9 Brands like Jack Wolfskin: Best Alternatives

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Outdoor enthusiasts are always in search of high-quality gear that meets their expectations for durability and innovation.

Jack Wolfskin, a popular German brand, has carved a niche for itself among those who venture into the wilderness.

But, it faces stiff competition from a range of brands each with its distinctive approach and dedication to crafting exceptional outdoor products. And this is a good thing for customers who can choose between various great alternatives.

In today’s selection, we’ll explore 9 brands that offer similar quality and commitment to outdoor apparel and equipment as Jack Wolfskin.

From the industry-leading designs of The North Face to the budget-friendly options provided by Columbia, and the Scandinavian design principles of Haglöfs, the variety is extensive.

These brands not only match the standards that outdoor adventurers seek but also bring their unique style to the market.

So, let’s take a look!


1. Columbia

Columbia Sportswear official websitePin
Columbia Sportswear’s official website

Columbia, established in 1937, serves as a prominent brand in the American outdoor clothing market. They offer a wide range of products tailored for activities like hiking, camping, skiing, and fishing. Tim Boyle, succeeding Gert Boyle, currently leads the company. The brand is recognized for incorporating innovative technologies such as Omni-Tech for waterproofing and Omni-Heat Reflective for insulation.

The brand takes a sustainable approach by utilizing recycled and various natural materials in its products, ensuring reliable performance in outdoor environments while keeping prices accessible. A majority of Columbia’s manufacturing occurs in Asia, though they retain some production capacity within the United States and Europe.

Here is a snapshot of Columbia’s product pricing:

  • Jackets: Range from $50 to $300
  • Backpacks: Often priced under $100
  • Hiking Shoes: Begin at approximately $100

Columbia’s competitive pricing strategy offers consumers cost-effective options for high-quality outdoor equipment compared to other brands.

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2. The North Face

the north face cragmont mid dryvent waterproof mens hiking bootPin
The North Face Cragmont Mid DryVent Waterproof Men’s Hiking Boot

Founded in 1966 by adventurer Douglas Tompkins, The North Face has established itself as a premier provider of equipment and apparel for outdoor aficionados. The company has expanded its inventory to encompass a wide selection of clothing, accessories, and gear dedicated to numerous outdoor activities.

By integrating advanced Thermoball synthetic insulating technology and the DryVent material, The North Face delivers products that offer protection and breathability against harsh weather.

Among their offerings are robust, weather-resistant jackets and footwear, typically found at the more premium end of the market spectrum. They are known for their commitment to reliability, quality, and style in outdoor wear, servicing those who regularly face rugged environmental challenges.

Key TechnologiesDescription
ThermoballSynthetic insulation mimicking down clusters, providing warmth even when wet
DryVentWater-resistant and windproof fabric with high breathability

Products from The North Face are essentials for the serious outdoor explorer seeking gear that combines function and fashion.

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3. Haglöfs

Haglofs official websitePin
Haglöfs official website

Haglöfs, esteemed for its outdoor apparel, originated in Sweden in 1914 and was established by the craftsman Wiktor Haglöf. Originally crafting durable backpacks suitable for Sweden’s vast landscapes, Haglöfs has expanded its range, maintaining a pioneering spirit in product development.

The company places a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship and encourages activities embraced by nature, regardless of weather conditions. It incorporates eco-friendly materials in its product line, including recycled and naturally sourced fabrics.

Innovative technologies are at the heart of Haglöfs’ product design. The use of Recycled Polyamide, Recycled Polyester, Mimic insulation, and GORE-TEX membranes offers customers enhanced protection and comfort.

Production for Haglöfs is spread across Asia and Europe, ensuring a global footprint. Their pricing spans from moderate to premium, with jackets available between $100 and over $600, and backpacks offered from $50 to $300, catering to varied budgets without compromising quality.

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4. Patagonia

Patagonia official websitePin
Patagonia official website

Established in 1973 as a retailer of climbing equipment, the American label Patagonia has expanded its reach to cater to a broader array of outdoor activities. The brand is distinctive for its robust commitment to the environment and sustainable practices, implementing materials like recycled polyester and high-performance fabric technologies including H2No and Gore-Tex in its product line.

With production facilities spread across Vietnam, China, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mexico, and partly in the USA, Patagonia produces quality outdoor gear. While its offerings are relatively premium-priced, they attract discerning customers looking for specialized gear.

Patagonia’s dedication to the environment, along with its high manufacturing standards, has established the brand as a top selection among outdoor enthusiasts who prioritize durability and performance in their equipment.

