9 Canadian Winter Boots Brands You Should Try

9 Canadian Winter Boots Brands You Should TryPin

Canadian brands are among the best brands in the world when it comes to winter wear. A few months ago, we saw some great companies from this country for winter jackets and clothing, and today we will focus on footwear.

We did the research and picked 9 of the best Canadian brands that produce winter boots and other footwear.

Among their product lines, you will find boots and shoes for your everyday life in the city, for going to work, and for outdoor sports and hobbies like hiking, mountaineering, walking, etc. And the majority of them are made in Canada.

Many of these brands produce other products also, but today we will focus on their footwear.

So, if it’s warmth, safety, and a high level of comfort that you are looking for this winter, these are our favorite Canadian footwear brands.


1. Pajar

pajar boots websitePin
Pajar official website

Pajar is one of those companies that along with winter shoes, produces also numerous other items.

Among them, you will find jackets for various occasions (winter, rain, and spring jackets), as well as casual clothing. In addition, Pajar has also a line of shoes for children.

Their winter boots come in different types. They range from those suited for walking outdoors, to shoes that are excellent for venturing on ice surfaces.

There are also numerous accessories, such as socks made specifically for those who need to take long walks in winter.

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Currently, Pajar is one of the leading brands in the Canadian market. A company born in 1963, it soon became a point of reference for winter shoes.

It is based in Quebec and for over 55 years has been trying to offer products that combine functionality with the beauty of the design.

Among its advantages, it bears mentioning the wide range of choices: it is possible to buy both common winter shoes for everyday life and more innovative and technical boots.

A big part of Pajar’s production is rigorously Made in Canada and the items sold are tested to be able to withstand even very low temperatures (down to -40 °C).

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2. Kamik

kamik websitePin
Kamik official website

Another brand that offers winter shoes is Kamik. They also design other products, such as sandals and jackets.

The winter shoes are very different and you can choose from various models for men, women, and kids.

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Kamik was founded in 1898, has a long and particular history, and provides a good guarantee on its products.

Their products’ quality can be easily noticed, a characteristic of this company for more than 120 years.

Nowadays Kamik has more than 400 employees and operates completely in Canada with products mainly made in North America, offering their customers the opportunity to take advantage of various high-quality footwear at fair prices.

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3. La Canadienne

La Canadienne official websitePin
La Canadienne official website

La Canadienne is a brand that specializes in the production of winter shoes for women, offering different models, styles, and designs.

There are shoes with low heels, and high heels, but also sandals, sneakers, and even a wide range of accessories.

All shoes are of excellent quality and are made with special materials to offer the greatest possible comfort. The majority of them are better suited to everyday life.

The products of this company are made not only in Canada but also in Italy and Spain. The design is very refined, the style is characteristic of the La Canadienne brand and the prices are suited to everyone’s pocket.

La Canadienne, with its 70+ years of experience, has managed to gain the trust of many customers, literally from all over the world.

It is especially appreciated for creations that combine aesthetic beauty with excellent functionality.

La Canadienne operates mainly in Montréal, but its products can be also found in different stores in North America and online.

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Winter Essentials by La Canadienne

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4. Arc’teryx

Arc'teryx logoPin
Arc’teryx Logo

If you are looking for winter shoes for outdoor activities like mountaineering, hiking, or ski touring, you can’t go wrong with Arc’teryx.

This is a Canadian brand founded in 1989 and based in North Vancouver, which is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

Their outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, and many other accessories are among the most loved outdoor products all over the world.

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Arc’teryx boots are not only made to resist very low temperatures but also to facilitate the journey in particularly difficult terrains.

The brand offers winter shoes for men and women, made with materials of excellent quality for extreme conditions.

Arc’teryx’s headquarters are in Canada, but they have stores and manufacturing facilities all over the world.

Their products comply with high safety and quality standards. While the prices are usually expensive, we think this is justified by the quality they offer.

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Arc'teryx Procline Boot: Climb. Ski.

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5. Canada West Boots

Canada West Boots official websitePin
Canada West Boots official website

Canada West Boots, since 1978, offers various winter boots and shoes with a “touch of fashion”. Their designs look very elegant and have that typical Canadian character that distinguishes them from the products of other companies.

