8 European Backpacks Brands for Traveling, Hiking and Outdoor Activities

8 European Backpacks Brands for Traveling, Hiking and Outdoor ActivitiesPin

The backpack is undoubtedly the best ally for hiking lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, an indispensable object for those who love adventure.

To be a truly excellent ally, the backpack must have some basic features, including size, comfort, and, why not, aesthetics.

Hiking enthusiasts prefer wearing a backpack because it is very large and easy to carry.

In fact, there are some criteria, some of which we mentioned above, that a travel or hiking backpack must have: the type of opening, waterproofness, backrest, laces, sturdy zips, and, as we said before, capacity, comfort, and aesthetics.

When choosing the model, you must evaluate each of the aspects listed above to understand if the model you are buying is suitable for your needs or if you have to look at something else.

Today we will talk about brands that make good backpacks, with all the above features, for traveling and outdoor activities, and that have one thing in common: they are all from Europe.

Many of these companies design other outdoor products also, so you will have the opportunity to purchase all your outfit in one place.

We will look at their history, their main backpack models, and their materials.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!


1. Deuter

Deuter official websitePin
Deuter official website

Deuter is a German company that designs backpacks, sleeping bags, and accessories for various activities, from first aid kits to rain covers, but also accessories for school and everything related to hiking, trekking, traveling, etc.

Deuter was started in 1898 by Hans Deuter who founded the Mechanical Canvas and Linen Mill, in Augsburg-Oberhausen. The company immediately made an agreement with the Royal Bavarian Post Service for the supply of bags and pouches, thus starting the journey of Deuter.

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The company gradually expanded the production of backpacks, and tents for storage and for cattle, up to the production of suitcases and leather goods in 1919. Later, for the first time, Deuter products were used for the Oktoberfest tents.

In 1957 the family business was converted into a joint-stock company and changed its name to Deuter Industriewerke AG-Augsburg.

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After years of growth, Deuter has become a successful multinational company and leader in the market of travel and hiking backpacks, sleeping bags, and many other accessories for these activities.

The Deuter trekking and travel backpacks are created for a very select client base, including hikers, regular travelers, mountaineers, etc.

Deuter offers a wide range of products:

  • the AC Lite line includes compact trekking backpacks, of various sizes, ideal for day trips, and with Aircomfort ventilation system;
  • the Aviant line is, on the other hand, a capacious and compact travel backpack for every type of traveler;
  • the Aircontact line has earned the title of indestructible, robust but at the same time comfortable, for expert hikers;
  • the Futura line offers travel or touring backpacks;
  • the Gravity and Guide lines have a modern design and good capacity, even for long excursions;
  • Speed ​​Lite and Trail are suitable for hikes of all kinds.

Many other products are available on the brand’s website.

2. Ferrino

ferrino websitePin
Ferrino official website

Ferrino is a company based in Turin, Italy, founded in 1870 by Cesare Ferrino, who had a creative intuition for the time: waterproofing the fabrics he used.

Over the years the culture of “open-air living” became popular and Ferrino accompanied enthusiasts of this way of living with its innovative products.

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Nowadays, Ferrino is a well-known company that has helped the best climbers in the most spectacular ventures. In addition, Ferrino offers the possibility of having a quality product that can be used by all hikers and travelers, not just experts.

Ferrino’s trekking backpacks stand out for their waterproof fabric with HDry® membrane.

Among their most popular lines, we can find the Dry Hike, Overland, Transalp, Narrows, and Rambler, with different sizes and details but all designed to meet the needs of experts and beginners alike.

Next, we have the Agile, Finisterre, Flash, Durance, and Alta Via lines, all suitable for hiking and trekking.

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Ferrino FINISTERRE Backpack 2019 - Product Review

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3. Fjällräven

fjallraven kanken backpackPin
Fjällräven Kånken backpack

Fjällräven is a Swedish company specializing in outdoor equipment, mainly clothing, and backpacks, founded by Åke Nordin in Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden, in 1960.

The young Åke, not satisfied with the lack of comfort of the backpacks available in his city, decided to do some research about the weight and comfort of a backpack.

He learned that the weight of the backpack must be positioned at the top and at the same time close to the spine of the wearer.

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From that research, he created his first product which subsequently attracted the attention of the Nordic Sami people, who commissioned the boy to produce backpacks and tents.

From there the growth was exponential and in 1983 the company was listed on the Stockholm stock market.

Today the brand is a multinational company, but its sales are mainly concentrated in Europe, in the Nordic countries.

The style of Fjällräven’s products is very original and easily recognizable: very sober and elegant, but at the same time, practical and comfortable. Many of their trekking backpacks are made of recycled polyester and organic cotton.

