7 Icelandic Clothing Brands for your Outdoor Adventures

7 Icelandic Clothing Brands for your Outdoor Adventures

Clothing for outdoor adventures are not hard to come by in this day and age. For those looking to shop locally, odds are that you will get your hands on a design that is just right for you, and if that doesn’t work out, online stores are there to save the day.

Because those of you coming to this selection are from across the globe, for some time now, we have been looking at several brands that make great quality outdoor clothing, at times focusing on a single brand, and other times focusing on brands from a particular country.

We have gone through a number of countries so far, including those of the Scandinavian peninsula, which are part of the Nordic countries, in which Iceland is a part of, too.

Iceland is a country with a rich history and with some of the most impressive geological landscapes in the world. Active volcanoes, strong winds and cold temperatures are just some of its characteristics, and with those come particular clothing requirements.

While Iceland brands have primarily been focused on providing quality winter designs that could withstand the harsh weather, some innovative and impressively stylish brands have emerged in the last few decades, too.

Today, we will be looking at 7 Icelandic brands, which make great designs for both activewear, as well as for a casual day out.

Let’s take a look!


1. 66° North

66 north brand website

We could not compile a selection of Icelandic outdoor clothing brands, or any other type of brands, for that matter, without including 66° North.

A brand established nearly a century ago, 66° North was founded by Hans Kristjánsson in 1926.

It was originally a brand that catered to the fishermen of Iceland, who worked in tough and challenging conditions, requiring clothing that could withstand the weather and harsh seas. It is a brand renowned for its incredibly high quality and functional clothing, with designs for a variety of outdoor activities, both professional and amateur ones.

66°North - About us

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Throughout the decades, 66° North has expanded its design range and has also won an award for the Snaefell jacket.

Another thing that bears mentioning is their dedication to sustainable means of production, through ethical and responsible means of sourcing their raw materials.

They instruct customers on proper care for their products and offer repair services that help extend the lifetime of their designs, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

Those looking for high performance clothing, this is one of the top 3 Icelandic brands in the outdoor clothing market.

66°North - Snaefell jacket

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2. Cintamani

cintamani website

Another one of the most renowned Icelandic brands, Cintamani‘s story begins in 1989 and the name of the brand means ‘jewel of good wishes’ in ancient Sanskrit.

This is a brand that provides lots of variety and many versatile designs, which are primarily winter wear, made to withstand the worst weather conditions that arctic winters have to offer.

We would like to mention in particular their merino wool base layers and underwear, which are perfect for winter weather and can be worn under pants, jeans and other outdoor clothing.

In their product range you can find both functional outerwear, such as jackets, coats and parkas, but also other clothes and accessories, too, for a well-rounded experience.

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3. ZO•ON Iceland

zo on iceland website

ZO•ON is a brand inspired by Icelandic nature, made by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts.

Jon Erlendsson and Martti Kellokumpu, its founders, established the brand in 1994 with the purpose of designing clothing that would provide much needed protection against the arctic cold for fishermen, hikers, skiers, golfers and anyone else who enjoy the outdoors as much as they themselves do.

To really provide the best experience with their designs, ZO•ON have developed and rely on a number of technical fabrics, which are versatile and perform at different levels, often times complementing each other.

Their collections are harmonious not just in their looks, but in their functionality, too, with pieces that go along with others, thus providing an experience that is hard to match. Designs for adults and children are available, including accessories.

ZO•ON Black Label

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4. Icewear

icewear brand website

With a history that dates back to 1972, Icewear is a specialist brand when it comes to woolen garments. The brand itself was founded nearly 10 years later, in 1984, with the intent of expanding their product range and designing outerwear for a variety of outdoor activities.

Their products are quite impressive and appealing in terms of how good they look. However, their performance is also impressive and the high quality of materials used is evident in the longevity of these garments.

While you will find parkas and technical jackets for a guaranteed protection against the elements, their knitwear is definitely worth a shot as it is where the brand’s design philosophy really shines through.

Icewear wool products and outdoor clothing

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5. Inklaw Clothing

inklaw brand website

A brand focusing on minimalistic but quite eye-catching designs, Inklaw clothing is popular in the country due to their style and quality.

Their designs are more oriented towards street wear for men and women, but they also feature a number of winter wear and jackets, which provide adequate protection against the cold and weather.

This is a brand endorsed by celebrities due to the unique and easily-recognizable style of their designs.

Inklaw was established in 2013 and you might be surprised to know that its founders were only 19 years old at the time. Nowadays, Inklaw is one of the few brands that is entirely comprised of handmade products, designed by Guðjón, one of the founders.

But a quality brand requires quality marketing, which Róbert, the other founder, takes care of.

Their passion for hip-hop was what inspired their street wear designs, which grew quite quickly in popularity, partly due to being one of the few brands of its kind in the country.

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6. Farmers Market

farmers market brand website

Farmers Market is a high-end Icelandic clothing brand, established in 2005 by Bergthora Gudnadottir and Jóel Pálsson, a couple that drew inspiration from their passion for music and arts. Their designs are renowned for the stylish and chic look, featuring options for men, women and children.

The materials used by the brand are sourced through sustainable and responsible means, with a considerable focus on recycled content to reduce the impact on environment and help their clothes be more ethical and eco-friendly.

While you will not really find technical clothing in their product range, their coats and other outerwear are stunning and ideal for a day out in town in the cold of Icelandic winter.

Their sweaters and knitwear are definitely worth a shot and we especially like the woolen coats.

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7. Swimslow

swimslow brand website

We left Swimslow for last because it is a brand that differs from the rest quite substantially. As its name indicates, this is not technically an outerwear brand, but rather one focused on swimming.

Iceland offers beautiful hot springs and beaches, which require swimsuits to enjoy comfortably in the company of others.

Swimslow is an interesting brand, which makes sustainable swimwear that are manufactured in Italy, but designed in Iceland.

They are made of recycled materials and feature weaves of rugs and fish nets that are made in Slovenia and then finalized in Italy, per the OEKO-TEX® standard.

While their product range is slowly expanding, featuring a swimwear brand is a first in our selection and Swimslow is definitely worth a shot.


This concludes our selection of Icelandic brands and we hope you found them as interesting as we did!

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