7 Types of Timberland Boots that You Should Know

7 Types of Timberland Boots that You Should KnowPin

The one notable thing with world-famous footwear and apparel brands like Timberland is that they usually have hundreds, if not thousands, of products that you can choose from.

Like other famous footwear brands, Timberland offers different types and styles.

To help you choose the best option, this article will discuss some of the major types of boots offered by Timberland.

What are the Different Styles of Timberland Boots?

Timberland has a multitude of boots you can choose from; you will be lost in deciding which type or style you should buy.

To make it easier for you to make an informed choice, we’ll discuss seven different styles of Timberland boots. We also explore some commonly asked questions about the brand’s products.

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1. Work Boots

Every industrial professional needs some handy boots to wear at work for enhanced workplace safety, optimum comfort, excellent foot support, and the much-loved trendiness and prestige that comes with the iconic Timberland brand.

The work boots have unique features such as insulation, composite toes framework, non-slip hazard soles, breathable insoles, steel-toed construction, waterproofing, and soft-toed construction.

Be sure to check out the Men’s Direct Attach 8″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot if you want to grace your feet with boots featuring the iconic Timberland yellow boot color. The Women’s Direct Attach 6″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot is also an excellent choice.

Timberland Mens Direct Attach 8 Steel Toe Waterproof Work BootPin
Timberland Men’s Direct Attach 8″ Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot: Image timberland.com

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2. Winter Boots

Timberland winter boots are an excellent choice for use in winter and during the snowy months. The boots are waterproofed using TimberDry Waterproof Technology to protect your feet and the boots themselves from damage by water.

Timberland winter or snow boots are ideal cold-weather footwear with features such as fleece linings, suede or full-grain leather construction, PrimaLoft Insulation, cushioned insoles, layered footbeds, and water resistance.

You might want to check out the Men’s Snowblades Tall Winter Boots that are available in dark brown suede, wheat suede, and dark gray suede.

Timberland Mens Snowblades Tall Winter BootsPin
Timberland Men’s Snowblades Tall Winter Boots: Image timberland.com

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3. Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots come in handy during bad-weather days, whether you are taking a walk, hike, backpacking adventure, or if you’re working outside.

Timberland Waterproof Boots are versatile, comfortable, stylish, and perfect for buyers looking for the ideal waterproof winter or rain boots.

The boots boast features such as cushioned insoles, fleece insulation/lining, suede or leather construction, Gore-Tex interiors, durable 50% recycled rubber lug outsoles, EVA footbed for added comfort and optimum shock absorption, and Timberland’s Water-repellent Technology.

The Women’s Euro Hiker Mixed-Media Waterproof Boots and Men’s Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots are worth checking out.

Timberland Womens Euro Hiker Mixed Media Waterproof BootsPin
Timberland Women’s Euro Hiker Mixed-Media Waterproof Boots: Image timberland.com

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4. Hiking Boots

You can always reach for a pair of Timberland hiking boots when you want to hit the trail and enjoy your next adventure in comfortable, durable, and stylish footwear.

Timberland hiking boots feature qualities such as leather or suede construction, supportive midsoles, breathability, traction outsoles, soft insoles, waterproofing, and specially designed lugs on the outsoles for firmer grips.

Some of the hiking boots are even insulated for cold-weather hiking and taller for enhanced ankle support.

The colorful Men’s Boulder Trail Hiking Boots are definitely worth checking out.

Timberland Mens Boulder Trail Hiking BootsPin
Timberland Men’s Boulder Trail Hiking Boots: Image timberland.com

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5. Dress Boots

Timberland markets its dress boots as the perfect choice for casual wear for your after-office hours, night outings, and informal occasions.

The dress boots come in various types, from waterproof boots, Chelseas, hiking boots, Chukkas, sneaker boots, and work boots.

Timberland Dress boots feature qualities such as breathable OrthoLite Insoles, wide-toe construction, Anti-Fatigue Technology, suede or leather construction, water-resistance, waterproofing, and plain-toe construction.

You can groom yourself with a classy and dressy touch with the Men’s Port Union Waterproof Chukka Boots.

Timberland Mens Port Union Waterproof Chukka BootsPin
Timberland Men’s Port Union Waterproof Chukka Boots: Image timberland.com

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6. Sneaker Boots

If you are head-over-heels in love with boots, you’ll want footwear that complements your unique style while also providing optimum comfort. Timberland sneaker boots are your ideal street footwear as they provide enhanced comfort levels.

Timberland’s sneaker boots come with suede interiors to ensure the boots don’t rub your feet as you walk.

The boots come in low-top and high-top ankle-style sneakers with stunning features such as durable outsoles for long-lasting grip, nubuck construction, OrthoLite Insoles, rubber outsole, breathability, and durable full-grain leather construction.

You can try the Women’s Supaway Side-zip Sneaker Boots, available in white nubuck and black nubuck.

Timberland Womens Supaway Side zip Sneaker BootsPin
Timberland Women’s Supaway Side-zip Sneaker Boots: Image timberland.com

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7. Ankle Boots

As a lady of style, you’ll want boots that complement your unique look and enhance your chic statement as a fashionable and bold woman. Timberland ankle boots will help you underline that statement wherever you go!

