9 Finnish Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Top Picks

9 Finnish Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Top Picks

Brands from Finland that produce shoes and boots focus heavily on high-quality materials, sustainability, and simple designs.

The main feature, however, is to provide very durable products suitable for the Nordic climate, typical of Finland.

Many companies also want to make refined and luxury footwear and create numerous models, to satisfy every customer’s request.

Today, we have researched and found 9 Finnish Shoes & Boots Brands that we think are some of the best.

So let’s find out their characteristics and take a look at their history and main products!


Finnish Footwear Brands Popularity Chart

Here is a chart showing the popularity of each of these Finnish shoes and boots brands based on the number of their monthly online searches:

Finnish Footwear Brands Popularity by Monthly Online Searches

1. Karhu

Karhu official website
Karhu official website

Karhu is a Finnish brand born in 1916 that sells sports equipment. It mainly produces running products, such as shoes, but also jackets and t-shirts. Its first headquarters was in Helsinki and in the early years the brand produced accessories for skiing and javelins.

The current name of the company was established in 1920 and means “bear” in the Finnish language. In fact, the company logo represents that animal. Over the years, the brand has become more and more known for the production of sneakers.

This brand is also famous for the attention it pays to detail and its philosophy is based on the desire to provide comfortable, practical, and efficient products.

An example that demonstrates this is the Ortix Fit system created in 2018, which studies the measurements of the midsole and the upper, to obtain a personalized fit.

Each shoe is designed with innovative techniques and there are many models, to satisfy even the most difficult tastes.

Karhu Fulcrum Technology

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As an example, we can mention the FUSION 2.0 shoe, which has various colors, leather overlays, reflective details, and rope laces. This product has a simple shape but is very comfortable and reduces the risk of slipping.

Another famous design by Karhu is their Mestari collection.

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2. Palmroth

Palmroth official website
Palmroth official website

Palmroth is a footwear and bag brand that was founded in 1928 by Pentti Palmroth, from whom the company took its name. In 1958 the brand started working internationally, thanks to the founder’s son, Pertti Palmroth, and his son, Mikko Palmroth, relaunched the brand in 2012, proposing innovative and original ideas.

Today the brand sells its products in more than 20 different countries. Among the most important characteristics of Palmroth are elegance and resistance. In fact, every shoe must be beautiful and at the same time, it must resist bad weather.

In addition, the brand uses only high-quality materials such as water-resistant suede and leather, or sheep’s wool, which are light and protect from extreme temperatures. The shapes are graceful, but also simple and each product is very comfortable to wear.

Palmroth is also attentive to sustainability because it follows every step of the production of shoes, to always respect the environment.

A model that perfectly shows the characteristics of the brand is the Ramona ankle boot black patent 83183, shiny and black, elegant, and with a sole that allows you not to slip, walking comfortably even on muddy ground.

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3. Pomar

Pomar official website
Pomar official website

Pomar produces footwear and felt bags. The most important feature of the brand is its focus on sustainability, but also on high quality and comfort. Each product has a Nordic design, is very resistant to harsh temperatures, and is versatile.

The company’s origins date back to 1960 and from that year until today, Pomar has always focused on the use of robust and durable materials, but also on the search for innovative technologies.

One of these, for example, is GORE-TEX®, which allows you to have waterproof footwear that is breathable at the same time.

Kengän tarina - Story of a shoe

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An example of shoes we can mention is the MARJA Women’s Side-Zip Sneaker, which has a simple yet elegant design, thanks to the high quality of the materials. In addition, they can be combined with any type of look and are very comfortable to wear.

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4. Terhi Pölkki

Terhi Pölkki official website
Terhi Pölkki official website

Terhi Pölkki is a brand born in 2011 and takes its name from its founder (Terhi Pölkki), who has always dreamed of opening a footwear company. The first collection was born in 2012 and was based on different models including wooden clogs and vegetable-tanned leather.

Today the brand is luxury and features minimalist designs but with very original elements. In addition, Terhi Pölkki is also very attentive to sustainability and every detail is always chosen with respect for the environment.

