9 Brands like Uniqlo: Alternatives for Casual & Outdoor Wear

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Are you a fan of Uniqlo’s casual and outdoor wear but looking for some alternatives? Or maybe you like their streetwear but want more options?

In today’s article, we’ll explore 9 brands that are just like Uniqlo for the design, wide range, and quality of their clothes.

Among them, you’ll find Goldwin, a Japanese brand renowned for high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment, Passenger Clothing and Tentree which are famous for their focus on sustainability, Prana which offers practical clothes, and many more.

So, let’s get started!


1. Goldwin

Goldwin official websitePin
Goldwin official website

Goldwin is a renowned Japanese producer of high-quality clothing and equipment for outdoor activities such as running, skiing, and other athletic pursuits.

The company started as a knit fabric manufacturing facility in 1950 but later expanded into creating its own collection of sports products in 1958. Over the years, Goldwin has diversified its product range to include outdoor clothing, ski clothing, athletic wear, and compression gear.

The brand’s design concepts are inspired by nature, with a focus on harmony as the most important characteristic. Goldwin has many collections, including Ski, Outdoor, Athletic, C3fit, and Lifestyle. The Ski collection embodies the brand’s minimal and elegant style, supported by its long-standing history and strong functionality.

The Outdoor collection combines style with accessibility to prepare for challenges that may arise during outdoor activities. The Athletic line explores the basics of athleticism and functionality to create all-in-one versatile clothing by using various technologies together.

The C3fit collection creates high-performing outfits that help you recover from athletic activities and maintain your physical condition. The Lifestyle line is made for successful people who enjoy their active city life, combining urban and nature by integrating sports’ functionality and fashionable designs.

Goldwin has achieved important milestones, such as being the official uniform supplier of the Swedish National Team since 1987 and sponsoring the British Alpine Ski National Team and British Alpine Skier, Dave Ryding, since 2017. In 2018, Goldwin updated its logo to show its focus on skiing.

Goldwin’s pricing varies but it generally falls into the mid to high-end range due to the company’s dedication to premium quality and innovative designs.

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2. Passenger Clothing

Passenger Clothing official websitePin
Passenger Clothing official website

Passenger Clothing is a well-known fashion store that was founded in 2013 in the New Forest, UK. The business focuses on producing quality clothing for those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

The brand is ideal for hikers, backpackers, and those who prefer an active lifestyle in the city. They provide stylish, high-quality, and comfortable apparel that ensures an outstanding experience while exploring the outdoors.

Passenger Clothing’s dedication to the environment is noteworthy. They demonstrate it by planting a tree for each order they receive, showing their focus on preserving the natural environment.

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3. Tentree

Tentree official websitePin
Tentree official website

Tentree, a company born in Canada in 2012, prioritizes sustainable and ethical labor practices. The company utilizes organic or recycled materials in its manufacturing process to reduce waste water and emissions.

Tentree is committed to ethical labor standards, conducts factory audits, and provides fair wages and equal employment opportunities. Tentree has been certified as a Sustainable B Corporation and has received a Climate Neutral label for measuring and offsetting all emissions.

The company’s environmentally conscious design has resulted in the planting of over 100 million trees. Tentree offers a collection of eco-friendly clothing, including jackets, activewear, and other items made from materials such as REPREVEĀ® recycled polyester, organic cotton, and TENCELā„¢ lyocell.

To maintain innovation, Tentree continues to explore new materials and techniques, such as recycled nylon and naturally dyed fabrics.

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4. Napapijri

Napapijri official websitePin
Napapijri official website

Giuliana Rosset established Napapijri in 1987 as an Italian high-end clothing brand that initially concentrated on producing mountain travel bags.

Over time, the brand has diversified to include outdoor apparel, streetwear, fashion accessories, shoes, and bags. The Rainforest jacket is one of Napapijri’s most iconic products.

The brand employs imagery in its marketing to emphasize travel, adventure, and environmental awareness. The Norwegian flag is also used to evoke the country’s extreme conditions, beautiful landscapes, and history of courageous explorers.

