Zamberlan vs Scarpa Boots: Which Brand is Better?

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We’ve first come across these two brands in our best Italian hiking boot brands round-up.

Yes, as you may have guessed, they both are based in Italy and are some of the most renowned outdoor brands not only in this country but also around the world.

You’ve probably tried some of their boots if you’re an experienced hiker or backpacker. And if you’re a beginner we recommend you try these brands as we’re sure your feet will thank you.

But which should you choose between Zamberlan and Scarpa for your new pair of shoes?

Well, in this comparison we’ll give you an overview of these two companies and our opinion, so in the end, you’ll have a clearer idea of which is best for your particular situation.

Let’s begin!


1. Zamberlan

History of the Brand

Zamberlan is a shoe and boot manufacturer that specializes in products for hiking, mountaineering, and hunting. Its founder, Giuseppe Zamberlan, began his career as a shoemaker in 1929 near the Dolomites, driven by his passion for mountain activities.

Zamberlan official websitePin
Zamberlan official website

Zamberlan’s goal was to create footwear that was both secure and comfortable. He collaborated with Vibram® founder Vitale Bramani to develop rubber soles, which replaced leather soles.

Giuseppe’s son, Emilio, took over the business in the 1970s, with the help of his wife. The brand became internationally recognized after that.

Zamberlan has partnered with Vibram and Gore-Tex®, has also developed its own technologies, and also uses more specific technologies such as Hydrobloc® for its leather.

An important product, the LADY LITE shoe, designed specifically for women’s feet, was created in the 1980s and was an instant success.

Zamberlan is now a globally recognized brand, involved in sports and outdoor initiatives, sponsoring mountain expeditions, and winning international awards.

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Zamberlan Brand Video

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Materials and Manufacture

Zamberlan follows the Handmade Philosophy. Their goal is to convey their values and approach to work, sports, and mountain activities. They want to make top-quality products that enhance the wearer’s life, while also respecting production timelines, the team members, and the local community.

Some of Zamberlan’s main materials, technologies, and manufacturing techniques used in its boots are:

  • Construction methods: Gore-Tex Bootie, Norwegian Welted traditional method, Maximized ergonomics and wrapping, and Direct Injection;
  • Lining: Gore-Tex Extended Comfort, Performance Comfort, and Insulated Comfort that are used for different types of outdoor activities;
  • Soles: there are 15+ types of soles, some of them include Zamberlan Vibram 3D, Zamberlan Vibram Active, Zamberlan Vibram Norwalk, etc.

And then of course there are different types of leather used for the uppers of the boots where needed.

Where are Zamberlan boots made?

Zamberlan makes most of its shoes and boots in Italy, in Pievebelvicino di Torrebelvicino.

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Popular Designs

Now let’s see two popular footwear designs by Zamberlan.

Zamberlan Baltoro Lite GTX Trekking Boot

Zamberlan Baltoro Lite GTX Trekking BootPin
Check it out at

The Baltoro Lite GTX is a high-performance trekking boot manufactured in Italy. It features a durable and breathable leather upper, which is paired with a Gore-Tex® membrane that ensures waterproofing and breathability.

The boot also features a Zamberlan® Vibram® Star Lite sole that is designed to provide maximum traction and stability on a variety of terrains. This is a reliable and high-performing trekking boot that is perfect for long hikes and backpacking trips.

Zamberlan Mountain Trek GTX RR Mountaineering Boot

Zamberlan Mountain Trek GTX RR Mountaineering BootPin
Check it out at

The Mountain Trek GTX RR is a sturdy and versatile mountaineering boot that features a single Perwanger® leather upper, which is combined with a GORE-TEX® lining to prevent water from getting in and provide optimal breathability in all weather conditions.

It is equipped with a double-density PU wedge for stability and comfort. The Vibram® outsole provides excellent grip and support for mountaineers. These boots are ideal for hiking in the winter.

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Zamberlan is expensive, period! Most of their hiking boots, for example, will cost you more than $200.

But the more important question is: are Zamberlan boots worth the price?

Yes, in our opinion. Most of them are handcrafted in Italy and the quality is indisputable, if you want to invest in a good pair of boots that will last for years.

