9 British Outdoor Clothing & Jackets Brands for Your Adventures

9 UK Outdoor Clothing & Jackets Brands for Your AdventuresPin

Outdoor clothing that is designed for technical purposes and specialized activities is an essential part of the wardrobe of those who enjoy the outdoors.

Every so often, we compile a number of selections, mainly of jackets, in which we look at the different types available and which would be the best suited for different activities and types of weather.

Along the same lines, we have compiled the country series, where we look at outdoor clothing brands from a certain country.

So far we have been primarily focused on Europe, and today it’s once again another European country chosen for this selection. The UK is one of the leading markets of outdoor gear, but the sportswear brands do not fall far behind, either.

We have picked 9 British brands that design quality sportswear and jackets, for a number of different activities, ranging from casual apparel to specialized technical wear for biking or running.

Let’s take a look!


1. Sundried

sundried websitePin
Sundried official website

We will begin with Sundried, a brand that designs active sportswear aimed at “enhancing your performance”.

It was founded in 2015 by triathlete Daniel Puddick and it made its official launch in 2016. He had noticed that specialized triathlete clothing was not meeting demands and thus set out to create them himself.

The brand’s philosophy is that of high quality and durability, at a reasonable price. A cheap product can only go so far, and for those who take sports very seriously, a long lasting product is essential.

Their products feature a number of activewear for both men and women, as well as jackets, coats and underwear. You can find clothing for cycling, yoga, running, triathlon competing and a variety of other outdoor activities.

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2. Reebok

reebok websitePin
Reebok official website

A brand that is renowned worldwide, Reebok was founded in 1958 in Lancashire, England by Joe and Jeff Foster. It has also been a subsidiary of Adidas, the sports giant from Germany, which was included in our German brands selection.

Reebok designs fitness, CrossFit, and running sportswear, which include not just clothing but also footwear. In fact, the brand is renowned primarily for its quality shoes.

Their athletic and light shoes are quite popular among celebrities and renowned athletes, including footballers (soccer players), and regular people alike.

Their sportive apparel includes numerous designs and options for everyone, such as T-shirts, tights, Tank tops, and tracktops.

Aside from sportswear and footwear, accessories are also part of the brand’s product range, which includes bags, hats, socks, sunglasses, and even water bottles, making for a well-rounded brand if you are looking to purchase your whole outfit from one single brand.

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3. Rapha

rapha websitePin
Rapha official website

Next we chose Rapha, a cycling-focused brand that designs high performance active sportswear for a variety of outdoor activities and sports. The brand was founded in 2004 by Simon Mottram and Luke Scheybeler in London.

Among the product range you will find options for both men and women, which include a number of different designs. Jackets, jerseys, different tops, accessories and also shoes, are all part of the products designed and manufactured by Rapha.

For those of you who are avid cyclists and bikers, the brand has also put together cycling kits, inspired by a large community of cyclists.

In these kits you will find all the equipment and clothing necessary to wear when cycling, making it easy to find everything in one spot.

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4. Lonsdale

lonsdale websitePin
Lonsdale official website

Lonsdale, as hinted by the name, is a London-based brand, founded nearly 60 years ago, in 1960. Different from the other brands we have chosen, Lonsdale makes also mixed martial arts and boxing clothes aside from the usual sportswear.

It was founded by professional boxer Bernard Hart and the brand’s designs were worn by notable fighters such as Muhammad Ali, David Price, Henry Cooper and many others.

The brand’s product range included men and women’s designs, which are separated into categories related to sports, such as Boxing and MMA or Footwear, as well as Sportswear, in which are included the more casual and general outdoor wear.

Hoodies, Jackets, Pants, Underwear, and Accessories for a variety of activities are available on the brand’s website.

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5. Berghaus

berghaus websitePin
Berghaus official website

Berghaus is a brand that we have featured previously in this selection. It was founded in 1966 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Its founders, Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison were climbers and mountaineers and originally created the brand under the name LD Mountain Centre. It was in 1972 that Berghaus got its name, when the range of products expanded.

Nowadays, designs for women, men and children are all available on the brand’s product range. There you can find fleeces, legwear, baselayers, jackets, as well as footwear and accessories.

Their jackets are the ones we have previously featured in the aforementioned selection.

We’d especially recommend you take a look at their waterproof jackets, as they perform commendably and the prices are quite reasonable, in our opinion.

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Something I'd never give away - Sir Chris Bonington Gear Loft Series

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6. Vollebak

vollebak websitePin
Vollebak official website

A brand that designs their products with innovation in mind, Vollebak has earned a reputation for making some of the most technologically advanced clothing and gear available.

This is evident in their solar jacket that illuminates even after dusk, hoodie designed to last for a century and other hoodies that are made to help you relax.

The brand was established in 2015 in London and since then they have used science to design and manufacture some of the most impressive pieces available on the outdoor clothing market.

We especially like their philosophy of “designing clothes for the smartest, most hardcore guys on the planet”, which is quite fitting to their finished products’ performance.

Solar Charged Jacket filmed over 24 hours

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7. Passenger Clothing

passenger clothing websitePin
Passenger Clothing official website

Slightly different than the previous brands included, Passenger Clothing does not just design clothes for those who enjoy performance sportswear, but focuses mostly on those who want quality clothing to have a great time outdoors, be it at the beach, out in the woods or for a casual stroll out in town.

Established in 2013 in New Forest, UK, Passenger Clothing is a brand perfect for those who enjoy escaping in nature and who love traveling and wandering.

If you are such a person, this brand was created specifically to cater to your needs, by focusing on quality clothing that not only wear great but make you feel great.

And if you love and respect nature, that’s all the more reason to give Passenger Clothing a shot, as they are committed to planting one tree for every order that they receive.

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8. Trespass

trespass websitePin
Trespass official website

Founded in Glasgow, Scotland in 1984, Trespass is a well-known name for those who are avid skiers and who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Among its product range, you will find options for men, women, girls and boys, which are not solely limited to apparel and jackets, but also equipment, footwear and necessary accessories for a safe and enjoyable time outdoors.

The brand mainly focuses on ski clothing and waterproof jackets, but their other products are also worth a look, in our opinion.

Snowbility | Go Further

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9. Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse websitePin
Mountain Warehouse official website

Our last brand for today’s selection is Mountain Warehouse, a name that some might already be familiar with.

Designing functional gear, footwear, and sportswear since its founding in 1997, Mountain Warehouse is now a retailer of hiking, skiing, cycling, running, camping, and fitness equipment and clothing, which currently operates with more than 330 stores in North America, Europe, New Zealand, and the UK.

You will find numerous designs in their product range, including jackets, tops, zip-off trousers, footwear and accessories.

If you are interested to look at some of their best jackets, head on over to our selection, or take a look at our comparison of Mountain Warehouse jackets to those by The North Face.

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