The best-selling lines are the Kånken, Kajka, Abisko, and Kaipak backpacks, but many others are available on the company’s website.

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Fjällräven - Kaipak Backpack

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4. Jack Wolfskin

Jack Wolfskin official website hiking backpacksPin
Jack Wolfskin official website – Hiking backpacks

Jack Wolfskin is another German brand founded in Frankfurt am Main by Ulrich Dausien in 1981.

In 1991, the company changed hands and was purchased by Johnson Outdoors. In 2002 it was acquired by the private equity firm Bain Capital and in 2011, the new owner was the US holding company Blackstone Group.

All these changes of ownership have happened because of the constant growth of the brand, which has attracted more and more investors over the years to ever greater numbers.

In fact, it does not end there because, in November 2018, Jack Wolfskin announced that they would be purchased by the Callaway Golf Company.

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Nowadays the company has hundreds of stores in many countries around the world.

Jack Wolfskin’s production focuses primarily on outdoor clothing and equipment. Their hiking backpacks are really varied and of high quality.

In addition, they offer comfort and good capacity, with aesthetics being an important factor. Most of the products are made of 100% Polyester.

#GOBACKPACK CAMP I One island, one camp, one movement | JACK WOLFSKIN

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5. Berghaus

berghaus logo on a jacketPin
Berghaus logo on a jacket

Berghaus is an outdoor clothing and gear manufacturer founded in 1966, based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK, that offers its products all over the world.

The first Berghaus backpacks were launched in the 1970s, the Berg 172, Berg 272, and the Cyclops models. Later they became one of the first companies in Europe to use the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric.

In the 1980s the Gemini jacket was introduced. The jacket is still available today. After that, it was the turn of the Trango jacket’s launch.

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In the 1990s, Berghaus created their first footwear, with their Storm trekking boot.

Next, the brand focused on increasing the breathability and lightness of its apparel by removing any unnecessary layers of fabric. In addition, Gore-Tex PacLite was introduced and used in an increasing number of products.

Later the Nitro backpack, launched in 1998, received important awards, and the Vapour Storm jacket developed in 2013 was very successful.

Many of these products are still in production, with modern and innovative designs added frequently to the brand’s collections.

As you can see, Berghaus is a brand that offers not only backpacks but almost all the gear that you will need for your next outdoor adventure.

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6. Salomon

salomon logo on a jacketPin
Salomon logo on a jacket

Salomon is a French brand founded in 1947 in Annecy, France. In the beginning, they became famous for their steel edges for skis and for the invention of a new ski binding system, which was different from the leather binding straps of those years.

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In the 1970s Salomon’s ski boots were launched and had great success. Today Salomon is part of Anta Sports, along with other popular brands.

Recently, the brand has focused on clothing, footwear, and accessories for trekking, hiking, trail running, and other sports.

Among their trekking backpacks, we can mention the XA line, the Out Week, Out Night, and Out Day line, and the Trailblazer line.

Most of their products, just like those of other famous outdoor brands, are made of Polyester and Nylon.

As for their travel backpacks, Salomon offers the QST and Side designs.

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How to choose your hiking backpack | Salomon How-To

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7. Mammut

mammut logo on jacketPin
Mammut logo on a jacket

Mammut is a Swiss company that produces jackets, climbing ropes, and other products and accessories for mountaineering and hiking.

The company was founded in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner in Dintikon and is based in Seon, Switzerland.

The brand offers a wide range of products, including many designs of hiking and travel backpacks.

Particularly noteworthy are the Trion and Ducan backpacks, in various colors and mainly made of polyamide and polyester. Other available designs include Lithium and Neon.

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Trion Light Backpack (EN)

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8. Haglöfs

haglofs websitePin
Haglöfs official website

Haglöfs is a Swedish company founded in 1914 that designs clothing and equipment for mountain and outdoor activities. Their main products are jackets, backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and footwear.

We have seen some of Haglöfs’ jackets here.

One of the most popular outdoor brands in Nordic countries, it was founded by Wiktor Haglöf in Torsång and was initially focused on backpacks for forest workers.

In the following years, the company opens offices in Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Germany, and wins important industry awards.

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Their hiking and travel packs are characterized by a simple and sober design. The products focus on being efficient, very spacious, comfortable, waterproof, and with easy-to-use openings.

Many of Haglöfs’ backpacks are equipped with the Airback suspension system, useful for improving the breathability of the back during physical activity. They are available in various sizes and colors.

One of their most important backpack designs that bear mentioning is L.I.M.

Haglöfs L.I.M - As Light as We Can Go

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– – – –

That’s all for today’s selection! What do you think of these backpack brands? Do you know any other similar brand from Europe that you’d like to suggest?

Let us know in the comments.

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