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5. Mammut

Mammut official websitePin
Mammut official website

Mammut, a heritage-rich Swiss brand, originated as a ropeworks operation in 1862 thanks to Kaspar Tanner. Today, it stands as a leader in the outdoor equipment landscape, offering an extensive selection of products, from weather-resistant jackets and versatile backpacks to advanced footwear.

  • Product Offerings:
    • Jackets: Hardshells, Fleece, Softshells
    • Trousers: Rain Pants, Softshell Pants
    • Accessories: Backpacks, Footwear
  • Technology Integration:
    • Waterproofing: Gore-Tex
    • Insulation: PrimaLoft
    • Fabric: Pertex Quantum
  • Sustainability Efforts:
    • Compliance with Bluesign® standards
    • Eco-conscious production initiatives

The brand is well-regarded among outdoor aficionados and valued for merging top-notch gear with a dedication to environmental responsibility. Its products are positioned in the moderate to high price spectrum, reflecting the brand’s investment in quality and sustainability.

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6. Arc’teryx

Arcteryx official websitePin
Arc’teryx official website

In the realm of outdoor gear, the Canadian brand Arc’teryx stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation since its inception. Established in 1989 by enthusiast Dave Lane, the brand originally operated under the name Rock Solid, catering primarily to climbing enthusiasts with its specialized equipment.

By 1991, the company had transitioned to the name Arc’teryx, an homage to the prehistoric bird Archaeopteryx, symbolizing a leap forward in design and technology. Expanding beyond climbing gear, its catalog now offers a diverse range of clothing for hikers, climbers, and winter sports enthusiasts.

Arc’teryx is distinguished in the market for its premium quality and sustainable sourcing. It chooses materials that are Bluesign® approved and adhere to the Responsible Down Standard. Although positioned at a higher price tag, it maintains a respected status among outdoor adventure seekers for its durability and ethical production standards.

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7. RAB

RAB official websitePin
RAB official website

Established by the Scottish mountaineer Rab Carrington in 1981, RAB has become synonymous with reliable and high-quality outdoor equipment, catering primarily to climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. Originating from Sheffield in South Yorkshire, RAB is acclaimed for its commitment to sustainability, opting for eco-friendly production practices, such as sourcing materials responsibly and applying PFC-free treatments for water repellency.

Built to withstand extreme weather, RAB’s product line extensively features polyester and nylon, integrating advanced fabric technologies like Gore-Tex, Pertex Shield, Proflex, Pertex Shield+, and Polartec. These innovations are designed to maintain dryness and provide insulation.

RAB is a prominent figure in the European outdoor apparel market, offering items in the mid to upper price ranges that are purpose-built for performance and longevity.

Pricing: Mid-to-High Range
Technology Highlights:

  • Gore-Tex
  • Pertex Shield
  • Proflex
  • Pertex Shield+
  • Polartec

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8. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen official websitePin
Helly Hansen’s official website

A premier provider of rugged apparel since its inception, this Norwegian company has established itself firmly within outdoor and maritime circles. A testament to its roots, which trace back to the late 19th century, the brand was founded by a seasoned mariner and bears his legacy through its name.

Helly Hansen‘s expertise initially focused on equipping seafarers against the rigors of the ocean’s wrath. Over the years, its scope has broadened significantly, now encompassing a variety of land-based adventures, spanning the alpine heights and snowy terrains where gear for mountaineering, hiking, skiing, and a multitude of wilderness explorations take precedence.

Central to the brand’s innovative drive is the implementation of distinctive fabric treatments. Spearheading these technological advancements is their proprietary material, Helly Tech, synonymous with moisture resistance and optimal ventilation, ensuring wearers remain dry and comfortable in challenging conditions.

Ethical production and environmental stewardship are keystones in their business ethos, influencing their global manufacturing choices, predominantly stationed in Asia, and affirming their commitment to sustainability. Its products are positioned to reflect quality that aligns with a moderate to premium price.

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9. Fjällräven

fjallraven kanken backpackPin
Fjällräven Kånken Backpack

Fjällräven, established by Åke Nordin in 1960, is distinguished by its heritage in producing ergonomic, large-volume backpacks. The company now offers a diverse array of outdoor gear that includes thermal jackets, wax-coated outerwear, high-capacity rucksacks, temperature-regulating sleeping bags, trousers designed for trekking, and various styles of tents suitable for camping.

The brand’s reputation for quality is linked to its use of robust materials. Their notable G-1000 fabric is praised for its ventilation and durability, while ethical native down, repurposed Polyester, and high-tech Eco-Shell textiles form the backbone of its sustainable product range.

Their production is primarily based across Asia, maintaining a balance between quality and practicality. The pricing reflects the brand’s commitment to durability and functionality, with backpacks available from $60 to $400 and jackets priced between $150 and $1000.

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