8 Jacket Brands like Barbour: Our Top Alternatives

8 Jacket Brands like Barbour: Our Top AlternativesPin

Today we’ll talk about jackets again! We’ll take a look at 8 brands that design jackets similar to those by Barbour.

For those who don’t know this brand, Barbour has a long history as it was born in 1894, in the Market Place in South Shields, England, and has been family-owned for five generations.

The company is very famous – it has stores in more than forty countries around the world and produces clothing for men, women, and children, as well as accessories and footwear.

One of the characteristics of this brand is the simple and classic design, enriched with original details, which make the difference. In addition, it has products for every type of outfit offering a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Barbour jackets are very characteristic, especially the waxed jackets with their elegant British style that has made them very popular among many generations of customers.

And this is the reason we did this research – we thought: What if there were brands that sell similar jackets? We’d have even more options to choose from.

Below you can see what we found!


1. Filson

Filson official websitePin
Filson official website

Filson, based in Seattle, Washington, was born in 1897 and its name derives from that of its founder, C. C. Filson, who in that year founded the “C.C. Filson’s Pioneer Alaska Clothing and Blanket Manufacturers”. Today the brand produces clothing for men and women, and also accessories and footwear.

The production line is mainly dedicated to outdoor activities and each product is extremely comfortable. Many of the garments or accessories protect from freezing temperatures, are very durable, and highly water-resistant.

C.C. Filson: Manufacturing Unfailing Goods Since 1897

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An example is this Cover Cloth Woodland Jacket, which has a simple design and it protects very well from light rain, wind, and cold.

The jacket is very practical due to the presence of pockets, and the collar is raised for optimal protection.

A characteristic of Filson is paying attention to so many details, choosing high-quality materials, and providing the customer with lightweight products which guarantee ample freedom of movement.

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2. Carhartt

carhartt official website mens jacketsPin
Carhartt official website – men’s jackets

Hamilton Carhartt founded Carhartt in 1889, in Michigan, U.S., and since that year the brand has been family-owned. Today it produces all kinds of clothes, accessories, and shoes and the brand is famous for the robustness of its products and for their resistance.

In addition, the owners have always thought of original and innovative designs, to amaze customers and satisfy every taste. The brand is also known for its choice of high-quality materials.

In the early years of its founding, many clothes were produced in denim and duck canvas. Over the years, production has expanded and different materials have been designed to ensure comfort for each customer.

Many jackets have multifunctional pockets to increase practicality and the designs are many, such as those for different work sectors or for practicing outdoor activities.

A model that represents the characteristics of the company is the Carhartt Men’s Duck Chore Jacket, which is very resistant and lightweight to not hinder free movement. It has many large pockets, so you can carry objects without the risk of them falling out.

The product protects against low temperatures and wind, and the colors along with the simple design make this jacket perfect to be combined with different outfits.

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3. Orvis

Orvis official websitePin
Orvis official website – women’s jackets

Another brand similar to Barbour is Orvis which produces clothing and accessories for both outdoor activities and for everyday wear. The history of this company begins in 1856, when Charles F. Orvis founded the Orvis Company in Manchester, Vermont.

In that year the brand produced only fishing equipment, but then the production expanded. Since the foundation year, the love for nature and adventure has always been present. A demonstration of this philosophy is Orvis’ commitment to giving 5% of its profits before taxes to protect nature, but also for the well-being of dogs.

In fact, one of its production lines is dedicated to these animals and then there is an entire sector dedicated to outdoor equipment. Many Orvis jackets are made for outdoor activities and for this reason they are very resistant, lightweight, practical, and comfortable.

ORVIS - River Road Waxed Cotton Jacket

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An example is the women’s River Road Waxed Cotton Jacket, which has many pockets, is made of waxed cotton that protects against adverse weather conditions and in addition does not stain easily. The fabric remains soft and guarantees warmth.

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4. Fjällräven

Fjallraven official websitePin
Fjällräven official website – men’s outdoor jackets

Fjällräven is a Swedish company that produces outdoor clothing and accessories and the main purpose of the brand is to make nature accessible to all. With this goal in mind, Åke Nordin founded the company in 1960 and it all started with his need to create a backpack large enough for his equipment and that was practical to carry on his shoulders.

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The first product was in fact a backpack with an aluminum frame. Today Fjällräven manufactures a vast amount of products while being very attentive to sustainability and safety. In fact, the company focuses on the fact that all customers should be safe in the midst of nature while using its products.

Among the different models of jackets, we can point out the men’s Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket, with a simple and classic design, but very resistant and perfect for tackling outdoor adventures in cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

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5. L.L. Bean

LL Bean official website outerwear and jacketsPin
L.L. Bean official website – outerwear and jackets

L.L. Bean is an American company from Freeport, Maine, that produces outdoor clothing and equipment, founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. The company’s philosophy is based on the desire to make all customers always satisfied by creating products with particular designs and made of high-quality materials.

The focus of the company is offering a rich collection of clothes, accessories, and equipment, so the customer can choose what best suits his or her needs and tastes.

Another fundamental characteristic of L.L. Bean is that all products are tested directly by the company’s employees, so they are checked with extreme care. In fact, safety is a very important value for the brand.

An example of the brand’s jackets is the Men’s Double L Waxed-Cotton Upland Coat, very comfortable, light, practical and perfect for protecting from the wind and cool weather. This jacket is made of waxed cotton, a durable and machine-washable material.

In addition, the design is modern and the product can be combined with different outfits. It can be worn for outdoor adventures such as trekking or mountain activities.

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6. Belstaff

Belstaff official websitePin
Belstaff official website

Belstaff is another British brand with similar characteristics to Barbour. It stands out for the choice of precious materials and for classic, but at the same time very elegant, designs.

In fact, refinement is a typical element of Belstaff, which was born in 1924, and among its most famous production lines are those of biker and aviator clothing. The founders are Eli Belovitch and his son-in-law Harry Grosberg and today the brand is also known for making breathable and, at the same time, water-resistant products.

BELSTAFF | Crafting Legends: Rewaxing A Legend

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Among the many designs that the company offers, we have picked the Fieldmaster Waxed Cotton Jacket, very practical and perfect for different occasions, with a great style. It has many pockets and is water- and wind-repellent thanks to the wax coating.

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7. Rogue Territory

Rogue Territory official websitePin
Rogue Territory official website

Rogue Territory is a clothing brand that is particular because its products have a classic design that also features modern elements. Each garment is made of quality materials and is suitable for those who pay attention to the finest details and for those who want to dress in a refined and impeccable way.

The brand was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles and its logo is represented by a black feather, which in our opinion symbolizes the lightness of the fabrics and their elegance, but also their comfort and practicality.

Among their different models of jackets, we can mention the Supply Jacket which has a very original design.

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8. Lands’ End

Lands End official website waxed jacketsPin
Lands’ End official website – waxed jackets

Lands’ End produces clothing for women, men, and children and its main features are safety and simplicity. It was founded by Gary Comer, who started the company in 1963 in Chicago. The brand sold sailboat equipment, but its production changed over the years.

The first name was “Land’s End”, but there was not enough money to correct the mistake on the first catalog. So, the name remained “Lands’ End”. Today this company is internationally known and offers customers numerous designs.

Among them, as an example, we have picked the Women’s Water-Resistant Waxed Cotton Utility Jacket, which is durable, water-resistant, warm, and has four front pockets.

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