7 Italian Backpack Brands that You’ll Love

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We like to show you selections of brands from a specific country. We have done a lot of these in the past and today we’ll move to Italy and talk about Italian backpack brands!

In general, Italian brands that design backpacks have strong attention to detail and focus on the purpose of their products.

This means that if, for example, they are created for hiking, then their advantages consist of the high impermeability, durability, and the presence of strategic pockets to be able to carry all the necessary objects.

On the other hand, there are also brands from this country focused on casual backpacks to use in your everyday life, and these focus more on their design and colors for all tastes. Even though they also come with water-resistant features and durability too.

Below we have selected 7 Italian brands that make high-quality backpacks and from each of them, we will also suggest products that we like.

We hope that these brands will give you new ideas for your next backpack to take with you on your outdoor adventures, for going to work, for school, or just to use in your free time.

Let’s begin!


1. Ferrino

Ferrino official websitePin
Ferrino official website

The Italian brand Ferrino was born in 1870 and today it produces clothing, accessories, and equipment for mountain sports and activities. It was founded in Turin by Cesare Ferrino, who was initially a paint manufacturer.

However, over the years, its purpose was concentrated above all on the creation of fabrics that were able to protect against atmospheric agents and in particular from rain.

He wanted maximum waterproofing and so in 1890, he managed to create waterproof tents. From that year on, this company specialized more and more, until it moved on to its current production.

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As for the backpacks produced by Ferrino, there are many models and there are some designed for hiking, others for mountaineering, others for backpacking, camping, etc.

The key feature of these products and especially for those designed for mountain activities is the HDry® technology which allows for waterproofing, reinforced by a sheet inserted directly into the product, or rather, “thermo-welded” inside, thanks to a pressure and temperature mechanism.

An example that best represents this type of backpack is the Dry-Hike design.

Ferrino FINISTERRE Backpack 2019 - Product Review

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2. La Sportiva

The La Sportiva company began its history around 1920, precisely in the Trentino Alto Adige region. Its creator was Narciso Delladio, who began to work as a shoemaker. In fact, his specialty was the creation of entirely handcrafted wooden clogs.

Gradually, however, he specialized more and more in the production of leather boots both for those who worked in the fields and for those who were often working in the woods.

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We Are Skimountaineers: La Sportiva winter collection 19-20

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Then in 1940, there was another great success, because the company obtained a patent for having created a particular type of lacing for footwear. From there, the company began to produce more and more shoes and boots, specializing in outdoor clothing and accessories.

Very famous are also their backpacks, which come in different versions, as some are for hiking, others for mountaineering, others for camping, etc.

The backpacks made by the company are studied in detail and one of the main materials is Nylon, which guarantees extreme lightness, but at the same time also resistance. The lacing systems are of excellent quality, and the structure of each product includes numerous pockets and object holders.

As an example, we can mention the Course Backpack.

3. Salewa

Salewa official website backpacksPin
Salewa official website: backpacks

Salewa, based in Bolzano, is famous for the production of mountain equipment and sportswear. It was founded in Munich in 1935 by Josef Liebhart, who was helped by a team of experts, including upholsterers and saddlers. In fact, during the Second World War, the brand specialized in the production of leather accessories, but not only.

It is precisely in that period that the history of the Salewa backpacks started because particular backpacks were created in those years with the backs reinforced thanks to steel tubes and wooden ski poles.

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Today Salewa produces bags and backpacks for hiking, mountaineering, and backpacking. Very particular is the Twin Compression System, which guarantees the possibility of stabilizing the load.

In addition, each backpack also has shoulder straps that guarantee breathability and lightness. The Ultra Train 18L Backpack is an example.


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4. Piquadro

Piquadro is a very famous brand in Italy, especially if you think that it has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 2007. Today it is a manufacturer of very sophisticated bags, backpacks, and suitcases, characterized by an elegant structure, but also by rich technological elements.

In fact, its founder, Marco Palmieri, who founded the company in 1988, began his career as an IT expert. As for backpacks, these are divided into categories for work and casual use.

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Discover CA4550UB00BM backpack - Piquadro

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Their main fabric is leather and their primary feature is the very practical structure: they have in fact numerous compartments for books and different objects, but also for computers.

All these backpacks are famous for their stability, durability, and above all their elegant design. An example is the Roll top computer backpack 15,6″ Harper.

5. Invicta

invicta school backpackPin
An old Invicta school backpack from the 1990s

The Italian company Invicta owes its name to the Latin word “Invictus” which means “invincible” and today it is a famous brand that is dedicated to the production of bags and backpacks.

It’s based in Leini, near Turin. To be precise, it was born in England in 1906, and initially, it specialized in the production of jute bags and sacks for the military sector.

It was in 1926 that the company was bought by an artisan from Turin and only around the 1960s did it pass to a family of entrepreneurs from Turin, the Garrino-s. With these owners, the brand becomes famous in the mountaineering sector.

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To achieve a high reputation, however, it was necessary to wait until the 1980s, when many specific backpacks were made for the school sector.

Today the brand’s backpacks are designed for school, work, and everyday use. In addition to their resistance and attention to detail when it comes to practicality, lightness, and dimensions designed according to the specific use of the product, these backpacks are also famous for their bright and very varied colors.

For this reason, we can say that there is one for every taste. As an example, we have picked the Monviso X Colorblock backpack.

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6. Seven

Seven is another famous brand for its bags and backpacks. It is based in Leini, Turin, and also owns the Invicta brand which we listed above.

It all began in the 1960s when Pasquale Di Stasio opened his shop in the city of Turin. He worked as a shoemaker and his children also worked in his workshop. In 1973, however, there was a real turning point, because the craft business became a company, even if initially small.

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Another important detail is that the brand also changed its production because it specialized in bags and backpacks for leisure, but also for sport. The name “Seven”, however, was established only in 1981 and refers to the number of the Di Stasio brothers, who in fact were seven.


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The backpacks of this company are popular both for casual use and for school. Among their main features, we can mention their light weight, but also their durability which allows them to carry different weights without any issue.

Also very characteristic is the fact that there are different types of backpacks in this company’s product line: some designs have even stereo headphones included, others have Wireless speakers, etc.

An example is The Double Pro backpack.

7. Roncato

Roncato laptop backpackPin
A Roncato laptop backpack: a 2010-2011 design

Roncato is a name that has been going on for three generations since the 1940s and during all these years it has specialized and modified its production to become a very famous brand for its high-quality products.

Roncato laptop backpackPin
A Roncato laptop backpack: a 2010-2011 design

The company produces bags, suitcases, but also backpacks that have a very particular design and are famous because they are always rich in details, but also with a perfect structure to ensure both comfort and practicality at the same time. These elements are mixed with elegance, all in a single product.

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The origin of this brand starts with Antonio Roncato, who began working in the luggage sector with his son Giovanni. The latter, in the 1970s, became the co-founder of the new company Valigeria Roncato Spa, which in about 30 years had already modified its products, specializing more and more and refining its techniques.

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In fact, even today Roncato is very careful to create innovative backpacks that know how to best respond to the needs of three fundamental categories – travel, free time, and work.

Among the other characteristics of the backpacks of this “Made in Italy” brand, there is no shortage of durability, variety of models, colors, and style, but also sturdiness. An example is the Joy Travel backpack.

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