7 Australian Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Favorites

7 Australian Shoes & Boots Brands: Our Favorites

As we saw in our previous article on Australian outdoor brands, companies from this country focus on a strong tradition of craftsmanship, but also on innovative technologies.

Among their main features, we find a wide variety of products, the use of quality materials, high resistance and durability, and attention to safety.

Today we will remain in Australia with a focus on footwear brands. We have researched and selected 7 Australian shoes and boots brands that are some of the best in our opinion.

So, let’s take a look at their characteristics, history, and main products!


1. Blundstone

a pair of blundstone boots
A pair of Blundstone boots

Blundstone is a company from Hobart, Tasmania that was founded by John Blundstone who worked as a coachbuilder before starting to produce shoes in 1870. In 1892, the founder’s son, Sylvanus, joined him to start selling boots and from that year on, the Australian brand grew to become an important reference point for the footwear market.

Blundstone is famous for its Chelsea boots and safety boots. Many products, especially those for work, are composed of materials that withstand extreme temperatures, electric shocks and avoid any type of injury. Another advantage of these shoes is their resistance, elasticity, and comfort, as they can be worn for several hours a day while maintaining freedom of movement.

Blundstone Boots - 50 Years of the Original 500 Series Boots for Men & Women

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In addition, they are not heavy and also have particular designs, like these #980 Extreme Series Safety Boots, made especially for those who work in underground environments, such as miners. Resistant and non-slip, they offer protection and at the same time are very practical.

The company is also famous for producing a very wide variety of footwear: from safety boots for work to footwear that can be worn on elegant occasions or every day in the city, each customer can find what he or she needs.

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2. Rossi Boots

Rossi Boots official website
Rossi Boots official website

Rossi Boots is famous for the production of different types of boots and it takes its name from that of the founder, Arthur Rossiter. He began producing footwear in 1908 with the main features of the company being practicality and durability.

These features are obtained by using high-quality, soft materials, chosen with extreme care to allow the customer who wears the boots to always feel comfortable. Rossi Boots takes care of every single detail to guarantee high-quality footwear, perfect to be worn on any occasion.

A widely used technology for the soles is “Air Cushion”, which uses spongy polyurethane to ensure a high level of comfort.

A design with this technology is the 303 Endura Boot, that has a simple yet elegant design, is flexible and lightweight. In addition, the sole offers optimal support and stability, even on difficult terrain, thus reducing the risk of slipping.

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3. R.M. Williams

The Signature RM - Boot Making at it's Best.

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R.M. Williams is well known for its footwear, especially its boots, but the brand also produces bags, accessories, and clothes. Today it is a reference point in the market and the company name derives from that of its founder, Reginald Murray “R.M.” Williams, who started his business in 1932.

He had learned leather-working skills and his first success came after selling saddles to the owner of a group of cattle stations. It was this important client that helped R.M. Williams establish the first shop in 1934, in his father’s shed at 5 Percy Street in the Adelaide suburb of Prospect.

Today the R.M. Williams Outback Heritage Museum is located here. In the early years, the brand had a huge success with the line of riding boots and one of its main features is the use of a single piece of leather to make the upper.

This guarantees a longer life to the product and high durability. Another characteristic element of the company is the classic design enriched by original details such as the color or the use of precious materials.

An example of R. M. Williams boots is the Comfort Craftsman Boot, which is very durable, practical, comfortable to wear, and can be perfect for an elegant occasion or to wear every day.

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4. Mongrel Boots

Mongrel Boots official website
Mongrel Boots official website

Mongrel Boots is a brand born in 1930 and is family-owned. It produces footwear and is known for the careful selection of materials, the choice of original details, and the wide variety of models. In addition, all products are designed to ensure maximum safety for those who use them and a high level of comfort.

Mongrel Boots focuses on the creation of footwear that offers a good grip on the ground and protects from any adverse conditions that may arise.

A model that best represents these characteristics is the High Leg ZipSider Boot, which protects from extreme temperatures and does not weigh down the movements, making them light. Another feature is the reduction of the risk of slipping.

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5. Redback Boots

Redback Boots official website
Redback Boots official website

Redback Boots is owned by the Cloros family and today this Australian brand is famous for the production of leather boots perfect for the outdoors. However, the company is also popular for boots for workers of all kinds and offers numerous models and designs to choose from.

Many products have a fairly simple design and their main feature is safety – they are non-slip and protect against extreme temperatures and adverse weather conditions. In addition, they allow freedom of movement and guarantee a high level of practicality.

Among the many types of Redback boots, we have picked the Easy Escape HD (Steel Toe), which is very durable and can last a long time. It is ideal for wearing on a daily basis for work and also for various outdoor activities.

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6. Baxter Boots

Baxter Boots official website
Baxter Boots official website

Baxter Boots was born in 1850 in Goulburn, NSW. Its name derives from the surname of the founder, Henry Baxter. Today the company is one of the oldest in Australia and its most important focus is craftsmanship. Another peculiarity is that each material is chosen with extreme care, to ensure lightness and comfort.

Every customer will surely find what he or she is looking for, at Baxter Boots, because the variety of boots for men and women is really high. There are production lines dedicated to horse riding, others dedicated to everyday shoes, and others with a more elegant design.

The styles are many and each category has particular details and high durability. The western line, for example, is very original and a design from this line is the BXT Katie Cuban Heel, which is very refined, presents a contrast between blue and black, and offers stability and comfort.

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7. Wootten

Wootten official website
Wootten official website

Wootten produces footwear, work aprons, and bags. Its main peculiarity is the use of certain materials, such as fine leather, and the products are handcrafted. The company is named after Ross Wootten, who began his shoemaker business in the 1970s.

Today, his son Jess continues to run the company which is always based on excellence. Among the various Wootten models there is the Gordon Boot Wingtip Brogue, an elegant and refined product, but at the same time comfortable and simple to combine with different outfits.

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That’s all for today’s selection? What do you think of these footwear brands from Australia? Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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