Another feature of the brand is its love for craftsmanship, which creates truly special models that amaze every customer. There is also a lot of attention to the choice of high quality and precious materials and the company wants to create very refined and beautiful designs, but at the same time also long-lasting.

Each year there are two collections and the main purpose is to present models that are increasingly particular and full of novelties to customers. Another important element is that comfort must not be lacking.

Terhi Pölkki Artur Stirrup Clog
(Terhi Pölkki Artur Stirrup Clog – image terhipolkki.com)

One shoe model, among the many produced by the brand, is the ARTUR STIRRUP CLOG, which is special thanks to the shoe fixed to a very sturdy and squared heel, that guarantees solid and stable support. In addition, the wood with which it is made comes from Portugal and the other parts are in vegetable-tanned leather.

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5. Kuoma

Kuoma official website
Kuoma official website

Kuoma is a Finnish company that produces shoes and clothing for women and men. Each model is designed in Finland and is made to withstand the weather conditions typical of this country.

The founder is Juho Puttonen, who was born in 1885 and traveled all over the world, staying a few years in Russia, then forced to move to the East, until he returned to Finland in 1920. In 1928 Puttonen founded his own company in Helsinki, Juho Puttonen Oy, and in the same year, he also bought a farm with a mill in Kuomiokoski.

The year 1930 is the year of his debut because the founder began producing shoes, specializing in this sector more and more. Only in 1969 did he retire from his business, entrusting it to his son, Erkki Puttonen, who then sold it to his brother in 1975.

The strengths of the brand are the practicality of the shoes, their quality, and the wide range of designs that are made, for different age groups and for every occasion.

An example of Kuoma’s shoes is the model Kuoma Sport Husky, which has a water-repellent nubuck leather upper and a strap closure on the front, which increases comfort. These shoes are very resistant and light, full of details made with the utmost attention, to offer a useful, original, and perfect product.

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6. Nokian Footwear

Nokian Footwear official website
Nokian Footwear official website

Nokian Footwear was born in 1898 and has always been attentive to craftsmanship and creating unique and original designs. Rubber boots are the company’s specialty and are very comfortable to wear, light, and durable over time.

All footwear is also perfectly resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as strong wind, rain, cold or extreme temperatures.

An example is their Hai Classic boot which is very particular, with bright colors, and durable. Lightweight and easy to wear, it is suitable for rainy days, but you can also wear them every day in the city in Spring and Autumn.

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7. Sievi

Sievi official website
Sievi official website

Sievi was born in 1951 and was founded by Lauri Jokinen in the village of Sievi and initially had a team of only four shoemakers. The main activity was to make leather and rubber boots and over the years, in fact, the brand has specialized in the production of these products.

Also, over the years, the brand has significantly increased its production to become famous internationally. The company’s philosophy is based on producing safety footwear and accessories and this is the main priority of the brand.

In addition, Sievi always thinks of innovative solutions and takes care of every detail, even the smallest one, to create reliable, light, and at the same time very effective designs. An example of Sievi shoes is the AL Hit Roller XL+ S3 HRO, which is very comfortable to wear and heat-resistant.

Sievi’s new TractionPro® sole

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8. Halti

Halti official website
Halti official website

Halti is a brand that aims to bring people closer to nature and the founder of the company is Juhani Hyökyvaara, who started his business in 1976. Each product is made using innovative solutions and very resistant and high-quality materials.

The key word of the brand is “comfort” and among the Halti footwear models, we can indicate the Hakon Women’s Mid DX hiking shoe, which has particular shades of colors, is light, very practical, and with a simple design. In addition, it is perfect to be worn on hiking adventures.

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9. Makia

Makia official website
Makia official website

Makia is a Finnish clothing brand that was founded in 2001 and is based in Helsinki. Its philosophy is based on the production of clothing, accessories, and footwear with a simple but elegant design at the same time.

Every detail is designed to withstand the typical climate of the Nordic countries, but the strong point is simplicity. An example is the Pier men’s sneaker, available in many different colors and very comfortable to wear.

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That’s all for this selection! Do you know any other footwear brand from Finland that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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