9 French Sneaker Brands for Running and Casual Wear

relance running RL-01 french sneakersPin
Image: Relance Running RL-01 French Sneakers

Running and casual sneakers are an important part of this website. We’ve done many selections of brands from various countries and also reviewed single shoe designs.

Today we’ll continue with this type of article and focus on sneaker brands that are all from France.

We’ve selected 9 French sneaker brands that will provide you with various options and all the designs you need to pick your next shoes.

We’ll discuss the history of these companies, their main features, and their prices.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of French sneakers and explore these brands that we’re sure you’ll love!


1. Relance Running

relance running shoesPin
A pair of blue Relance Running RL-01 shoes

Relance Running is a French brand founded in 2021 that produces high-quality and fashionable running shoes that can also be worn as everyday footwear depending on your style and preference.

The team comprises of sports enthusiasts who have dedicated their efforts over the last two years to creating a durable and comfortable shoe.

Their first model, the RL-01, has been highly acclaimed by the media for its innovative design, which features a knitted upper with a durable mesh, a lightweight and cushioned PU foam sole, and a silicone insole for maximum comfort.

The company is committed to using French manufacturers and suppliers, and its products are made in the Maine-et-Loire region of France. The headquarters is located in Brest, Brittany, while the design process is based in Paris.

The shoes are priced at around $130 per pair, which is reasonable considering their quality and comfort.

relance running RL-01 shoesPin
Relance Running RL-01 shoes

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2. Salomon

Salomon XA Pro 3D Womens Trail Running ShoesPin
Salomon XA Pro 3D Women’s Trail Running Shoes

Salomon has recently gained popularity, but the brand has been producing some of the best sneakers since the early 2000s. The brand began as a family workshop producing wood saws and ski edges in 1947 in Annecy, France.

While Georges Salomon initially focused on skiing equipment, through the years of its long history the brand expanded to produce all kinds of outdoor gear for mountaineering, hiking, backpacking, and trail running, including fashionable sneakers for everyday use.

Salomon’s success is due to its ability to combine stylish design with functionality, which is evident in its popular XT-4 and XT-6 sneakers. Their sneaker prices in general range between $120 and $200.

GLIDE MAX | Salomon Outdoor Running

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3. Hoka One One

Hoka One One official websitePin
Hoka One One official website

Hoka One One is a manufacturer of running shoes and sneakers that gained popularity by creating footwear with a thick sole, perfect for providing the necessary boost while running.

Customers appreciate the brand’s attention to detail, making their shoes unique. The company was established in Annecy, France, in 2009, and has its current headquarters in Goleta, California.

The brand’s creators have always aimed for radical change, initially focusing on creating shoes that would help runners increase their speed.

However, over time, the company shifted its focus to prioritize increasing comfort and practicality for all wearers, from professional athletes to beginners and non-competitive runners.

Hoka is an expensive brand as their sneaker prices start at around $150 and can reach $250 for some high-performance designs.

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4. Lacoste

Lacoste official websitePin
Lacoste official website

Lacoste was established in 1933 by René Lacoste and André Gillier in Troyes, France, where it still has its headquarters. The brand offers a variety of products, mainly focused on sports, given that its founder was a tennis player.

However, they also offer other products such as clothing, footwear, accessories, perfumes, and eyewear. Lacoste is easily identifiable by its crocodile logo and its products are available in stores worldwide and online.

The brand has several connections and partnerships and has established the Lacoste Foundation, which aims to help children play sports in their schools.

Lacoste is one of the few brands that have merged fashion with sports clothing, creating designs that are both comfortable and stylish.

As for sneakers in particular, Lacoste offers various designs available in a variety of colors and styles, including canvas, textiles, and leather. They are designed for those who want to remain fashionable and comfortable while being active.

The collection includes sneakers suitable for different occasions, such as playing tennis or going out for lunch. They are made with smooth and breathable fabrics that provide a comfortable fit and durability. They also feature luxurious details and come with the signature crocodile logo.

