived up to that idea in all its running shoe models. Brooks shoes feature a firm-yet-stretchable upper construction material that fits well while letting your feet breathe freely.

The midsole cushioning is lightweight and uniquely designed for different running experiences, such as speed and track.

The outsole is made of rubber for excellent traction and a smooth ride. The outsoles feature different designs suited for every challenging surface.

The shoes have a tough sheath between the midsole and the outsole to deflect any impact from sharp objects.

Brooks shoes have great DNA Loft cushioning designed from a mix of rubber, air, and mesh for a soft feel on the foot.

The ultralight propulsion plate keeps your stride smooth for a long, comfortable run.

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Brooks Running Technology: DNA LOFT

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Our Favorite Brooks Pairs

Below are two of our most preferred Brooks pairs you’ll want to check out.

Brooks Men’s Levitate StealthFit 5 Shoes

Brooks Mens Levitate StealthFit 5 Shoes
Image source:

Men’s Levitate StealthFit 5 is a stylish running shoe that’s great for the road, treadmill, and training. The energy-return shoe features a great stretch and compression with a super stretchy feel.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin GTS 19 Shoes

Brooks Womens Glycerin GTS 19 Shoes
Image source:

Women’s Glycerin GTS 19 is your best running shoe that offers all-day comfort in any intense activity. The shoe features GuideRails technology for any excess movement.

This shoe is best for the road and the track. It comes with super-soft cushioning and only weighs 9.4oz / 266.5g.

Brooks Running Shoes FAQs

Check out the below answers to two common questions about Brooks running shoes.

Are Brooks Running Shoes Worth the Money?

Nothing makes a good running shoe like proper cushioning. Brooks emphasizes cushioning on all its shoe models to ensure athletes experience the least possible impact every time their foot hits the ground.

The upper construction also features a highly stretchable and breathable material for a good fit and enhanced comfort.

Whether you’re a regular runner or a professional athlete, any coin spent on Brooks running shoes is worth the returns in our opinion.

Where Are Brooks Running Shoes Made?

Brooks Running manufactures the majority of its running shoes overseas in China and Vietnam. The company ships its running shoes to 60 countries across the globe.

– – – –

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3. Which Brand is Better?

saucony shoes close up
A pair of Saucony shoes

Saucony and Brooks are two great brands that may appear identical in performance to the untrained eye. But that’s not always a true reflection. There are underlying differences that affect the overall performance of each shoe.

Some Saucony shoes feature a more rigid fit with a squared heel design and tend to hold their own shape. This may be a disadvantage for some runners who prefer a more comfortable design.

Brooks emphasizes cushioning in every one of its shoe models, which is not the case with many manufacturers. The company applies advanced technology to ensure maximum comfort and performance over long-distance running.

Saucony, on the other hand, focuses more on sustainability in its construction, which sometimes comes at the expense of comfort.

Overall, Saucony and Brooks offer quality running shoes for the average athlete. However, the two brands may perform best in different applications.

For instance, the sturdy nature of Saucony shoes makes them suited for less intense applications, such as various track and field activities.

On the other hand, Brooks is your go-to brand for intense and long-distance running. We think they fit better and have excellent cushioning, making them very comfortable on the feet over long hours.

The winner of Saucony vs Brooks lies in where and how you intend to use your new running shoes.

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