8 Scandinavian Backpack Brands that We Love (with Product Suggestions)

8 Scandinavian Backpack Brands that We Love (with Product Suggestions)Pin

Backpacks designed for outdoor activities and hiking in nature, especially in adverse weather conditions, must have some specific characteristics, such as the resistance and impermeability of the materials.

Among the products which are considered to be the best performing and of high quality, Scandinavian backpacks play a leading role.

This is also because they are part of a way of life based on respect for one’s own way of being and the environment, with a careful look towards sustainability.

We have seen Scandinavian jackets and clothing brands before, and today we will focus on backpacks from this part of the world.

We have picked 8 Scandinavian brands that make great backpacks and for each of them, we will also suggest one of their products.

Hopefully, this will give you some new ideas if you are looking for a new backpack for your next outdoor adventure, to use in your city, or for going to school or university.

Let’s begin!


1. Fjällräven

Fjällräven Kånken backpackPin
Fjällräven Kånken backpack

The Fjällräven brand was born in Sweden, in a small town called Örnsköldsvik.

The company’s mission is to promote life in the open air, through the creation of simple and practical outdoor clothing and equipment, in line with a way of experiencing nature that is aware and respectful of the environment.

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Fjällräven has a wide range of lifestyle products: jackets, trousers, backpacks, and other accessories. Here we will focus on their backpacks, by showing the most representative models and describing their main features.

Fjällräven backpacks are usually unisex, resistant, and suitable for all situations.

The Kånken is their most popular model, made of a fabric called Vinylon F, famous for its strength.

Produced in over 40 different colors, the Kånken backpack first appeared on the Swedish market in 1978, to help prevent spinal pathologies in schoolchildren.

Its rectangular shape with zip, which allows you to fully open the pack, comes also with a spacious front pocket.

The adjustable shoulder straps and the comfortable handle allow you to carry the backpack in a very practical way, without the danger of the inside objects getting wet.

The strong fabric protects books, PCs, tablets, and your “whole world” from the rain perfectly and with a style that is both modern and a little retro.

Check out the Kånken backpack at Fjallraven.com

Meet the Kånken family | Kånken | Fjällräven

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2. Sandqvist

Sandqvist websitePin
Sandqvist official website

The philosophy of Sandqvist backpacks is to combine practicality, attention to style, and sustainability, without compromise.

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Born in 2004 from the imagination of three childhood friends, this Swedish company wanted to give an effective response to the lack of quality outdoor products and, above all, made with eco-friendly materials and with a keen eye on design trends.

The Roald backpack from the Ground series, in organic cotton and recycled Polyester and leather details with a smooth finish, is practical and well-built.

The internal compartment can contain a laptop with a size of up to 15 inches and has a capacity of 18 liters. The two external pockets are spacious and practical, with zipper closures.

The urban and interesting style of the backpack, available in different colors, is unisex and perfect for an irreplaceable travel companion, whatever the destination.

Check out the Roald backpack at Sandqvist.com

3. Marimekko

Marimekko official websitePin
Marimekko official website

Marimekko, a Finnish brand born in 1951 in Helsinki, stands out for the production of backpacks, bags, and outdoor and home products.

The company’s vision is based on some fundamental principles, which underline the importance of the essential, respect for oneself, for others, and for the environment, “joie de vivre” and a sense of community, along with the desire to always experiment.

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The Marimekko backpacks are characterized by resistant and quality materials, prints with original patterns, and bright and out-of-the-ordinary colors.

A representative example of the Marimekko style is the Buddy backpack, with a compact but roomy design. The padded and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to carry anything effortlessly and safely, also thanks to the padded back present in the internal compartment.

The side and front pockets, which can be closed with a zipper, are spacious, although not protruding: the result is a backpack with clean and essential lines, but at the same time refined and not bulky.

Check out the Buddy backpack at Marimekko.com

4. 66°North

66°North - About us

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The 66° North company was born in Iceland, with the aim of making clothes for workers in the fishing industry and for those working in the North Atlantic.

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Today, after almost a century (the foundation dates back to 1926), the 66° North brand represents an icon in the world of quality outerwear with a refined style, for those who love living outdoors and practicing sports, but also for those who prefer the Nordic style, in its most sophisticated expression.

One of their backpacks is Tangi, with an original design and many features, both in terms of interior space and finish.

It comes with three layers of fabric, a waterproof zipper, and padded shoulder straps with a logo. The Tangi backpack has a cord at the front which allows you to carry hiking shoes and other useful items with ease.

The internal pockets and the laptop pocket are part of the details that make this backpack so useful and interesting, in addition to the attractive and modern design.

66north tangi backpackPin
Image: 66north.com

5. Haglöfs

Haglöfs L.I.M - As Light as We Can Go

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Haglöfs was born in 1914 in Sweden; its core business was the production of equipment, intended for those who worked in the forest or who spent a lot of time out in nature in harsh weather.