2. Scarpa

History of the Brand

SCARPA has been producing outdoor activity products for over 80 years. The brand was established in 1938 by Rupert Edward Cecil Guinness, the 2nd Earl of Iveagh, and later acquired by the Parisotto family. The company remains family-owned and is headquartered in northern Italy.

Scarpa official websitePin
Scarpa official website

From the outset, Scarpa aimed to bring together the finest shoemakers in the Asolo region to craft high-quality shoes. As demand for mountaineering shoes grew in Italy, Scarpa responded quickly and became a favorite brand among early mountaineers.

In the 1960s, Scarpa became the first Asolo-based brand to market its products in the United States.

In the following years, many of Scarpa’s products gained popularity among renowned explorers on an international scale.

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Materials and Manufacture

Scarpa manufactures shoes for a variety of purposes, including technical boots that are specifically designed to withstand extreme environments, particularly for mountaineering.

The PHANTOM 6000 model, for instance, incorporates several innovative features, such as a carbon fiber insole, to provide maximum heat insulation. Scarpa utilizes the ACTIVfit System and ACTIVimpact Technology™ to enhance shock absorption and overall performance.

The brand also employs Gore-Tex technology, which is widely used by many outdoor brands today. Scarpa was the first to develop a Gore-Tex boot.

Additionally, Scarpa utilizes other notable technologies, such as PrimaLoft®, Vibram®, Outdry, HDry®, and CORDURA®, that deserve mention.

When it comes to sustainability, Scarpa has created its Green Manifesto that includes all its initiatives for lowering environmental impact during production and distribution, like manufacturing the majority of the products in Europe, using renewable energy, giving new life to used shoes, etc.

Where are Scarpa boots made?

Scarpa produces the majority of its boots in Europe. 90% of its production happens in Europe and 60% of products are made in Italy.

SCARPA Manufacturing

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Popular Designs

Here are some popular boot designs by Scarpa:

SCARPA Rush Polar GTX Hiking Boot

SCARPA Rush Polar GTX Hiking BootPin
Check it out at

The Rush Polar GTX is a boot that uses Gore-Tex lining to provide waterproofing and breathability and is designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather.

It’s built with a Presa outsole, which provides excellent traction and stability on various terrains. It also features a durable upper and PrimaLoft Gold Eco synthetic insulation, to withstand harsh winter weather.

SCARPA Manta Tech GTX Women’s Mountaineering Boot

SCARPA Manta Tech GTX Womens Mountaineering BootPin
Check it out at

The Manta Tech GTX boot is a versatile mountaineering boot that is designed to provide warmth, waterproofing, and durability.

The boot features a 3mm Perwanger suede leather upper, which is paired with a GORE-TEX Insulated Comfort lining for long-lasting warmth and protection.

The multi-density PU midsole provides excellent cushioning and support, while the Vibram outsole with Mont rubber delivers long-lasting traction and security.

The boot also comes with a TPU heel insert that ensures a solid interface with semi-automatic crampons, making it suitable for classic snow ridges, glacier travel, and versatile mountaineering performance.


Now on to the prices! Scarpa is another brand that is pretty expensive when it comes to high-performance hiking or mountaineering boots.

Even if you can find some accessible under-$200 options or discounted items from time to time, you have to be prepared to spend over $200 for a pair of high-quality Scarpa boots.

Are Scarpa boots worth the price?

These are shoes and boots that are worn by professional climbers, mountaineers, skiers, and experienced hikers. We think their quality justifies the high price tag.

3. Which Brand is Better? Which Should You Choose?

If you only read this section, the takeaway is that both are high-quality Italian brands with a long and rich history that begins in the 1920s-1930s. Both make a variety of excellent, robust, and long-lasting footwear for outdoor adventures and mountain activities.

The prices of both brands are expensive for most of their products.

Which brand should you choose will depend on your particular situation, the activity that you’ll do, and your preferred design.

Having said that, here are a few things to consider that we think will help with your decision:

Scarpa has in general a wider forefoot fit, as some customers report.

Zamberlan has improved the outsoles’ grip over the years but has slightly reduced their durability. Also, Zamberlan boots are very comfortable and don’t need a break-in period.

Obviously, this will change from model to model and also depend on your type of foot. We recommend you try a few pairs from both brands in a physical store.

Hope that helps! Let us know in the comments what you think of these brands.

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