9 Boots Brands like Dr. Martens: Our Top Alternatives

9 Boots Brands like Dr. Martens: Our Top AlternativesPin

Dr. Martens specializes in the production of different types of footwear for women and men. Its most popular design is the 1460, a black boot with characteristic yellow stitching and a comfortable sole.

The brand itself gained popularity in the ’60s and ’70s when from simple working boots, its designs became a symbol of freedom and self-expression among the British youth of those years.

But their origin dates back to 1945 when a German soldier, Dr. Klaus Maertens, invented a special sole with an air cushion. After that, it was the Griggs company in England, which after acquiring an exclusive license, launched the 1460 Dr. Martens boot on April 1st, 1960.

Over the years, the 1460 design that takes its name from the date of its launch, became very famous not only in the UK but also in many countries around the world and is still an icon of the brand.

Dr. Martens, however, today also produces other types of boots and shoes to satisfy the different individual styles of its customers and their personalities. From Chelsea boots to sandals to the search for sustainable materials, you will surely find something that you like from its collections.

But what if you wanted something more?

Well, that’s what we are here today for! We’ll look at 9 brands that design boots similar to the Doc Martens so you’ll have an even wider range of products to choose from.

So, let’s take a look at these Dr. Martens’ alternatives!


1. Solovair

Solovair official websitePin
Solovair official website

Solovair was born in 1881 in England and has had some success since its origins. Their shoes were produced in small artisan workshops and for this reason, the brand is very proud of the type of manual processing that still continues today.

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Solovair also had the opportunity, at the end of the nineteenth century, to produce boots for the army for one year. Over time, the brand has specialized more and more in boots to create a myriad of different models, suitable for different situations: for work, everyday use, elegant occasions, etc.

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A model that perfectly represents the characteristics of the brand’s boots and is similar to Dr. Martens’ boots, is the Black Vegan Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby Boot, which symbolizes the typical elegance of Solovair and its refinement.

Solovair Black Vegan Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby BootPin
(Solovair Black Vegan Hi-Shine 8 Eye Derby Boot – image from nps-solovair.com)

The company pays great attention to all details and also to the choice of high-quality materials. In addition, it is also very famous for the sturdiness of all its products and their durability.

Another feature of the brand is that it also wants to avoid any possible waste of material. For this reason, its craftsmen carry out different phases by hand, trying to waste as little material as possible, always working with millimeter precision.

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2. Grinders

Grinders official websitePin
Grinders official website

Grinders is a particular brand, with its logo that represents a dog that bites a shoe. This makes us understand the brand’s philosophy, which wants to create long-lasting shoes capable of resisting everything.

In fact, since the origins of Grinders, which became famous between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s, the aim has always been to design boots that could be suitable for everyday use.

In those years, these shoes were worn by people who wanted to wear comfortable footwear but at the same time very resistant and strong, capable of responding to any possible obstacle. They were also worn by famous rock and pop groups and this helped increase their popularity.

The appearance of some Grinders’ boots might seem aggressive, but in reality, they are also very practical models to wear and to take with you every day.

Grinders Kestrel bootPin
Grinders Kestrel boot – image from grinders.co.uk

As an example of boots like Dr. Martens from this brand, we have picked the Kestrel boot which comes with steel toe, rubber sole, full-grain leather, and Nylon inner lining. The boot is also Goodyear welted to add to its durability and longevity.

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3. Fluevog

The main feature of the Fluevog brand is the particularity and originality, which distinguishes each of their boot designs. However, this does not mean that every shoe is very particular because there are also simple designs.

Custom Fluevog Treatments

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In general, Fluevog boots differ from those of other brands for their shape and innovative details, which make the difference. Another important characteristic of Fluevog is the wide variety of products that it offers to the customer, who will surely be able to find the one that satisfies his or her tastes.

As for the origins of this brand, its name derives from that of its founder, John Fluevog, who in the 1970s managed to open his shoe store with his friend Peter Fox in historic Gastown. In fact, in the beginning, the company was known as “Fox and Fluevog”.

After more than 10 years, the two friends split and John founded in downtown Vancouver his “John Fluevog Shoes” brand in the 1980s.