The prices vary a lot, from $35 to $200, so there’s an option for every budget.

L001 & L002 sneakers by Lacoste I Have an extraordinary normal day !

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5. Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif official websitePin
Le Coq Sportif official website

Le Coq Sportif is a brand that designs activewear, accessories, and athletic shoes. It is one of the oldest brands in the market, having been founded 140+ years ago by Émile Camuset in 1882.

The brand has sponsored various football (soccer) clubs, basketball and cycling teams, as well as tennis and boxing athletes.

Le Coq Sportif is a globally recognized brand, identified by its Rooster logo. Its product range includes sports-themed designs suitable for casual wear, as well as special technical pieces for sportswear.

Le Coq Sportif has also a collection of sneakers for men and women, including some unisex designs. Many of these shoes draw inspiration from the 1990s tennis styles.

The outsoles are designed for comfort and the uppers offer optimal support at the ankle and in the forefoot. The Le Coq Sportif logo is usually embroidered on the tongue.

This brand’s sneakers offer a stylish and comfortable option for those looking for classic, retro-inspired designs. The prices vary from around $60 to $150. So, an affordable brand in our opinion.

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6. Aigle

Aigle official websitePin
Aigle official website

Aigle was established in Montargis, France in 1853. Although the brand is most well-known for its Wellington boots, its product range has expanded significantly over the years. They now offer a wide range of clothing suitable for winter and other seasons, as well as for various activities.

Aigle’s raincoats are a popular product due to their high quality and durability. The brand’s jackets are also noteworthy for their excellent design and quality. Aigle also offers a variety of accessories and footwear options for different ages and genders.

Their sneakers are not many but are very elegant and with a unique style! These shoes are designed with premium materials and a stitched or glued construction, ensuring both comfort and durability for exploring the city in any weather. The prices vary from $70 to $200.

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7. Decathlon

Decathlon official website womens running shoesPin
Decathlon official website – Women’s running shoes

Decathlon is a brand group that comprises several subsidiaries. The brand was established by Michel Leclercq in Lille, France in 1976 and expanded rapidly overseas, with over 1500 stores in 40+ countries worldwide, as well as an official website for online purchases.

The brand’s subsidiaries are categorized as “passion brands,” each focused on a particular sport or activity. Some of these subsidiaries are Caperlan (Fishing), Inesis (Golf), Domyos (Fitness and Gym), and others. Decathlon is committed to offering affordable and high-quality products that are designed to last.

When it comes to sneakers Decathlon offers various designs for running, walking, and hiking. You can also find a few urban-style sneakers in their collection. The brand uses sustainable materials where possible and the prices vary from $30 to $100.

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8. Millet

Millet official websitePin
Millet official website

Millet is a company that produces footwear and sportswear and specializes in products for mountain activities. In 1921, Marc Millet and his wife established a workshop in Saint-Fons, near Lyon, where they produced haversacks and shopping bags.

Over time, the company’s production expanded to include a range of products designed to protect against cold temperatures, rain, or wind, with a focus on durability and resistance. Safety is a top priority for Millet, and the company is also committed to sustainability.

Millet’s shoes and sneakers are mainly designed for mountaineering, trekking, and trail running with prices that start at around $100 and can reach over $200.

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9. Lafuma

Lafuma official websitePin
Lafuma official website

Lafuma is a brand that was established in 1930 by three brothers: Victor, Gabriel, and Alfred Lafuma. Initially, the company focused on producing climbing backpacks and later developed its own metal-frame braced backpack, which led to its success.

As the brand became more popular, it expanded its product range to include a variety of outdoor gear and clothing, with a particular focus on climbing and hiking.

While Lafuma is primarily recognized for its footwear and backpacks, the quality of its other products is comparable to other well-known brands in the outdoor clothing market. Lafuma is both a brand and a group, with several subsidiaries.

When it comes to footwear, Lafuma’s designs are mainly focused on mountain activities and use advanced technologies such as Gore-Tex for waterproofness and breathability. But they also offer some casual sneakers. Prices range from $70 to $180.

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