8 Brands like Mammut (Best Alternatives)

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Mammut has long established itself as a beacon of excellence in outdoor clothing and equipment, originating from Switzerland in 1862.

Adventure enthusiasts who admire this company’s dedication to quality will be intrigued by today’s selection of 8 global brands that stand as great Mammut alternatives in the market of outdoor gear.

Spanning a diverse range of origins and specialties, these brands are strong contenders, each offering a unique blend of products to the outdoor enthusiast.

Brands like Arc’teryx from Canada are known for their precision in mountaineering wear, while Patagonia from the USA champions sustainability.

French-based Millet is celebrated for its mountain gear expertise, while Helly Hansen offers its Scandinavian heritage.

Let’s get started right away and explore them all!


1. Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Hardwear official websitePin
Image: Mountain Hardwear official website

Mountain Hardwear has established itself as a premier provider of gear and apparel for the adventurous outdoorsman, with a particular emphasis on performance wear for mountain sports enthusiasts. Originating in 1993, the label was initiated by a team of adventurers and former employees of Sierra Designs.

Owned by Columbia Sportswear, this Californian-based enterprise has a significant presence, being headquartered in Richmond with additional outlets in Portland and Seattle. They are recognized for outfitting individuals engaged in mountain-related activities, from skiing to climbing.

Their product line encompasses a wide variety of items, such as:

  • Weather-resistant Outerwear
  • Performance Sportswear
  • High-Endurance Equipment

The brand has also pioneered several technological advancements aimed at enhancing the outdoor experience:

Windstopper FleeceBlocks wind while maintaining breathability
Conduit MembraneProvides waterproof yet breathable protection
OutDry 3DAdvanced lamination for gloves

Following their inception, they quickly formed partnerships with top-tier alpine athletes to refine their gear, with Ed Viesturs being a notable early collaborator. Years later, the brand broadened its community support by sponsoring a myriad of athletes in various mountain sports.

In terms of economic growth, the company joined the Columbia Sportswear family in 2003 and by 2008 launched its first retail location. The brand’s offerings, acknowledged for their quality, cater to a mid to upper pricing bracket, reflecting their commitment to excellence in both product and performance.

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2. Arc’teryx

Arcteryx official websitePin
Image: Arc’teryx official website

Established in 1989 under the name Rock Solid, the brand known today as Arc’teryx originated in Canada, gaining a reputation for superior quality outdoor clothing and equipment. Its birthplace, nestled within the rugged landscapes of North Vancouver, British Columbia, serves as both headquarters and muse for its product design, drawing from the imposing Coast Mountains.

The rebranding to Arc’teryx in 1991 marked a significant shift towards high-grade mountaineering garments and gear, with a keen eye on innovation, a trait symbolized by the prehistoric Archaeopteryx, an emblematic figure in the transition of dinosaurs to birds, which is both the name and logo of the company.

Ensuring their offerings meet diverse needs, Arc’teryx organizes its inventory using names from the Greek alphabet, such as Alpha and Beta, each signifying a specialized product line. Noteworthy among these are their weather-resistant Gore-Tex jackets, warm insulated coats, practical backpacks, and durable footwear.

Additionally, Arc’teryx boasts two distinct collections: Veilance, which offers urban contemporary attire, and LEAF, geared toward providing advanced equipment for military and law enforcement personnel.

Retail presence for Arc’teryx is strong and global, featuring over 80 branded storefronts and over 3,000 retail partners. Reflecting the uncompromising quality and sustainability efforts, merchandise from Arc’teryx commands a premium price.

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3. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen official websitePin
Image: Helly Hansen’s official website

Founded by a Norwegian sea captain in 1877, Helly Hansen initially crafted sailing equipment, later expanding to outdoor clothing aimed at mountaineering. Renowned for their innovative designs, Helly Hansen garments stand out for being lightweight yet offering substantial protection against cold and wet conditions.

The product line caters to various outdoor sports, encompassing snowboarding, skiing, mountaineering, hiking, climbing, and water sports. Their offerings cover a range of prices, appealing to both budget-conscious users and those seeking premium gear.

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4. The North Face

the north face vectiv fastpack futurelight womens hiking bootPin
Image: The North Face Vectiv Fastpack Futurelight Women’s Hiking Boot

Established more than five decades ago in the cultural heart of Northern California, The North Face recognized by its iconic logo symbolizing Yosemite’s Half Dome, has ascended to global renown.

Ownership of the label now resides with the VF Corporation, a conglomerate known for its portfolio of outdoor-oriented brands.