These ankle boots are waterproof, durable, crafted of suede or leather, high-heeled, and block-heeled for optimum walking comfort and heel support. They also feature high-grip lug soles, Anti-Fatigue Technology, and OrthoLite Insoles for extra comfort.

The Women’s Lana Point Lace-up Boots are ideal when you want some block-heel booties to rock with your camo jeans or favorite outdoor skirt.

Timberland Womens Lana Point Lace Up BootsPin
Timberland Women’s Lana Point Lace-Up Boots: Image timberland.com

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Now that you know some of the best types of Timberland boots on the market, let’s look at some commonly asked questions.

What are the Best Timberland Boots?

According to Timberland, some of its bestsellers include boots in lines such as Boondock Composite Toe, Pit Boss Steel Toe, Timberland Premium, Green Stride Edge, Ridgework Composite Toe, and Davis Square.

Timberland’s other best-selling boots include categories such as Redwood Falls, Gridworks, Timberland Heritage, Direct Attach, Holiday Luxe, TBL Originals, Chillberg, Snowblades, and Earthkeepers Originals.

The best Timberland boots you can buy are the Iconic Yellow Boots that catapulted the company to fame and have been some of the most in-demand footwear since their creation.

To be a part of the Iconic Yellow Boots legacy, you can check out the best Timbers – the Men’s Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots and the Women’s Timberland Premium 6-inch Waterproof Boots. You can even buy these as a couple and rock the world yellow!

timberland yellow bootsPin

Are all Timberland Boots the Same?

All Timberland boots are not the same. There are many unique models, some of which are better than others.

Some key differentiating features in Timbers include insulation/fleece linings, colors, designs/styles, height, toe/foot width, length, eyelet systems, material construction, and purpose.

However, different types of Timberland boots can have overlapping purposes. For example, most of the boots are waterproof.

Additionally, some boots can be used for the same function. For instance, you can wear winter boots, hiking boots, or even sneaker boots as work boots and still be in good shape.

Can I Wear Timberlands in the Rain?

Since most Timberland boots are waterproof, you can wear them in the rain. The company uses waterproof leathers, waterproof membranes, Water-Repellency Technology, and seam-sealed construction to protect your boots in wet conditions.

However, prolonged exposure to water isn’t recommended because they may eventually weaken and get water stains or become badly damaged.

The seals may weaken with time and allow water to soak into the boots. Additionally, you risk water leaking in through the top of your boots around your ankles or legs.

timberland yellow boots in snowPin

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How Do You Maintain Timberland Boots?

Maintaining your Timberland boots will keep them looking new and ensure they last as long as possible, even with regular use.

To prevent the accumulation of stains in the first place, you can use Timberland’s stain-repellent spray to protect your boots from stains.

The procedure or method for taking care of your boots depends on the type of boots, the construction material, and the types of stain or dirt.

Below are some simple methods to follow to maintain your Timbs the right way.

How to Clean Timberland Leather Boots

To clean your leather boots and remove dirt, start by brushing them lightly to shed off the mud. Next, use a soft sponge or cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to clean them thoroughly but evenly.

Dry the boots gently with a towel and leave them to dry overnight in a well-ventilated area.

How to Clean Timberland Suede Boots

You can clean your suede boots by brushing off the excess mud before brushing them down evenly with a brush in the direction of the fibers to avoid damaging your suede.

If there are stubborn stains on the boots, you can use the eraser bar in Timberland’s Dry Cleaning Kit to rub off the stains.

How to Remove Grease Stains From Leather and Suede Boots

You can remove the grease stains in your suede or leather boots easily.

For wet stains, blot the area carefully with tissue or absorbent paper. Next, sprinkle some absorbent powder like talcum over the stained area. Leave the powder on without rubbing it in, and let the boots dry overnight.

How to Remove Salt Stains From Leather and Suede Boots

Salt stains are a bit stubborn to remove on suede and nubuck leather boots.

Start by brushing off the excess salt, then use a soft cloth to rub a mixture of two parts water and one part vinegar on your boots. You can use a fresh cloth to wipe off the residual vinegar before leaving the boots overnight in a well-ventilated area to dry.

How to Remove Water Stains from Suede and Leather Boots

To remove water stains from your suede or leather boots, start by dampening the stained area with room temperature water. Use a soft sponge or cloth to apply the water on leather and Timberland’s Suede Restorer Brush for suede boots.

Brush or rub the moisture gently into the boots, then leave them to dry in a well-ventilated area. You can stuff your suede boots with paper (not newspaper) to ensure the boots retain their shape.


How to Clean My Timberland Boots | Timberland

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How to Find the Right Size Timberland Boots?

You can use Timberland’s size charts to check the available sizes against your known or recently measured size. However, remember that different footwear from different brands may not fit the same. That means your recently measured size is the most reliable metric.

Timberland adult boot sizes for men in the U.S. range from size 5 to 15, while women’s boot sizes range from size 5 to 11.

To be on the safe side, you can visit a nearby Timberland store to try on different boots and choose the one that fits you just right.

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