5 Swiss Jacket & Outdoor Clothing Brands that You’ll Love

5 Swiss Jacket & Outdoor Clothing Brands that You'll LovePin

Here on our site, we’ve compiled many selections of outdoor clothing brands from different countries around the world, and today it’s Switzerland’s turn.

Swiss companies that produce jackets and outdoor clothing stand out for the quality of the materials they use, but also for their simple designs.

The use of advanced technologies is never lacking so waterproof products are abundant, to keep customers protected from harsh temperatures, rain, and strong winds.

Some of these brands are also very careful in the choice of luxury materials, which make the product elegant and very refined.

Other companies, on the other hand, focus on different strengths such as offering a wide variety of products for every need and for various activities.

In this article, we have chosen 5 Swiss brands of jackets and outdoor clothing to give you some ideas for your next outdoor adventure gear needs.

Let’s take a look!


1. Mammut

Mammut official website jacketsPin
Mammut official website: jackets

We couldn’t not start this list with Mammut, the popular Swiss brand, which is well known around the world and founded in 1862 in Dintikon by Kaspar Tanner.

Starting with producing only climbing ropes, today the brand offers a wide range of outdoor equipment, from jackets to clothing to footwear. The company is a reference point for many outdoor enthusiasts.

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Mammut’s specialty consists in the use of very resistant materials, which make its famous jackets very durable and in addition allow the wearer to have a practical, light product able to offer protection against cold temperatures and adverse weather. Fabric technologies such as Gore-Tex and Pertex are present too.

Over 160 years of outdoor expertise - Welcome to the world of MAMMUT!

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Among the clothing items of the company, we can mention this women’s Hooded Jacket, which comes in a minimalist design but is very durable. It offers protection and at the same time freedom of movement, so it is perfect for use when practicing outdoor sports or in your everyday life.

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2. Mountain Force

Mountain Force official websitePin
Mountain Force official website

Mountain Force was founded in 2006 thanks to Peter Jud, a skier from Switzerland. His aim was to create a brand that produced clothing suitable for skiing and that was of high quality, but at the same time also practical and that followed the fashion of the moment.

Another element that distinguishes this company is its focus on the creation of simple products inspired by the “power of the mountains”. 2011 was an important year in the history of this brand, which was bought by KTC, the sportswear manufacturer based in Hong Kong.

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The main purpose of Mountain Force is to always find innovative elements that can amaze customers, but at the same time that can always be very resistant, practical, and light to wear, to guarantee freedom of movement. These are the main elements that make up the company’s philosophy along with the production of clothing that symbolizes well-being and inner peace.

Mountain Force pays great attention to the quality of its products, choosing resistant materials, and taking care of the smallest details, even those concerning the design.

Mountain Force Mens Bart JacketPin
(Mountain Force Men’s Bart Jacket – image mountainforce.com)

Among their many products, we have picked the Men’s Bart Jacket, which comes in yellow and black colors and is very resistant. The presence of water-resistant materials, such as Nylon and Polyester, allows you to use this jacket even when it rains, it’s cold or windy.

Another feature is that the fabric can be stretched in four different directions, allowing for a good level of freedom of movement. In addition, the design is versatile, thanks to the hood that can be removed.

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KJUS official websitePin
KJUS official website

KJUS has a very particular logo, which is represented by a “K” with a unique design, just like its corporate philosophy, which is based on attention to functionality. This brand was founded by a former Norwegian alpine skiing champion, who is the same person who gave the company its name, Lasse Kjus.

Although the founder initially opened the brand in Switzerland, today the headquarters are located in Colorado and precisely in Boulder.

Although the practicality of the garments is a very important purpose of the company, however, Kjus also thinks about fashion, even if the latter is not a goal. In the beginning, in 2000, the brand presented a small collection, but today it is a brand appreciated by many ski enthusiasts.

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Another feature of Kjus is that the design of the products is very simple because details are added on the aspect of functionality and resistance and not much on the colors, shapes, and appearance.

Kjus Mens Blackcomb Hooded Insulation JacketPin
(Kjus Men’s Blackcomb Hooded Insulation Jacket – image kjus.com)

An example is represented by the Men’s Blackcomb Hooded Insulation Jacket, which is very practical due to the numerous pockets. It features a good level of water resistance and insulation, a factor that allows you to ski without the risk of feeling cold.

This garment is also suitable for wearing in other situations, not just when skiing. It is in fact perfect for practicing outdoor activities. This product also manages to trap heat and transport moisture from the inside to the outside.

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4. Jet Set

Jet Set official websitePin
Jet Set official website

Jet Set was born in 1969 and its focus is on being able to combine fashion, sport, and luxury. The quality of the materials that it uses for the realization of the garments is high and every detail is chosen with care. The attention to the choice of colors and design is also very particular.

An example of these features is the Air Women’s Jacket, which is in slightly crinkled shiny ripstop Nylon and has a parka-like design.

This jacket proves that the Jet Set brand is also very attentive to practicality because this product has a long fit, a drawstring that can be adjusted at the waist and is elastic, and a large hood with high-quality stitching. Maximum comfort is a characteristic of this jacket, which is also very soft.

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5. Bally

Bally official website leather aviator jacketPin
Bally official website: leather aviator jacket

Bally was born in 1851 thanks to Carl Franz Bally and today it is an important Swiss luxury brand. At first, it specialized in the production of footwear, and only later did it add collections of bags, other accessories, and clothing.

Handicraft work is a point of reference for this company and despite the fact that it began to use machinery for production already in 1854, the craftsmanship is still present today. Another strong point of this brand is the fact that they create numerous models and designs, to offer customers a wide variety.

Bally's Spring/Summer 2021 Film "Daydream"

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A model that can be indicated as a product that perfectly represents Bally’s characteristics, is the Men’s Leather Aviator Jacket, which is made from dusty white embossed leather and has a front zip closure, button pockets, and button closure at the neck.

This is a very special model, which demonstrates all the attention and care that Bally takes to create every single detail. The elegance of this model is truly unique and this makes it very original.

In addition, Bally also pays attention to the extreme comfort that the customer must experience when wearing one of its products. For this, it chooses the softest materials, but also the most resistant ones, so that customers are protected from the cold and bad weather while maintaining a refined look.

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And that’s all for today’s selection! Do you know any other similar brands from Switzerland? Let us know in the comments below.

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