6 Norwegian Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Favorites

6 Norwegian Shoes & Boots Brands: Our FavoritesPin

Norwegian footwear is made to satisfy every customer’s need: from comfort to aesthetics, up to the durability of these products over time, you’ll surely find what you need for your next pair of shoes or boots.

Being a nation rich in natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, but at the same time with plenty of rain and snow especially in winter, footwear brands from Norway have had all the necessary conditions over the years to design products able to withstand even the most unforgiving weather.

For this reason, the soles and structures of many Norwegian shoes and boots possess useful features for walking on rough terrain without difficulty, with the quality of the materials as their main focus.

Today, with the above characteristics in mind, we went on a search and picked 6 Norwegian footwear brands that we’ll show you below and that we’re sure you’ll definitely love.

Let’s take a look!


1. Alfa Footwear

Alfa Footwear official websitePin
Alfa Footwear official website

Alfa Footwear is a shoe manufacturing brand born in 1931 and is one of the oldest in Norway. The characteristic that distinguishes the company is the high quality of the materials, but also the continuous search for innovation, and the high level of comfort that its shoes guarantee.

The company’s aim is to produce shoes and boots capable of best responding to adverse weather conditions and cold temperatures, thus providing warmth and comfort to the feet.

Another factor that allows Alfa Footwear to stand out is the adventurous theme: its shoes are produced to practice various outdoor activities and all have high-quality standards.

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A design that allows you to perfectly understand the characteristics of the brand is the men’s Drift Advance GTX, which is light but also very durable. These shoes can be used both for hiking and for everyday use because they have been created to ensure freedom of movement and maximum comfort.

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2. Viking Outdoor Footwear

Viking Outdoor Footwear official websitePin
Viking Outdoor Footwear official website

The Viking Outdoor Footwear brand, like other Norwegian shoe and boot manufacturers, has been focused on creating footwear that is perfect for being outdoors, regardless of the type of weather conditions.

However, the company also has several characteristics that allow it to stand out, such as that of sustainability: each shoe or boot of the company is produced respecting the environment and trying to reduce the impact on nature as much as possible.

In fact, the brand is very attentive to this factor, both in the search for eco-friendly materials and for proper disposal without harmful consequences on the environment. In addition, it follows a standard of sustainability even during the transport phase.

Multi Trail Heidi Weng Viking Footwear

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As for the origins of the brand, it was born on January 17, 1920, and its founder was Peter Mathias Røwde, who opened a rubber factory on that date. The initial name of the brand was simply “Viking” and in the early years, the company produced galoshes to prevent shoes from getting dirty. It was from this intent that the company’s philosophy was born, which coincides with the aim of allowing an outdoor lifestyle.

Another feature of this company is the desire to satisfy even the most particular aesthetic tastes, such as those of people who like designs from the 70s.

An example is the model Rainbow Low Sneaker, which has a thick rubber sole that guarantees maximum comfort.

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3. Bergans of Norway

Bergans of Norway official website womens hiking bootsPin
Bergans of Norway official website: Women’s hiking boots

Bergans of Norway was founded in 1908 and today it is very famous for the production of all types of outdoor gear and equipment including shoes and boots.

One of its peculiar aspects consists in the wide variety of models that the company makes available to customers: all of them are durable, able to last over time, and perfect to respond even to adverse weather conditions, such as snow and low temperatures.

Although their various designs can be distinguished by aesthetic characteristics that are very different from each other, another common feature of Bergans’ footwear is comfort and lightness. In addition, there is no lack of elegance and refinement, even if many of these shoes and boots are designed to be used during outdoor activities.

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As for technologies and materials, we can mention their PORON® Memory Foam, which adapts perfectly to the foot and ensures a perfect fit.

A design that uses a PORON® Memory Foam padding is the Trollhetta Lady Trekking Boot, which is a very simple product to wear. Although it may appear heavy, it guarantees ample freedom of movement and the sole can guarantee traction and grip on different types of terrain.

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4. Dundas Footwear

Dundas Footwear official websitePin
Dundas Footwear official website

Dundas Footwear is not a very affordable brand and this is mainly due to the use of high-quality materials and high-level craftsmanship. The company’s philosophy is based on wanting to adapt every type of shoe and boot to its function, always maintaining a certain level of elegance.

As an example from this brand, we have chosen the Type 02 Jodhpur Boot which manages to combine lightness and practicality with extreme elegance. It cannot be said that these boots are for every occasion because their refinement makes them suitable for special occasions, such as special evenings that require elegant clothing.

The materials are also of the highest quality, such as the Italian leather used. Another feature of this design, and also of the Dundas Footwear shoes in general, is attention to detail: every single design element is studied with the utmost attention, in order to give a result that can make a difference.

In addition, the brand’s products aim to preserve their handcrafted appearance, as this is one of the main features of the company.

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5. Helly Hansen

helly hansen website mens winter bootsPin
Helly Hansen official website: men’s winter boots

Helly Hansen is a famous international brand that produces outdoor gear and equipment, including jackets, shoes, trousers, backpacks, etc.

Its main goal is to offer in a single product comfort, elegance, practicality, and above all protection from adverse weather conditions when playing sports or being outdoors.

The brand was founded in 1877 thanks to sea captain Helly Juell Hansen, who together with his wife started this company which today has become very popular. Although it is an old brand, the company has always been focused on the desire to find innovative solutions to best meet customers’ needs.

Helly Hansen Stockholm boot

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Among the numerous types of shoes and boots that Helly Hansen offers, we have picked the men’s Garibaldi V3 winter boot, a warm snow boot made of waterproof leather, with a comfortable sole that offers good traction, and fully sealed seams.

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6. Topaz of Norway

Topaz of Norway official website mens bootsPin
Topaz of Norway official website: men’s boots

Topaz of Norway was born in the 1980s, thanks to Knut Reigstad, a technician specializing in footwear. Initially, he founded the Gerna shoe factory, which produced clogs and was closed in the 1980s.

The same founder then created Topaz which takes its name from the famous topaz stone. The company name symbolizes the high quality of the products, which at first were shoes and slippers made of sealskin.

Today the brand is led by his four children following Knut’s retirement in 2005. The main features of Topaz are high-quality materials, but also a very particular design and craftsmanship.

An example of the brand’s boots is the women’s Art. 70 Minnesota boot, which stands out for its warmth and practicality, but also for its soft shape, which allows you to move easily. It is also padded with wool, so it can protect you from the coldest temperatures and can be easily combined with different types of outfits.

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What do you think of these brands? Have you tried any of them? Do you have any other brand suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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