In addition to casual apparel, sportswear, and streetwear, Napapijri also produces backpacks and accessories such as scarves, belts, and gloves. Napapijri has over 200 stores in more than 20 countries, primarily in Europe, and has had great success expanding its product range in the 2000s and introducing the signature Skidoo jacket.

The brand’s products are priced in the mid to high-end range due to their focus on excellent quality, with prices varying based on the type of product, technologies, and materials used. In 2004, VF Corporation acquired the company.

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5. Finisterre

Finisterre official websitePin
Finisterre official website

Finisterre has been serving outdoor enthusiasts since 2003 as a British adventure-wear brand. They are committed to using eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, and collaborate with partners who think the same way when it comes to sustainability and ethical practices.

Their jackets are one of their most notable products, now featuring a durable water-repellent (DWR) finish that is free of fluorocarbons, making them environmentally friendly and water-resistant. Finisterre also offers a wide range of outdoor clothing, including base layers, fleeces, and accessories.

In addition to its dedication to sustainability, Finisterre is passionate about community and education. They regularly host workshops to educate people about eco-friendly living and outdoor activities. They also partner with organizations like Surfers Against Sewage to help preserve the environment.

For those searching for sustainable outdoor apparel that lasts for years, Finisterre is an excellent alternative to Uniqlo.

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6. Lands’ End

Lands End official websitePin
Lands’ End official website

Lands’ End is a popular clothing brand that prioritizes safety and simplicity throughout its men’s, women’s, and children’s collections. Gary Comer founded the company in Chicago in 1963, focusing initially on selling sailing equipment. As time passed, Lands’ End diversified its product line to include a broad range of clothing items.

The brand was initially called “Land’s End,” but a mistake in the first catalog and insufficient funds to correct the error resulted in the current name, “Lands’ End.” Today, the company is renowned worldwide and offers a vast selection of styles, colors, designs, and sizes.

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7. Decathlon

Decathlon official websitePin
Decathlon official website

In 1976, Michel Leclercq founded Decathlon in Lille, France, and the brand has now expanded its business globally having over 1,500 physical stores in more than 40 countries, as well as an online store.

Decathlon is renowned for offering affordable and high-quality products that are suitable for various sports and activities. The company has launched multiple subsidiary brands that specialize in specific sports such as biking, fitness, fishing, golf, running, etc.

The company is dedicated to promoting an active lifestyle and ensuring that sports are accessible to all of us. Its products cater to the needs of both professional and amateur athletes and are both affordable and of excellent quality. Decathlon’s vast product range includes jackets, for example, that can be purchased for as little as $50.

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8. Prana

Prana official websitePin
Prana official website

Prana is a US-based clothing brand that is part of Columbia Sportswear. The company focuses on producing practical and eco-friendly clothing for adventurers and travelers, using sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled fabrics.

Prana’s clothing is designed to be stylish, versatile, and fit well, making it perfect for various outdoor activities.

Among Prana’s most popular products are the Stretch Zion and Brion pants, which are made from durable and flexible materials. The company also offers jackets, shirts, and tops that are suitable for layering and outdoor activities such as hiking, yoga, and mountain climbing.

Prana is committed to sustainability and has launched the Responsible Packaging Movement initiative to reduce the impact of packaging materials. The brand also works with other organizations and companies to promote sustainable causes.

If you’re in search of sustainable and adaptable clothing for travel, work, and outdoor adventures, Prana is an excellent option. The brand’s emphasis on eco-friendliness and similar designs make it a great alternative to Uniqlo.

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9. Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger official websitePin
Onitsuka Tiger official website

Onitsuka Tiger is a well-known name with a rich heritage in both the fashion and athletic sectors. Their shoe collection is a blend of style and comfort, which is why they are a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts.

The brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail is evident in every shoe design they create. Onitsuka Tiger offers a wide range of footwear models, from classic to contemporary, ensuring that there is a product to suit everyone’s tastes.

Their shoes are also very comfortable, making them ideal for extended periods of wear. Onitsuka Tiger is dedicated to producing high-quality, fashionable footwear that people enjoy wearing.

Even though the company is mostly known for its shoe collection, it also offers a vast selection of sportswear and casual clothing that are worth trying in our opinion.

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