9 British Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Favorites

9 British Shoes & Boots Brands: Our FavoritesPin

British shoes and boots have characteristics that allow them to stand out from the designs of other brands: first of all, almost all of them are handcrafted and every detail is taken care of with extreme attention, to create a product capable of making a difference.

The British footwear market focuses heavily on high quality, but also on the highest level of practicality, comfort, and durability.

The aim is both to satisfy even the most difficult tastes of customers, and to produce elegant shoes and boots which are suitable for different occasions.

Tradition is a key word in footwear produced or designed in the UK, but that doesn’t mean there are no innovations.

Today we have chosen 9 British shoes and boots brands to give you some new ideas for your next purchase. Let’s take a look!


1. Grenson

Grenson official websitePin
Grenson official website

Grenson is a British brand born in 1866 when in Northamptonshire, England, the founder William Green started producing shoes in his loft. The work at that time was exclusively artisanal.

Over the years, however, already in 1874, the founder of the brand began to have difficulty responding to all requests, and for this reason, he felt the need to buy machinery to produce more footwear.

Here his brand turned into a real shoe factory, which over the years became more and more famous and known. As for the characteristics of Grenson footwear, these are impeccably designed and the brand pays attention to every detail, to create truly unique models.

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Elegance is the brand’s philosophy and in addition, shoes and boots of all kinds are produced, precisely to satisfy the tastes of each customer.

The high quality of the materials is also very important for Grenson and an example of all these characteristics can be represented by the model Fred, which looks very refined and is perfect both for going to work, but also to be worn on special occasions.

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2. Clarks

Clarks began its history in 1825 and the name of the brand derives from the surname of its founders: Cyrus and James Clark, who began their production by making a slipper with sheepskin scraps. This solution in those years was very innovative and for this reason, it was a great success.

Since its origins, the company has always managed to combine attention to craftsmanship with particular and original solutions.

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Another characteristic of the company is sustainability: the brand in fact uses eco-friendly materials to respect the natural environment and is committed to using sustainable solutions in many of its products.

When it comes to design, Clarks footwear is mainly focused on casual shoes and boots. The types of products are numerous and all focus on two fundamental elements: comfort and lightness.

The materials used allow the foot to feel a good level of softness and comfort, like for example, the model Cambro Lace, which is made of high-quality materials and offers great cushioning.

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3. Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones official websitePin
Crockett and Jones official website

Crockett and Jones bases its business philosophy on classic designs, but at the same time, it also manages to amaze customers by producing shoes and boots with a certain contemporary style. It can be said that this brand beautifully combines tradition with innovation.

As for its origins, the brand was born in 1879 in Northampton, England and its name derives from the surnames of its two founders, namely Charles Jones and Sir James Crockett.

Initially, the shoes were produced only in an artisanal way and from 1890, machinery also began to be used. In the early years, the brand produced only men’s boots – the line for women was introduced later.

Among the many shoe designs of Crockett and Jones, we have picked Seaton which is elegant and at the same time very simple. Despite its simplicity, there is no lack of innovative features, such as the SUPERFLEX leather sole that is very flexible.

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4. Tricker’s

Tricker’s is a brand born in England in 1829 thanks to Joseph Tricker. It is a very famous company, which is always attentive to every detail and also to respect for the environment.

Welcome To Tricker’s | The World's Best Country Footwear | Northampton Made Since 1829

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Another element that allows Tricker’s to stand out, is the creation of shoes and boots that are perfect for any occasion: in fact, on the brand’s website, you can find “Country shoes / boots”, “Town shoes”, “Weekend” and several others.

A representative model of shoes of this brand is the Adam Penny Loafer Town Shoe, which is a classic design, made of quality materials and features a flexible sole.

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5. Dr. Martens

Dr Martens 1460 leather boot airwairPin
Dr. Martens 1460 Leather Boot

Dr. Martens‘ origin dates back to 1945 when Dr. Klaus Maertens, a German soldier, invented a particular sole with an air cushion. Later, it was the Griggs company, an English brand, that acquired an exclusive license and made these boots popular in the UK.

Initially, the brand was involved in producing mainly work footwear but in the ’60s and ’70s, it became a symbol of freedom and self-expression among the British youth.

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Today Dr. Martens produces footwear of all types and suitable for different occasions: a primary objective is to be able to satisfy the characteristics of each customer’s personality. Every Dr. Martens shoe or boot, even those that seem to have a more classic design, actually have particular elements, which make it clear that the shoe is part of this brand.

Dr. Martens: Comfort & Durability, our story

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As an example, we have chosen the 101 Suede Ankle boot, a very particular boot, which in addition to having particular colors, also stands out for the resistance of the materials and the practicality it guarantees.

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6. Solovair

Solovair official websitePin
Solovair official website

Solovair was founded in 1881 and for this very reason, the brand remains faithful to tradition, but at the same time also tries to adapt to innovations and new customer needs.

A distinctive characteristic of Solovair is the production of a large number of different types of shoes, with different details, designed to satisfy even the most particular customer request.

As an example, we can mention their Black Hi-Shine 6 Eye Astronaut Boot, perfect for elegant occasions, but also for a special event.

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7. Church’s

Church’s is not a very affordable brand, with prices that make it a luxury brand, mainly because its first characteristic is the use of fine materials and craftsmanship to guarantee the customer a truly special product. Another important focus of the company is the attention to elegance and resistance, but also to practicality.

Church’s has different production lines, offering many types of footwear designs: from elegant shoes or boots, to sneakers or vintage style shoes, to casual shoes.

Church's Style for Life with Teo van den Broeke

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The brand wants to allow customers to find a shoe capable of satisfying them not only from an aesthetic point of view but also capable of satisfying every need in general when it comes to footwear.

As for the origins of the brand, these date back to 1873, when the shoemaker Thomas Church began making handmade shoes in England.

Among their various designs, the Duxford Vintage Calf Leather Oxford, is very elegant and perfect for going to work or for a special evening.

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8. Grinders

Grinders official websitePin
Grinders official website

Grinders is a particular brand not only for the various models of shoes and boots but also for its logo that represents a dog that bites a shoe. This tells us that Grinders wants to make shoes capable of withstanding any obstacle.

Nothing can easily damage them, because the company focuses first of all on the resistance of its products. The brand became famous in the ’80s and the ’90s, specializing in street fashion, with many of its designs being worn by popular pop and rock groups.

As an example, we have picked their Alpha Moc Toe boot, which is lightweight, practical, and perfect to be worn on different occasions. The shoe is made of oily full-grain leather, has Nylon inner lining, and is Goodyear welted for durability and longevity.

9. Altberg

Altberg specializes in the production of different types of shoes and boots: some are more suitable for work, but there are also designs that can be worn every day. There are particular production lines dedicated entirely to boots for policemen and for the military.

Altberg was born in 1989 and the brand’s logo represents a craftsman who is working on a pair of shoes.

Inside the Altberg Factory

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Among their footwear, you can also find country boots, motorcycle boots, and hiking boots. To show you one of their designs, we have chosen the Base Trekking Boot, a breathable boot, with good support that is perfect for different types of terrain.

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That’s all for this selection. Have you tried any of these brands? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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