Belstaff vs Barbour Jackets: Which Brand is Better?

Belstaff vs Barbour Jackets: Which Brand is Better?Pin

When asked to choose between two luxury brands of beautifully crafted coats made from the finest materials by professional artisans, it can be hard to choose which brand is best.

This is true even for us, and we have spent hours comparing many of the top high-end jacket makers in the industry.

In this article, we will be comparing two of our favorite wax-cotton coat brands, taking into account design, comfort, durability, cost, and reputation.

Here you will read about the Belstaff and Barbour jacket brands journey from where it all began to the success they still have today and what each item has to offer. Helping you to decide for yourself which brand is better.


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1. Belstaff

The Belstaff brand provides a timeless look that encompasses the rebel life. This brand was the first to introduce weatherproof waxed cotton jackets to the motorcycle scene and has been creating luxury-style coats ever since.

Although they were originally motorcycle style-driven, the company has branched out over the years, creating a modern look with a traditional touch.

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History of the Brand

Belstaff official websitePin
Belstaff official website

In 1924, Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law, Harry Grosberg, went into business together, creating waterproof clothing items for everyone, including motorcyclists.

After traveling throughout much of the world searching for the best materials for waterproofing jackets, Belovitch found and utilized Egyptian wax cotton’s water-resistant and breathable properties.

The two opened an army, navy, and general store, where they sold their waterproof clothing and trademarked the “Bellstaff Brand” with the bell logo in 1927.

During WWII, Belstaff was one of the largest suppliers to the military, providing parachutes and aviator suits.

In 1991, the Stoke-on-Trent factory closed and the brand moved production to Wellingborough in Northamptonshire.

During its history the brand has made a name in the biker and sportsman community, creating unique and flexible coats perfect for the open road.

Over the years, the Belstaff company has worked with celebrities such as Ewan McGregor, David Beckham, and Kate Moss. Amelia Earhart even wore the brand as she made her solo flight.

In 2018, the brand marked the 70th anniversary of the original Belstaff Trialmaster jacket, still one of the most popular items sold throughout the company.

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Materials and Manufacturing

Classic Belstaff jackets keep wind and rain from becoming a nuisance for not just bikers but anyone who wears the brand. This design is formed by weaving 2-ply waxed cotton yarn and a piece of canvas fabric.

Although this material is durable, comfortable, and weather-resistant, it won’t last forever without proper care. Carefully remove all dirt and debris from your Belstaff coat frequently. Never place your coat into a washing machine or dry cleaner.

Although the traditional material is waxed cotton, Belstaff also uses quality hand waxed leathers, water, and windproof fabrics, and water repellent AquaGuard zips.

BELSTAFF | Crafting Legends: Rewaxing A Legend

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Our Favorite Designs

When searching the shelves for the best Belstaff jackets, many of these coats grabbed our attention. Here are two of our favorites.

Belstaff Men’s Racemaster Waxed Cotton Jacket

Belstaff Mens Racemaster Waxed Cotton JacketPin
Check it out at

This Belstaff Racemaster jacket is made from 100% wax cotton, with a button collar, giving it the brand’s signature rebel look. It is a sleek design that is water- and wind-repellent and comfortable.

Belstaff Women’s Mollison Nappa Leather Jacket

Belstaff Womens Mollison Nappa Leather JacketPin
Check it out at

Next, we have Mollison, a 100% leather jacket for women with a design inspired by 1960’s motorcycle jackets. It has a stand collar, zip details on the cuffs, and a lining made of cotton and viscose. The colors are beautiful, and the design is trendy.

Belstaff FAQs

Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding Belstaff jackets.

Is a Belstaff Jacket Good for Winter?

It depends on the type of jacket. In general, Belstaff jackets are good options for the winter. They are designed to be weather and water-resistant, keeping the wearer comfortable, dry, and warm. But if it gets really cold, the brand has also some coats and parkas in their collections.

Is Belstaff a Luxury Brand?

The Belstaff company prides itself on having a quality brand with the best materials available. And these materials, the quality of craftsmanship, and the name that the company has made for itself over the years usually come at a high price – a jacket can cost from $400 to over $1000.

These jackets are for those looking to turn heads, thanks to their highly stylish designs, and are also durable. So yes, for many products it can be considered a luxury brand.

Do Belstaff Jackets Last?

Yes. Belstaff jackets use the highest qualities of materials, from top-rated leathers to the best-waxed cotton. The quality production and detail-oriented manufacturing process provide tight seams and long-lasting products.