Fluevog womens The Radio 2 Phil bootPin
Fluevog women’s The Radio 2 Phil boot – image from fluevog.com

As an example, from Fluevog we have chosen their women’s The Radio 2 Phil boot, which is made of soft leather and comes in different colors – a great design that you can choose as an alternative to Doc Martens. Moreover, this lace-up boot is resoleable and made in Portugal.

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4. Blundstone

a pair of blundstone bootsPin
a pair of Blundstone boots

Blundstone is an Australian brand that is known around the world mainly for its Chelsea boots. As we said before, Dr. Martens also produces Chelsea boots, so if you want a valid alternative for this type of footwear, Blundstone is a perfect choice.

This company specializes in the production of boots including many classic designs, which always manage to amaze the customer. In fact, these shoes are able to stand out for their careful choice of materials and for their elegance, along with an attention to comfort and practicality.

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Founded in 1870 in Tasmania, the company focused on producing comfortable shoes for walking on rough terrain and farmland. Over the years, the brand has created footwear suitable for everyone: footballers, farmers, musicians, dancers, factory workers, etc.

Blundstone Boots - 50 Years of the Original 500 Series Boots for Men & Women

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As an example, we have chosen the Blundstone 1609 Men’s Classics Chelsea Boots, which in addition to appearing refined and classic, are at the same time designed to be comfortable and made of quality water-resistant leather. In addition, the XRD® technology in the heel allows you to reduce the feeling of fatigue.

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5. Grenson

Grenson official websitePin
Grenson official website

Grenson is a company that was founded in 1866 when William Green began producing shoes in his loft in Rushden, Northamptonshire, England. His job consisted not only in making shoes in an artisanal way but also in personally going to the customers’ homes.

In 1874, as his requests increased more and more and at that moment the first machinery had been introduced, Grenson became a real factory.

As for the philosophy of the company, this is based on innovation and variety: the models of boots in fact are many and are distinguished not only by shape and color but also by the type of material.

Grenson offers a wide range of products and among the various models, we can mention women’s Nanette boot which combines comfort and elegance in a single product.

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6. Red Wing Shoes

red wing iron ranger bootsPin
Red Wing Iron Ranger boots

Red Wing Shoes was born in Red Wing, Minnesota, in 1905 and is a family-owned company. Today the company aims to produce work and casual boots capable of protecting the foot from any risk or adverse weather conditions.

In fact, many of them are designed to protect from rain, wind, and cold temperatures, but also to reduce the risk of slipping. Although there are numerous work boot designs, there are also those perfect to be worn every day.

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Red Wing Shoes Presents: An Enduring Spirit

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The Tradesman boot is an example of Red Wing boots that perfectly represents another characteristic of the company: the focus on creating durable and comfortable shoes.

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7. Altberg

Altberg is another English brand that was born in 1989 and after years of hard work and intense sacrifices, it finally had its success, and the founders also opened an office in Italy in 2001.

Today the brand specializes in the production of boots for many different activities: casual shoes, hiking boots, work boots, etc. In fact, there is a production line of police boots and one of military footwear.

Inside the Altberg Factory

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The Country line is also very famous and the Barningham Country Boot from this line is an example. It is waterproof, very durable, and quite lightweight, perfect for long walks even on rough terrain.

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8. Timberland

timberland yellow boots in snowPin
Timberland yellow boots on snow

The primary purpose of Timberland is to make a difference in the community it lives in and in the world. The brand was born in 1952 when Nathan Swartz bought a half share of the Abington Shoe Company. The latter was then moved to New Hampshire, a region rich in natural elements: mountains, waterways, and green areas.

It was in this climate with sudden weather changes that Timberland was born. Its focus was the creation of footwear and clothing suitable for being comfortable outdoors and at the same time offering protection from adverse weather conditions.

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An example of boots from this brand is the Men’s 6-Inch Premium Waterproof boot which is made of high-quality materials and its sole is capable of guaranteeing a good level of stability and traction.

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9. Danner

Danner was born in 1932 thanks to Charles Danner who wanted to create very innovative handcrafted boots that made a difference and were of a high standard. In fact, the company’s purpose is to make shoes for outdoor adventures and also for work.

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Inside the Factory — Portland Select

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An example is the Mountain 600 boot, very resistant and particular because it combines a classic style with innovative ideas. It features the Danner Dry protection, perfect for protecting the feet from water and humidity.

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