The brand offers Romeo shoes for women and men which are perfect for everyday life, to go to work, or for a walk in the city park.

They are made with particular attention to comfort and are available in many different designs. Made of leather and with Vibram soles, they offer great protection from the cold and come with a good price/quality ratio.

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Canada West Boots has been operating in this market for several years, offering everyone the opportunity to experience real Canadian quality.

In addition, the company releases new product lines often, trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends in the industry, while at the same time following its traditional style.

Canada West Boots Factory Tour

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6. Dayton Boots

Dayton Boots official websitePin
Dayton Boots official website

Dayton Boots is a more casual brand that has been operating since 1946 producing winter shoes with a look that is as modern and innovative as possible.

These shoes are also well suited to everyday life, designed exactly for those who need quality and safety. The prices of this company are a bit high, but the products are also of the highest quality.

Not surprisingly, all shoes are made with top-quality materials. It is currently a company with an excellent reputation behind it, also famous for being able to produce particularly different shoes both in design and style.

However, Dayton Boots tries to pass on its own traditions that has developed since 1946, which differentiates it from many other similar brands.

It is also a brand synonymous with safety, so much so that the company offers all its customers a good guarantee for its products. At any time you can contact Dayton Boots if your shoes break because of manufacturing defects.

And today? Dayton Boots is currently one of the leading companies in Canada, the country in which all the production is based. Its popularity, however, is high even outside Canada.

This is mainly because of the fact that their boots have been hand-crafted for more than 70 years with the same techniques, and their ability to be reconditioned and resoled, making them last for decades.

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7. Martino

Martino Footwear official websitePin
Martino Footwear official website

Martino footwear is part of the Auclair and Martineau company which was founded in 1956 in Quebec and still operates there to this day, even if its designs are very popular all over the world.

Along with Martino, the company has also launched two other brands, Maël and Amimoc.

They specialize mainly in the production of different types of shoes: winter boots, moccasins, casual shoes, and so on.

The production is made entirely in Canada and the models are different for all types of customers, men, and women, with a style that is very refined and great attention to detail.

Currently, Auclair and Martineau has over 100 employees and designs not only a wide range of leather winter boots but also many accessories.

It is no coincidence that it is one of the most renowned shoe manufacturers in Canada which, with an experience of over 60 years, manages to guarantee high levels of quality for all its products.

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8. Royer

ROYER and ARCTIC GRIP : The most advanced cold weather gripping system ever created by VIBRAM.

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Royer is a brand that offers a wide range of different winter shoes. The company has a balanced style that is not very far from the traditional design of typical Canadian shoes.

Royer lets you choose between casual or perfect winter shoes for walking in difficult environments, going to work, and for everyday use.

They are one of the most famous brands in Canada that lately are also making themselves known in the rest of the world.

Royer deserves great attention also because of the affordable prices and the general quality of the products.

The brand was founded in 1934 by Louis-Philippe Royer and, since then, it offers shoes made of leather, at good prices, especially considering the quality of its products.

They also use technologies like Vibram for the outsoles, and Gore-Tex linings.

To this day, the company still operates mainly in Quebec, the place where it was born, and many of its boots are made in Canada.

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9. Mellow Walk

Mellow Walk Footwear - "The unsafe safety shoe"

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Mellow Walk stands out for its safety shoes. They also offer different types of winter shoes for women and men.

All their safety shoes are designed and made in Toronto, Canada, and provide comfort and durability.

The brand offers a wide range of styles, colors, and designs for every need and preference. This makes Mellow Walk’s products perfect for those who want exclusive and unique shoes.

The company has been operating since 1993 mainly in Toronto. They started making hand-sewn ladies’ shoes and grew from there to become popular not only in North America but also in places as far as the Middle East.

The passion of its employees, combined with the attention to customers’ needs, has made it one of the most popular Canadian footwear companies.

– – – –

And this concludes our article. We hope this selection gave you some new ideas for your next pair of winter boots!

Have you tried any of these brands? We’d love to hear about your experience.

Or maybe you want to suggest some other similar company? Let us know in the comments below.

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