Where Are Belstaff Jackets Made?

While Belstaff’s production has moved around a few different times, they are currently creating their jackets, where it all started in the UK.

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2. Barbour

The Barbour brand has been a staple in high-end fashion for many years. The company started up business more than 100 years ago in England and is still going strong.

Although they sell clothing of all types for men, women, and children, they are primarily famous for their high-end, hand-crafted, traditional waxed cotton jackets.

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History of the Brand

The Barbour brand was founded by John Barbour in 1894 in South Shields, England, where it still sits today. Although their headquarters sits in Simonside, South Shields, Barbour sells its products worldwide, setting up shop in over 40 countries.

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Before this luxury brand became the colossal operation it is today, it started producing oilskins, wet-weather wear, and footwear. In the 1930s, Duncan Barbour focused on a personal passion, motorcycling, introducing a motorcycling range.

In 1957, Barbour’s oiled cotton suits were being worn by nearly all of the Scottish six-day motorcycling events, propelling its popularity throughout the motorcycling community.

In 1980, Barbour created the first thornproof lightweight short riding jacket, the Bedale jacket, as well as the black and gold Barbour International badge. The badge was seen for the first time on the popular motorcycling jacket of the same name.

The brand would go on to receive numerous honors and royal warrants by the Queen and other members of the royal family.

It didn’t take long for the brand to move into other directions creating outdoorsman coats, clothing for professional sports teams, and luxury fashion items.

However, this family-owned business never forgot where its roots started, continuing to provide quality products made from the finest materials and created to last.

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Materials and Manufacturing

Barbour’s jackets use 100% waxed cotton or quilted jackets, designed to be comfortable, warm, and durable. They are hand-made, with quality materials, and the label “Royal Warrant” is stitched into the inside of each item.

You will also notice that the Barbour brand name is stitched perfectly into each coat, with the thread color matching the color of the coat.

These jackets are hand-crafted and weather-proof, with a robust wax finish on each item.

However, Barbour produces also other types of jackets and garments, like wool jackets made of wool and cotton, and waterproof jackets using polyester, nylon, and fleece.

Barbour Wax For Life | 100 Years of Sustainability | Re-Waxing Jacket for a Centenary

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Our Favorite Items

While the Barbour brand offers a wide array of jacket options, below we’ll show you two of our favorites.

Barbour Men’s Classic Bedale Wax Jacket

Barbour Mens Classic Bedale Wax JacketPin
Check it out at (#ad)

This classic Bedale jacket uses waxed cotton, with 100% cotton lining with an Original Classic Tartan print, and two large pockets along with two handwarmer pockets. It has a great look with different colors to choose from and is appropriate to wear on any occasion.

Barbour Women’s Beadnell Wax Jacket

Barbour Womens Beadnell Wax JacketPin
Check it out at (#ad)

The Beadnell waxed jacket comes in beautiful colors made from Barbour’s famous waxed cotton, providing a weatherproof coat that should be inside every woman’s closet.

Barbour FAQs

Here is a list of a few common questions asked about Barbour jackets.

Can You Wear Barbour in Winter?

Yes, Barbour jackets were designed to keep water and weather out. The material is solid and durable, with excellent protection and a warm interior. They also have heavier and longer coats for colder weather.

Is Barbour a Luxury Brand?

The Barbour company is a well-known luxury brand, thanks to the top-quality and high-end materials used in its products and the details and design put into each coat. The brand is an important name in the fashion industry with prices reaching $400 for a waxed jacket.

Do Barbour Jackets Last?

The Barbour brand uses many materials designed to be waterproof, weatherproof, and durable. As long as they are adequately taken care of, Barbour jackets will last you many years.

Where Are Barbour Jackets Made?

Barbour waxed jackets are still hand-made in England, while other jackets, for example, many of their quilted jackets, are made in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Portugal.

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3. Which Brand is Better?

Barbour jacket close upPin

Both of these luxury brands utilize waxed cotton to create fabulously quality made coats that are stylish, durable, and weatherproof. When it comes to comfort, you will find both brands get the job done and well. When it comes to looks, they will both have you turning heads.

So, where do these two companies differ?

The most significant difference between the two seems to be the audience they market to. Where Belstaff product is edgy, rebel-style clothing that gives motorcyclists that hard, cool look, Barbour is for the country gentleman who wants a sleek and modest look.

Belstaff is a little more trendy, looking to keep up with modern style and their coats are a bit more expensive, whereas Barbour is holding on to the more traditional and classic look at a slightly more affordable price.

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