They boast an extensive array of products suited for the outdoor enthusiast: from specialized backpacks and insulating layers to shelters, bags for slumber under the stars, and footwear engineered for rugged trails.

Technological innovations are at the forefront of their offerings, including DryVent and FUTURELIGHT™ fabrics, which combine impermeability with breathability. Their catalog caters to a broad audience, providing options that balance premium quality with price accessibility.

Sustainability has been a recent focal point, with initiatives to incorporate recycled materials, reflecting a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Among their prominent offerings, the Thermoball jacket stands out for its compact, synthetic insulation that retains warmth in damp conditions, while the Nuptse down jacket has become a winter staple owing to its robust thermal capabilities.

  • Innovations:
    • DryVent: Waterproof, breathable fabric
    • FUTURELIGHT™: Advanced, breathable, waterproof material
  • Key Products:
    • Thermoball Jacket: Lightweight, retains warmth when wet
    • Nuptse Down Jacket: Ideal for cold weather
  • Sustainability: Use of recycled materials to lessen environmental impact.

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5. Patagonia

Patagonia official websitePin
Image: Patagonia official website

Founded in 1973 by Yvon Chouinard, the American brand Patagonia has made its mark by crafting durable outdoor gear and apparel. The company proudly offers a variety of clothing suited for the outdoors, from insulated and waterproof jackets to versatile pants and accessories.

Through its persistent dedication to quality and ethical production, Patagonia remains at the forefront, providing gear optimized for adventurers while striving to minimize its ecological footprint.

Sustainable Practices & Social Responsibility

  • Use of recycled materials in manufacturing.
  • A percentage of proceeds goes to environmental conservation efforts.
  • Strict adherence to equitable workplace conditions and fair wage commitments.

Product Durability & Versatility

  • Emphasis on creating gear that endures over time, avoiding fast fashion.
  • A diverse product line catered to different weather conditions and outdoor events.

Popular Offerings

  • Top-rated jackets such as Nano Puff and Torrentshell.
  • Recognized for high-performance wear tailored for varying climatic challenges.

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6. Haglöfs

Haglofs official websitePin
Image: Haglöfs official website

Founded in 1914 in Sweden by innovator Wiktor Haglöf, the brand Haglöfs has established itself as a frontrunner in outdoor gear and apparel. Their initial triumph was in the realm of resilient backpacks, which quickly expanded to a wide-ranging collection of outdoor clothing and equipment.

Haglöfs designs gear aiming to harmonize with the tranquility and splendor of the natural world. The assortment includes products for a multitude of outdoor pursuits such as hiking, camping, various sports, and even professional use. Noteworthy is their commitment to sustainability, utilizing materials that are enduring, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly.

The product range at Haglöfs is extensive, covering the needs of men, women, and children alike. The premium nature of the materials and construction of the gear is reflected in their pricing, with items often positioned between $150 and $600.

  • Product Diversity: Expansive selection for men, women, and children
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly and durable materials
  • Price Range: $150 – $600

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7. Millet

Millet official websitePin
Image: Millet’s official website

Originating from a French heritage, Millet emerged as a distinguished manufacturer in the mountain gear niche, starting its journey near Lyon in 1921. Millet’s range encompasses resilient apparel and footwear tailored for extreme outdoor environments, ensuring performance against winds, rain, snow, and cold.

Millet is synonymous with long-lasting quality, adopting sustainable practices in the selection of its resources. Its array of offerings, celebrated for delivering comfort and agility, has gained popularity among nature aficionados.

Expect to invest in premium materials and the latest innovations with Millet, evident in its pricing, where a jacket or pair of shoes may exceed the $200 mark.

  • Durability: Crafted for longevity under tough conditions.
  • Sustainability: Committed to eco-friendly material sourcing.
  • Comfort & Flexibility: Prioritized in product design.
  • Reputation: Esteemed among the outdoor community.
  • Pricing: Reflective of high quality and tech advancements.

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8. 66°North

66 North official websitePin
Image: 66°North official website

The Icelandic brand, 66°North, which traces its roots back to 1926, now stands out in the outdoor clothing market.

Initially focused on crafting gear for the fishing community, it has expanded its reach to meet the varied needs of the greater outdoor enthusiast market. Products from this brand are designed to embody durability, safety, and the ability to adapt to the high demands placed by the outdoor elements.

  • Focus: Outdoor clothing and gear
  • Origin: Born in 1926, specialized in fishing equipment for North Atlantic fishermen
  • Evolution: Expanded to a wide range of outdoor activities
  • Core Principles: Durability, Safety, Versatility.

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