Over the decades, Haglöfs has achieved progressive success in the sector, obtaining many important recognitions.

The distinctive features of the brand are associated with inner well-being, which is reflected in a positive lifestyle oriented towards respect for oneself and nature, regardless of one’s destination.

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The desire to experiment and adventure is supported by quality and long-lasting products, such as the Roc Summit 45 mountaineering backpack, designed to withstand intensive use and adverse weather conditions.

The attachments for the ice axes are specific so as not to damage the internal parts of the backpack; the A-frame ski carry is robust and functional, and the external pocket is designed for safety snow equipment.

The design is compact and functional, unisex, and with soft and linear lines. The patented Interact™ suspension system ensures ideal support, so as not to strain the back and shoulders.

Perfect for climbers and snow adventures, the Roc Summit backpack is an indispensable travel companion.

haglofs roc summit 45 backpackPin
Image: haglofs.com

6. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen / Alive Since 1877 (full edit)

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The history of this Norwegian brand begins in 1877 when the sea captain Helly Juell Hansen found a way to face the challenges deriving from the bad weather of an often hostile climate and from below-zero temperatures.

What distinguished Helly Hansen outdoor products, was their composition of coarse linen, soaked in linseed oil; this construction made the jackets, trousers, etc., waterproof and suitable for long boat trips.

For this reason, the brand has established itself, over the years, as a leader in the production and distribution of clothing and equipment for activities such as skiing and sailing.

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The Helly Hansen products are appreciated by sailors participating in the most important international regattas and the backpacks are distinguished by an attention to innovation, in total continuity with the historical legacy of the captain, who started this fantastic adventure.

To date, Helly Hansen backpacks are a must-have for sportsmen and those who love the outdoors.

One of their popular and versatile packs is definitely Vanir, available in different color combinations. Vanir has a compact and functional design, ensuring total comfort on weekend hikes and other outdoor sports.

The semi-ventilated back, the capacity of 35 liters, and elements such as the attachment for trekking poles, reflective external parts, and a full opening, which allows you to easily reach the objects stored in the main compartment, are just some of the details that add to the quality of this backpack.

Helly Hansen Vanir backpackPin
Image: hellyhansen.com

Check out the Vanir backpack at HellyHansen.com

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7. Rains

rains website backpacksPin
Rains official website – Backpacks

Rains was founded in 2012 in Scandinavia (Denmark), a wonderful place characterized by a climate, in some ways, inhospitable, with strong winds and frequent rains.

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It is precisely for the most difficult days that Rains backpacks have been designed; essential and elegant lines, for a sober style without compromise and which keeps functionality in the foreground.

Practical and trendy at the same time, all Rains products, and in particular the backpacks, are suitable for different types of customers, with a common denominator: protection from rain and a love for design.

The original solutions proposed by Rain bring a clear message: it is possible to produce quality outdoor items, without sacrificing design and style.

Following this line, the Trail Mountaineer Bag backpack is available as an accessory for sports and use in the city, suitable for men and women.

Available in different colors which vary from light to total black, the Trail Mountaineer backpack has a large main compartment, a padded pocket that can accommodate a laptop in total safety, and several internal and external pockets.

The cords placed on the outside allow you to carry shoes and other objects in a practical way. The design is original, out of the ordinary, and very classy, halfway between a sporty and urban style.

The Trail Mountaineer backpack by Rains is the ideal companion for work days, as well as for weekend hiking.

Check out the Trail Mountaineer Bag backpack at Rains.com

8. Bergans of Norway

bergans website backpacksPin
Bergans of Norway official website – Backpacks

Bergans of Norway is a Norwegian brand that was founded way back in 1908.

The main merit of the company was to design and patent the backpack as it is known today, made of resistant materials and able to accompany polar explorers, sportsmen, and outdoor enthusiasts, even in the most adverse conditions.

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One of the most famous adventures in the world, the 2010 Antarctic expedition, carried out by Cecilie Skog and Ryan Waters without any assistance, was accompanied by suitable equipment by Bergans of Norway.

One of the most representative backpacks of the brand is the Helium W 55 for women, created in 4 color combinations and designed with the most modern features, such as the Bergans QuickAdjust™ PRO system. This translates into very low weight and very high functionality.

The comfortable front opening with zipper and the resistant fabric make this backpack an important product in the market.

Other noteworthy elements are the possibility of adjusting the length of the torso, the presence of a top opening with a snowdrift collar, and the practical mesh side pocket. In addition, it is possible to remove the top lid, reducing the weight by about 0,15 pounds.

The Helium W 55 backpack by Bergans is an essential accessory for professional sportsmen, as well as for those who like outdoor activities in their free time and prefer functional and resistant products.

Check out the Helium W 55 backpack at Bergans.com

Bergans Helium - Award winning design

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That’s all for this selection! Do you know any other similar brands from Scandinavia? Let us know in the comments.

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